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Tim Evanson

Feb 1, 1995, 11:45:47 AM2/1/95
Hi all...

The videos below are for sale!!!!!!!!!! I've included ratings from the
Adam Film World Gay Video Directory (four-star rating system) as well as cast
lists and a brief synopsis of the film. Please be 18 years old to buy!
Email me if you want to buy, but it is a first come first served basis only
and prices are final (but include postage). If you have questions, email me.
All tapes are sold below retail, and are in excellent condition.

They go kinda fast, so tell me NOW if you want them. There isn't a bad video
in this bunch.

See ya...

Tim #1

1993, Studio 2000
3 stars
Derek Cruise, Peter Gregory, Kirk Jensen, Phillippe Simoneau, Ken Atkins,
Scott Baldwin, Rick Lawrence, Ty Russell, Jon Troy, BJ Slater

Cruise runs an off-campus dorm for gay fratboys. A seduction of Cruise which
ends with him topping, a boy who announces his intention to build a dildo
modeled on BJ Slater's 10" weapon, sex three-way after a card game, some
shower antics, and sex on a motorcycle make for a terrific movie. Cruise and
Simoneau have AMAZINGLY HUGE legs, and Gregory is an amazing boy who was on the
boxcover of 1991's LOADED.

1993, Studio 2000
3 stars
Alex Kincaid, Tim Barnett, Philippe Simoneau, Aaron Austin, Peter Gregory,
Tony Angelo, Brandon West, Jake Andrews, Kirk Jensen, Steve Taylor.

Construction worker Kincaid and Barnett want to experiment, and they try out
every contractor they can. Sex in a shed, in a lumber yard, in an office with
architect West, and in the woods complete the sex scenes. Most of these men
are very, very buffed out, and the sex is consistently sizzling. Jensen
is one of the hottest fucks in this movie.

1993, Studio 2000
4 stars
Marco Rossi, Allan Stephenson, Daryl Brock, Ryan Cassidy, Joey Morgan,
Alex Kincaid, Cort Stevens, Kirk Jensen, Tony Brandon, Al Michaels, Vince
Rockland, Brian Heath

Sex antics at a motel in the middle of nowhere brings together a HOT cast
featuring new superstar Marco Rossi's first film. Rossi fucks Cassidy after
Cassidy asks for "a fluffy pillow," Four college buddies seduce their hetero
fratboy friend in a massive four-way that ends in HUGE, very wet, bedspread
soaking loads! Brock tries to find blond hitchiker Michaels a room, and
gets him some space in his ass.

1990, John Travis
3 stars
Rod Philips, Joey Stefano, Jason Ross, Tony Erickson, Steve Gibson,
John Clayton.

Every scene is hot in this detective story, where Ross convinces former
fuck buddy Philips to try to catch a jewel thief. Stefano plays an escort
who gets plowed several times in some incredibly hot sex (two sex scenes) in
the film. Philips blond haired, huge dicked, muscular body is not to be
believed; this guy was INCREDIBLY suave and self-assured without being cocky.

1989, Catalina
3 stars
Bill Marlowe, Keith Panther, Tony Lanza, Geroge Madera, Chris Dano,
Lou Cass, Vic Summers

Marlowe is hired to see if photographer Summers is sleeping around on his wife.
Panther's hard-boyd, super-buff muscle-fuck of escort boy Lanza is incredible
as is Dano's 9" missile pushing into handsome Madera's silo. Marlowe's two
sex scenes (one dressed as a leather boy doing a photo shoot) are great, as
is Cass' ramming of his assistant in a spraying cumshot scene that leaves the
boy doused!

1992, Catalina
3 stars
Rick Bolton, Chris Carver, Chad Knight, Randy Mixer, Gary Dean, Jay Corey,
Bill Wadkins, Bo Summers, Tom Sawyer, Rick Conrad, Cory Evans

Set during the LA riots, the men caught in a group house, offices, and a
construction site get it on in order to pass the time. Randy Mixer's piston-
fuck of Chad Knight's very wet butthole is incredibly hot, and Rick Bolton's
role as a delivery man dropping of some leather toys and sex goods at Chris
Carver's place make for a great movie. Navy boy Wadkins' three-way with
Corey and Conrad and the Summers-Sawyer pairing are some nut-busting action.

1992, Scott Masters
3 stars
Cody Foster, Jeff Wood, Chad Knight, Kirk Olson, Arik Travis, Jeremy Foxx,
Tony Angelo, Sonny Liszt, Cameron Taylor

Brothers Cody and Jeff are pool boys who get their business (and cherries)
stolen by Olson and Travis. This is muscular Cody's first film, and his
best in my opinion. He tops and bottoms here. Cody's first scene with
top/bottom boy Chad Knight is AMAZINGLY HOT, and the four/five way in the
final scene that last over 20 minutes with Taylor getting plugged by long-
dicked Angelo and Wood bottoming for German muffin boy Liszt are HOT!!!!!!!!
Add Arik travis for more action, and you have the sex scene of the year, imho!

1994, Forum Studios
3 stars
Tyler Scott, Donnie Russo, Marco rossi, Mark Andrews, Brock Hunter,
Chad Steel, Eddie Crane

There is a HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE sex scene early on in this film between blond god
Tyler Scott and daddy Donnie Russo that will blow you away. No kidding. This
is Rossi's second film, and his three-way while he protests "but I'm straight"
is awesome. Chad Steel is incredibly limber in his sex scene, and overall
the film is pretty damn hot. This was the first of the "gays in the miltary"
films to come out after the fiasco of early 1993, and yet it has a strong
plot. Oh--and Brock Hunter's slightly shaved fuck-a-thon where he spends 10
minutes plowing Eddie Crane will wow ANY crowd.

1992, Falcon
4 stars
Steve Fox, Chad Knight, Trevor Hansen, Damien, Dcota, Matt Gunther (a Buttbuste
r), Jack Dillon (a Buttbuster), one unnamed boy ( a Buttbuster)

This film won "sex scene of the year" at the Gay Video Awards in 1993. Hot
muscle-blond Fox plays a guy who can't get enough. Hansen tries to fulfill him
but when Fox wants more Hansen calls in the "Buttbusters"--three men in hoods
who proceed to rape, humiliate, fuck, suck, and spank Fox until he is wilted.
AND BOY DO THEY! Sandwiched in here is a Dcota/Damien sex scene that won scene
of the year--whipped cream, cherries, a breakfast table, and some AMAZINGLY hot
sex that will make you spill time and again. Buttbuster Gunther then goes
home to hubby Knight, and does HIM, TOO, in some amazingly rigid and limber
sexual practices.

1991, Matt Sterling
4 stars
Ryan Idol, Blade Thompson, Dolph Knight, Mike Henson, Dcota, Danny Summers,
Chad Knight, Chris Stone, Craig Slater

Ryan Idol's second film and his first top role (that was David Ashfield's dick
stunting for RYan in IDOL EYES), Ryan plays a football star who wants class
brain Dcota to write him a paper. Dcota grees, and to more than just the
cheating scam! The rim job Ryan gets and the AMAZINGLY HOT fucking of Dcota--
which occurs TWICE!--makes the film, but there are also some other HOT sex
scenes here. Blade Thompson tops AND bottoms here, once while in pads and
jersey. Dolph Knight fucks horny Mike Henson (who returned to gay porn in this
film) in the laundry room while rolling in the used jockstraps, Chris Stone
takes 9" Craig Slater's dick in the coach's office, and even Danny Summers'
dream-sequence JO with Idol is steaming.

1992, Falcon
4 stars
Brad Mitchell, Steve Ryder, Karl Thomas, Ted Matthews, Matt Gunther, Mark
Andrews, Skip Robinson.

Mitchell plays a guy who has hot lover Matthews at home (and their in-bed,
early-morning sex scene is a dick-wringer if I ever saw one!) and works near
a sex club where he can have fun on lucnh hours. HORNY Playgirl model Steve
Ryder ends up ramming cute boytoy Karl Thomas in a HOT strip tease/JO/rimming
scene. Mitchell's boot-licking fantasy sequence with Robinson and his three-
way-turned-four-way with Gunther, Summers, and Andrews on a bench in a bare
room is an ass-stretching, throat-pounding extravanganza that will leave you,
as it left me, panting and sweaty--not to mention worn out!

1987, Mark Reynolds
3 stars
MarkJennings, Jeff Cameron, Mike Carlson, Thom Littlewolf, Todd Aramis,
Glenn Parker, Ryan McNally, Athena Starr.

Jennings and his 10" dick play a college student whose roommate is secretly
gay. After they both fuck a woman they see (odd sex but strangely arousing
since Jeff Cameron keeps staring at Jenning's enormous cock buried in Starr's
pussy and ass; too, the cumshots Cameron produces are ENORMOUS and so are
Jennings'!), Cameron gets it on at work in the warehouse. Caught by Jennings,
he goes home where Jennings rapes him and then tosses him out. Meanwhile,
gay roommies Littlewolf (a real American Indian) and Carlson are fucking and
sucking, but Littlewolf too gets the woodies and he orally three-ways with
Aramis and McNally. Littlewolf is caught as well, and he heads for the park
where he finds Jennings cruising. After some INCREDIBLE deep throat and
fucking, Jennings returns home, realizing he should be with the one he loves
(Cameron) now that he has accepted his sexuality. AN INCREDIBLE FILM! Truly!
Director Mark Reynolds' signature work!

1992, Bijou Video
3 stars

Jay Richards, Dane Thomas, Storm, David Grant, Rob Swayze, Rick Thomas, Chris
Collins, Erick Johansen, Keith Douglas, Shane Ford, Jeff Patten, Vince Janos,
Ian Roberts, Jeff Stuart, Tony Serrano, Rodd Steele, and Robert Prion.

A HUGE CAST OF HOT BOYFLESH! So many fresh-faced, innocent, big-dicked, horny
boys you have to watch this over and over!! AND NO RUBBERS! I can't do it
justice in a mini-reivew, but just say that Rick Thomas has just come back
into gay porn and the reviewers LOVE HIM! AS DO I! Dane thomas, his real-life
brother is just as hot! The Storm/David Grant/Dane Thomas three-way of skiing
friends who find themselves snowbound is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!! Erick Johansen's
"this is how MEN fuck" taking of virgin Shane Ford is incredible, as is the
SCORCHING four-way with huge 9" dicked Chris Collins. Rodd Steele has lost
muscle since the film, but OH GOD his butt-pumping scene as a dancer trying to
impress his teacher is just sizzling! Rick Thomas is in two scenes, as are
several of these boys. Almost no plot, but WHO CARES???

1992, Catalina
4 stars
Brian Hart, Rob Cryston, Bo Summers, Ted Matthews, Kirk Vallant, Brad
Erickson, Aaron Austin

This take-off of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE is incredibly good! The plot alone is
fascinating and has a neat plot twist at the end, and the sex is uniformly
eye-popping! Summers' butt-plugging by Matthews in a video editing room while
both menlear at a Catalina sex tape playing in the monitor is simply juice-
producing. The Erickson fuck of Cryston after a long, slow, erotic seduction
is Erickson's best work and a stunning nut-buster. Vallant and Austin have
some semi-kinky sex, and you HAVE to see Vallant's amazingly cut, buffed,
mscular, tanned French body to believe it! The final outdoors sex involving
8.75" dicked Hart and Cryston's ever-willing asshole is buttfucking heaven!

1992, Vivid Video
2 stars
Danny Sommers, Wes Daniels, Brian Hart, Aaron Austin, Mark Andrews.

Narrated by Sommers, this film about his messy breakup with lover Daniels and
his subsequent therapy sessions with muscle-man Austin is a light romp whose
mainclaim to fame is that hairy, hunky, dark, handsome, big-dicked top man
Wes Daniels gets his ass PLUGGED over and over in this film. Daniels spends
his time warming the sheets with his back underneath Sommers, Hart, and
Andrews. The Hart and Andrews scenes are particularly good! The final
scene with Austinfucking Sommers in a chaise lounge on the patio is downright

1992, Filmco
3 stars
Scott Jordan, Robbie Anderson, Todd Fuller, Kevin Glover, Sean Hunter, Hans
Mueller, Bud Black

One of the few military-themed videos to predate the "gays in the military"
debate, this EXCELLENT film involves 8 horny missile operators, an underground
bunker, some jokes about nuclear war, and Scott Jordan who can melt ME down
any day! Jordan, the newbie, has wet dreams about cute studboy Sean Hunter
in a steamy dream sequence that has both men cumming twice. Todd Fuller and
Robbie Anderson do duty (and do each other) in the missile silo after Jordan
flees their advances. Glover seduces Jordan in a mostly oral sequence in a
weight room, but soon Jordan is haunting the workout rooms for more and he
finds it in Mueller and Anderson. The final sequence with Jordan JOing into
circuitry and starting World War III is pretty funny.

Feb 2, 1995, 11:11:15 PM2/2/95

Isn't there another group for this kind of stuff? It certainly doesn't
belong in this one !!

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