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Jan 18, 2020, 5:53:04 PM1/18/20
In the County Court at Central London
Claim No. E35YM660

This is the e-filing for the amicus curiae namely VICTIMS OF PANIGRAHI
ASSOCIATION. Our right to be part of this claim is based on the Claimant
referring to our unincorporated association 13 times within his N1 (see Link
2, also reproduced below).

For the attention of the Judge.
CC: 1st Claimant and 1st Defendant, also Medway County Court which the
Claimant No. 1 regularly harasses.


1.. Grant the sister Miss Meera Panigrahi of the Claimant No. 1 her wishes,
namely "arrest [Claimant No. 1], lock [Claimant No. 1] up and this time throw
away the key. In practice, this means have him sectioned and moved to a
lunatic asylum for a 6-month observation period.

2.. Recommend that Mr Shantanu Panigrahi, of 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore,
Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL is declared a Vexatious Litigant and therefore
prevented from harassing more individuals. According to this schedule the
number of victims of Claimant No. 1 already exceeds ONE THOUSAND (identified)

3.. Award costs and exemplary damages in this case, despite the lackadaisical
attitude and ambivalence of the incompetent solicitor's clerk for the
Defendant No. 1


PERMANENT LINK 1 https://archive.is/2Fosf (archival copy taken as at January
17, 2020)
TEMPORARY LINK 1 https://www.shanpanigrahi.co.uk/444746639 (under control of
1st Claimant, and therefore subject to alteration by him)

Link 1 is relevant because in the last sentence of the Claimant's Particulars
of Claim (in Link 2), he refers to his sisters and their knowledge of him and
his activities. At Link 1 on shanpanigrahi.co.uk, a website registered to his
name and address, he reproduces a letter from one older sister, a Miss Meera
Panigrahi, whose contents are therefore of relevance.

PERMANENT LINK 2 https://archive.is/PweH7 (archival copy taken as at January
17, 2020)
TEMPORARY LINK 2 https://www.shanpanigrahi.co.uk/444817051 (under control of
1st Claimant, and therefore subject to alteration by him)

Explanatory notes are in [ SQUARE BRACES ]

From: Soumya Other Sister of Claimant No. 1 (meerapa...@gmail.com)
To: Claimant No. 1 (shanpa...@yahoo.co.uk), Rashmi Wife of Claimant No. 1
(rashmipan...@yahoo.co.uk), Soumya Other Sister of Claimant No. 1
(gentle...@yahoo.com), pan...@mt2015.com
cc: meerapa...@gmail.com
Date: 17 January 8:17 am +0530
Subject: Shan you had better listen.... or not

Too long for Facebook.
I read your new web garbage with growing horror. Is Rashmi [WIFE OF CLAIMANT
No. 1] asleep?
I was overjoyed when they shredded your Wordpress web garbage.
>From where did these new abomination come?
Shan sit upright pay attention and listen.
You call your excellent wife a kutia [BITCH], I would take off my chappals
[SANDALS] and beat your ugly face into a pulp, and that would only be the
beginning. The very fact that you are trying to appeal this decision for the
Prime Minister indicates you are mad. Totally mad.
You say they have faked all this evidence against you. Who knows what the
judges will believe when even your sisters believe you to be hundred per cent
guilty of fraud, lying, intimidation, blackmail, sexual misconduct and much
more. In your London Court there is a good chance they, whoever they may be,
may be setting a trap for you (good). You go there, they arrest you, lock you
up and this time throw away the key. I cannot even say I would be unhappy.
Rupa, not Shantirupa, [DAUGHTER OF CLAIMANT No. 1] would cry out to Lord
Ganesa [GOD] in thanks. Only poor, foolish Rashmi might shed a tear.
Your madness is partly responsible already for two deaths in our family, plus
papa's broken heart in disappointment. Now you chootia [OBSCENITY] bhai
[BROTHER], shut up, close down your web garbage, to call it a site is a
mistake, hold your ears, crouch in the corner for twenty years maintaining
silence. I will even send this to your VOPA, wish them luck and send them a
donation so they can beat you better. Rakshasa [DEVIL] Shan, you are not even
worth spitting at. Rashmi, divorce this gaanchodh [OBSCENITY] as soon as you
can, and deny him all access to Rupa and, more important to him, further money.


Brief details of Claim

This Claim is brought for compensation and damages suffered by me as the
Claimant against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Mrs Theresa May for
her failure in her duties to consider my defence against a vitriolic attack
launched at me to her by an organisation calling itself Victims of Panigrahi
Association (VOPA) but which in reality was set up to harrass and intimidate
me to make my life near impossible in the United Kingdom through state-
sponsored criminal anonymous emails to me; and by her overseeing the state-
persecution of me through the National Health Service. This failure in
conducting the Prime Minister's official government business through due
diligence was indicative of her negligence, incompetence or downright
malicious prejudice against me as the Claimant. She did not even acknowledge
the representation that I made through an open letter at my

Particulars of Claim

VOPA is a persecutory organisation that sent me criminal anonymous emails over
the past 11 months and made a representation directly to the Prime Minister at
the Administrative Office of 10 Downing Street and through Ms Christine
Worsley of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service which represented
vitriolic attacks on my character and mental disposition as a perfectly sane
human being. It's actions were intended to destroy my reputation and make
living in the United Kingdom a nightmare for me. This organisation's
activities were state-sponsored as evidenced by the lack of Police action to
my repeated appeals for the criminals to be identified and prosecuted for
criminal harrassment.

It is hereby alleged that the Prime Minister failed in her duties through
negligence, incompetence or deliberately malicious intent (consistent to her
responses to my representation to her while she was Home Secretary) to get her
to outlaw VOPA as a terrorist organisation and get the Police to prosecute its
secretive personnel. Further, she ignored my plea for defence consideration
against these scurrilous attacks to be taken from my website
https://shantanup.wordpress.com/diary-2/ that I brought to her attention and
failed to ask the Lord Chancellor to whom I had complained about the Courts
not administering a lawful Hearing to hear my Case to take appropriate action
on my behalf. The Prime Minister thereby obstructed justice and caused me
further suffering to what I had endured over the past 19 years in the United
Kingdom through the UK State's manipulation of the National Health Service to
enforce mental health treatment on me when I am a simple satya-advaitist Hindu
practicing truth accommodation; which is not a medical disorder requiring the
anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication that was forced upon me by the
UK State. This plea she ignored because she had overseen the state-persecution
as the Home Secretary once and as the Prime Minister who was now in charge.

I am therefore seeking substantial damages from Mrs Theresa May for her dismal
attitude towards me. Whilst I consider that the financial reparations that I
am demanding should be in the millions of pounds, I cannot afford the Court
Fee for such a Claim amount and am consequently forced to apply for only
£3,000 in the hope that the Judge presiding would use his or her discretion to
award me the higher amount of damages and compensation. Completing a Fee
Remission Form is not appropriate because I do not have any access to my
wife's financial resources and other assets, and my only other surviving
relatives, two sisters living in India, Soumya (Pandya) and Meera, have turned
against me.

Appellants Notice

State why the Judge who made the order you are appealing against was wrong

The Judge did not give me the opportunity to question the perpertrators of
dastardly criminality who manipulated the Legal Ombudsman and the Solicitors
Regulations Authority into obstructing justice as evidenced by the fact that
my Blog shantanup.wordpress.com was archived and suspended to prevent people
around the world reading my journalism of how the UK State persecuted me over
20 years through the use of agents overseas and at home, including the Mental
Health Authorities who are singled out for punishment because of its
misdiagnosis of my mental health condition that was explained on numerous
occasions as being the religion of satya-advaita or truth accommodation.

What are you asking the Court to do?

It is ordered that the UK Treasury pay the Claimant £15 million in damages and
compensation for the destruction of a promising human life over 20 years of
failures in the Law Enforcment processes.

State the evidence you wish to rely on.
The Mental Health authorities and the wider National Health Service in
complicity persecuted me over 20 years with pointless interrogations and
enforced incarcerations in mental hospital and in the Community through
implicit semidetention by drug enforcement despite numerous protests that I
had been victimised by the UK State by criminal anonymous emails that were
then used to refer me to a Forensic Psychiatrist as shown in the document
submitted to the Court by email on 15 August 2019. These issues were discussed
with the Surgery of Dr Shah at Long Catlis Road on 15 August 2019 during a
specific appointment to discuss the preliminary Appellants Notice of 7 August
2019 that was returned to me by the Civil Appeals Office for directing to the
County Court at Central London with a cheque for £240 that was enclosed. The
correct fee that the Civil Appeals Office should have advised me was £120.
This shows that Mr D Jenkins of Queens Bench Appeal Court had given me the
wrong directions akin to the prevarications on my Claim to the Queens Bench of
the High Court for the appeal of Master Eastman's striking out of the Claim
against Kent Police and co-conspirators during 2017.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has refused to provide a reply to the
complaint against the Legal Ombudsman and numerous lawyers and law firms, the
latest evidence for which was submitted to the Court by email on 15 August

The Appellants Notice referred to the Central London County Court was copied
to the Prime Ministers Office and Wordpress with regard to its misdemeanour in
acting on the direct instructions of the Mental Health authorities to disable
my Blog http//shantanup.wordpress.com. to prevent my journalism and lifetimes
achievements in science and religion from being accessed by the population of
the world after I had maintained my work over several years without any
complaints from Wordpress. It is alleged that the sole purpose of this act was
the wanton destruction of a human beings life from intense State-organised

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