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Horny Peeping Sister
Part 6 of 9

Each knowing he was as guilty as the other, Jim and
his children could not reproach each other for their in-
cestuous fucking. Before the evening was over, Becky had
confessed to her father that the only boy she had fucked
had been none other than her brother, and, much to her
and Tom's surprise, their father hadn't been angry at
all. In fact, the idea seemed to excite him so they went
one step further and told him about how often they went
out into the neighborhood at night and watched people
fucking. When Becky told him about what she and Tom had
seen earlier that evening, Jim was ecstatic.

"I don't know why I never thought of doing that my-
self," he told his incredulous children. "Would you mind
if I went with you two sometime?"

Becky looked at her brother in shocked surprise.
"But what about mom?"

"What about her? She's been such a bitch these last
few years, she's lucky I haven't done something like
this before. Fuck her, what she doesn't know won't hurt

"All right, Dad!" Tom cheered, slapping his old man
on the back.

"Next time mom works late, we're outta here!"

"I'll look forward to it," Jim said, giving both of
his children a hug. "Now let's get us and this place
cleaned up before she gets home."

It took them about a week to find an evening where
they all felt safe enough to leave the house together.
Tom felt in charge and grown up, leading his father and
sister through the darkened streets to another of his
favorite viewing spots. Becky felt sexy and hot, knowing
she had the chance to get fucked by both her father and
her brother if they found something really good to look
at. Jim felt a little nervous, sometimes wondering if he
was out of his mind to be doing something like this, es-
pecially with his own children.

The house they had been aiming for was completely
black when they arrived, much to their disappointment.
But Tom quickly came up with another address, and they
headed in that direction, three figures dressed in black
slinking down the alleyways. But before they could even
reach the house they had in mind, a different lighted
window stopped them dead in their tracks.

"Wow!" Becky gasped, her pussy juicing up instantly.

"I've never seen them before," Tom whispered, his
eyes almost popping out of his head. "She's gorgeous!"

"I'll say," his father agreed, a lump in his throat.

The house was across the alley from a vacant lot so
the three of them crouched down in some bushes there and
watched in awe the love-making taking place in the room
across from them.

In that room, which looked like a room built entire-
ly for fucking, was a lovely blonde woman and two men.
The woman looked to Becky to be in her thirties, but she
was very well kept, with big swinging tits, and a supple
youthful body. She had a very dark tan, and the lines of
her tiny bikini looked obscene, especially when she
turned so that the dark triangle of her light brown cunt
hair also showed.

While Jim and Tom took in the blonde's assets, Becky
also noticed everything there was to see about the two
men in the room with her. One was a young body-builder,
muscles rippling on every inch of his greased body. His
hair was bleached from the sun and his face was ruggedly
handsome. His cock was out of view because he had it
shoved up the woman's ass.

The other man was tall and dark-haired. He was thin,
and his face looked like something out of the fuck maga-
zines Becky and her friend Vicky sometimes shared. His
skin was dark, and covered everywhere with a fine mat of
hair. Neither her father nor her brother had much body
hair and Becky now discovered that she found it rather
attractive. Again she couldn't get a very good look at
the dark-haired man's cock because he was feeding it to
the blonde woman.

On the walls behind the three fuckers were pictures
of people fucking in every imaginable position. Many of
them had never even occurred to Becky and she immediate-
ly felt educated - and horny.

Tom wasted no time in taking advantage of the situa-
tion. Immediately he opened the fly of his jeans and
let his cock bob free. Then, his eyes burning on the hot
fucking action taking place inside that incredible room,
he fisted his cock and began to work it up and back

Becky and her father were more reserved. Becky mere-
ly began to shift her legs together, feeling her pussy
getting very wet and hot. After a few minutes she
allowed herself to touch her crotch, but kept her
fingers on the outside of her jeans.

Jim was even more reluctant. He'd never done any-
thing like this in his life, and he couldn't believe he
was actually doing it now. His eyes moved from the horny
blonde and her two studs to his own horny children. Al-
though he had expected it, he was still shocked when he
saw his son jacking himself off so wantonly. But his
shock turned to lust when he saw the way Becky was rub-
bing her juicy little pussy, her face slack with lust as
she watched the blonde take a cock from either end.

The blonde was down on all fours, with the body-
builder kneeling behind her and the dark-haired pretty
boy kneeling in front of her. She had her eyes closed
and her head bobbed forward and back, taking and releas-
ing his cock, her fingers against his hairy thighs as
she held herself up. Each time the body-builder slammed
his cock into her ass, her forehead wrinkled with a look
of pain and concern and fuck-lust.

"Yeah, fuck her in the ass!" Tom panted, rooting as
if he were at a baseball game. "Yeah! Fuck her good!"

Both Becky and her father watched Tom's hard-on
pointing out into the night. He held it with both hands,
one on top of the other, and jammed it through the cir-
cle they made. His balls dangled out beneath his rigid
prick, moving back and forth with his strenuous fucking
motions. The boy was kneeling in the dirt and weeds of
the empty lot.

Becky was crouched down, her knees spread wide apart
the fabric of her jeans stretched taut across her cunt.
Her hand could feel the wetness coming right through the
denim as she watched the sexy scene in front of her.

Jim just bent himself over at the waist, bending his
knees a little bit to keep down low. Although it didn't
register in his conscious mind, he wanted to be ready to
run in case anyone happened upon them. But his bent-over
position only seemed to emphasize the elongating shaft
of his cock and he self-consciously adjusted it in his
pants to ease his considerable discomfort.

Becky rubbed her little pussy vigorously, trying to
imagine what it would feel like to have a cock as big as
her father's up her ass. Could she do it? she asked her-
self, sneaking a look up into her dad's concerned face.
Maybe she'd have to try it and see.

The thought made her pussy tremble and she had to
shove her hand down the front of her pants. She left her
jeans snapped shut, liking the way it felt to touch her-
self inside of her clothes. It reminded her of how she
sometimes put her hand down her pants at school, finger-
ing herself off while sexy Mr. Spillman gave one of his
boring lectures in science class. More than once Becky
had gotten herself off imagining what he looked like
without his clothes and glasses!

"Oh! Ohhh!" Tom grunted, his cock suddenly shooting
like a firehose.

Becky and Jim both turned their attention briefly to
Tom. His cream jetted out and splattered noisily into
the dry brush around them. Both his hands continued to
jack on his spurting cock-shaft, and Becky swallowed in-
voluntarily, thinking it was such a shame to waste such
delicious cream. Jim couldn't help but look around them
nervously, still very ill-at-ease.

But no one was there, and when Tom sat down flat on
his ass to recover from his orgasm, Jim looked back at
the horny blonde in the room. Was that some kind of orgy
room they had there? he wondered.

In among the lewd photographs, Jim recognized other
sexual devices that had gone unnoticed by his children.
There were many different colored dildos of various
sizes and even a few masks and a couple of whips and
some chained anklets. All that equipment made Jim feel
funny. He wanted to feel disgusted by it all, and it
upset him that he wasn't.

"What's the matter, Dad?" Tom asked, stroking his
already reviving hard-on. "Don't you like it?"

"Ahem, sure!" Jim said, trying not to sound as un-
comfortable as he felt. "It's great, just swell."

"Then get yer meat out and beat it!" Tom laughed.
"We don't come out here just to watch - that's sick!"

With both his kids watching him intently, Jim had no
choice but to haul out his swollen prick. Actually, it
was a relief to set his hard-on free and soothe it with
the familiar feel of his hand.

"She's really a hot one, isn't she Dad?" Tom said,
nodding toward the blonde in the house.

"She sure is, Son," Jim replied, kneeling down next
to the boy and pulling Becky over closer to them.

"And those two guys," Becky said, "I wonder what it
would feel like to take two cocks at the same time."

"I'm sure we could arrange for you to find out," Tom
said lewdly, his eyes bright with fuck-lust.

"Ahhh, but not tonight, okay?" Jim said. "Let's do
it at home sometime, huh?"

"Take it easy, Dad," Tom laughed. "No one is gonna
see us. Becky, why don't you give a little head to dear
old dad here to calm him down?"

"But then I can't watch them fucking her," the girl

"I'll tell you what they're doing," Tom said, trying
to pull Becky over in front of their dad. "Come on, suck
him off and drink his come."

Becky's pussy was on fire, and the thought of gulp-
ing down her dad's 'jizz made it even hotter than watch-
ing the blonde woman take two cocks. She giggled her
agreement and moved over in front of Jim, settling down
flat on her ass in front of him, her feet spread on
either side of the kneeling man.

All Jim's fears left him when his daughter's lips
closed around the shaft of his cock. It was like Becky
was sucking out all his apprehensions and he took hold
of her face and helped her take in all the many inches
of his throbbing prick.

"Feel better now?" Tom asked, his own cock helpless-
ly hard again.

"Oh yeah," Jim sighed.

Tom then turned his eyes back to the double-fucking
in the house. The man at the blonde's ass was pounding
her harder than ever, and the boy could tell that he was
getting ready to pump his load up her ass. Tom fisted
his own cock, pumping it as he anticipated the man's

Becky bobbed her head, taking and releasing all of
her father's lusty prick. His cock-meat tasted good, and
she covered it with her spit, making the mouth-fucking
easier. She ran her tongue around and around the swollen
prick-meat and enjoyed the way her father twitched and

As she ate him, Jim opened up her jeans and got at
her little cunt. It was very juicy and he fingered it
open, smearing the slimy cream all around her cuntal

"Oh Beck, he's really giving it to her ass now," Tom
panted, beginning his suck-by-suck action calls. "She
really loves it though, what a slut!"

As Becky moaned around her father's cock as she
imagined the blonde taking the bodybuilder's cock. She
pulled harder on Jim's cockmeat, his fingers and her
lusty imagination stirring her fucking juices like never

Jim tangled his fingers in the strands of her long
hair and pumped her face up and down around his cock-
shaft. The way her tongue ran up and down along the sen-
sitive vein that cut across his hard-on made the man
roll his eyes and thrust his cock out even more. His
little girl gave head like a pro and he couldn't wait to
blast his cream down her cock-sucking throat.

"Way to go, hon," he panted. "Yeah, suck out my

Becky bobbed her face, taking all of his cock until
she could feel his zipper against her tender lips. Then
she pulled her mouth back slowly, keeping her lips tight
around the length of his cock, and wiggled her tongue
along the underside until she felt her teeth hit the
helmet of his prick-head. Then she mouthed just the very
tip of his cock, her tongue trying to worm its way into
the flared piss-hole.

Tom heard his father's breathing growing harsher and
harsher and he wished he had some of the action too.
Then, deciding that if the woman in the house could
please two cocks so could Becky, he moved right up tight
against his dad and shoved his own prick toward his sis-
ter's sucking mouth.

"Do me too," he panted. "Suck me just a little bit,

Liking the idea, Becky grabbed both cocks and held
them together. Then she lapped up and down both of their
swollen tips, feeling and tasting the subtle differences
in the flavor of their leaking jizz.

Jim's fingers poked in and out of the mouth of her
cunt and Becky felt herself coming. To be sucking two
cocks while her own father fingered her off was just too

"Hummb!" she moaned, her body vibrating wildly.

Her orgasm was quick, but very intense and behind
her closed eyelids she saw vivid blasts of exploding
color. Her mouth was open and empty as she gasped for
air and then gasped for cock, sucking in first one cock-
knob and then the other.

Still high with her recent release, Becky sucked one
cock-tip and then turned her head slightly to have the
other. Her dad's prick-knob was a little bigger, but she
liked the taste of her brother's better. The horny girl
was glad she didn't have to choose between the two be-
cause she loved them both and to have them both at once
was a dream come true.

"The guy in her ass shot off!" Tom suddenly grunted,
shoving harder at Becky. "Ahhh, yeah, he's filling her
ass with his cream!"

Becky moaned around their cocks, her tongue out and
licking up the side of one prick-shaft and down the
other. Her father's fingers left her pussy and she
turned her full attention to bringing both men off as
soon as possible.

She took a set of balls in each hand and rolled them
in her palms like dice. Then she smashed them up tight
against the two twitching cock-shafts and then released
them, letting their own considerable weight pull them
down. Both men murmured and grunted, their passions ever

"The dark-haired bear is fucking her mouth like
crazy!" Tom cried.

The news made Becky wild. She pushed their straining
cock-heads together with her fingers and crammed both of
them into her gaping mouth. She ran her tongue around
both of them, taking the jizz that dripped out more and

"Oh honey!" Jim gasped, his hands pulling her stuf-
fed face far down the shaft of his, as well as Tom's
prick. "Gettin' there!"

Becky bobbed her head as much as she could on their
bunched-together fuck-meat. Then she pulled off and con-
centrated on sucking her father's cock all the way to
his twitching balls.

"Ahhh!" Jim exclaimed, his cock-meat suddenly lurch-
ing and his cream jetting down her throat. "Babyyy!"

Becky snorted and struggled to take her dad's come.
Absently she reached out for her brother's thrumming
prick and just as she touched it, it too let loose with
its hot load.

"Aggg, Christ!" Tom grunted, his cream exploding
against the side of his sister's cock-sucking face.

Worried she might drown if she slacked off, Becky
gulped down her dad's cream as she felt her brother's
cream spraying against her ear. She was totally sur-
rounded by jizz, and was the best feeling in the world!

Both men shuddered and groaned as their cocks
emptied. Then they both fell away from Becky and the
girl felt oddly alone. Not knowing what else to do, she
turned around and took another look at the horny blonde.
And, much to her delight, Becky saw that the handsome
dark-haired man was just pumping his load into her hot,
sucking mouth. Becky gave a sticky grin, knowing she
had twice as much cream in her belly as the sexy older
woman did. She then looked down at her panting father
and brother and took both of their cocks in her small

"Let's get these things home so you can give them
both to me at once," she said huskily, jacking on their
wilted, sticky pricks. "And I don't mean in my mouth!"

Continued in part 7...

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