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This is my first story in what I hope will be a series. It is
copyrighted by me, Brenda McKean, and I wish that no one makes any money
from this story. This story talks frankly about women, so you've been
warned. Archiving is premissible, just please let me know so I can be all
proud :) This writer stays up late at nights hoping for precious fan mail
at Brend...@aol.com

The Secret League of U.T. Part 1
Initiations and Wet T-shirts,
By Brenda McKean

I went to college under a terrible, terrible misconception. I wasn't
worried about being a nerdy girl with no friends in High School because I
thought only nerdy people went on to college. I fully expected to hook up
with a trendy, intelligent crowd that read poetry and complained loudly
about foreign politics. Instead, I discovered that all the selfish,
superficial, popular and attractive people from High school had gone to
college too! It was so unfair!

The worst part was I had to share a dorm room with one of those vacuum
head pretty girls; a bitch named Sydney. She was your typical blonde
beauty queen with her dad's credit card number written on a bracelet. From
the first day we met, she rolled at her eyes at my clothes, my appearance
and my computer, and I don't think those eyes have ever stopped rolling.
She makes a point of ignoring me, and inviting her friends over all hours
of the night to get drunk and talk about the guys they're fucking. It was
awful, Sydney was a constant living reminder of how unpopular I was, and
how I would have given anything to enjoy the kind of party life she was

Now, it's not like I'm some horrible ugly girl. It's just that I got
really tall, really fast when I was a teen. I shot up to five feet, eleven
inches in the seventh grade, and before you think that's a good thing, my
breasts waited till I was seventeen to catch up. So for most of my High
school life, I was known Brenda Board. Add my straight brown lifeless
hair, my big round glasses and a love for French novels, and you get the
president of the journalism club. That's also known as Queen of the Nerds
in case you're too popular to realize that.

What frustrates me is that I'm nineteen now, and I still can't get a
date. I've got boobs! I stay in shape by playing tennis! I even wear
contacts now to show off my big brown eyes! What more do men want from me?
Why is it that the only men who ask me out are all bigger computer geeks
than I am? Sure, they're nice guys but sometimes I think the only reason
they ask me out is because I'm the only geek they know that has breasts.

Ok, that last part isn't exactly true. Last Friday morning; I was
walking to Biology when the most unbelievable thing happened to me. This
gorgeous dark man, and I mean gorgeous like he was Antonio Banderas' body
double, ran right into me, knocking our books to the ground. It was one of
those beautiful, classic, almost cheesy moment straight out of a love
movie. We both bent down to gather our books, and he was apologizing the
entire time. I've never been down on the ground with a handsome man
complimenting me while he belittled himself. It was so dream-like, so
fantastic, so much like something I would fantasize about; I didn't know
what to say.

"Th-th-thank you!" I yelled, and then I gathered my books, and ran.

How lame was that? If I were half as smart as my grades say I am, I
would have requested that he take me out for dinner as an apology. If I
had an once of class, I would have gently reprimanded him on his clumsiness
and then request his name. If I weren't such a babbling geek, I would have
at least gotten his name!

I was still upset about that encounter later that afternoon. I didn't
have any classes after eleven o'clock because I had planned for having a
wonderful social life that would have been impaired by having classes.
Since my social life failed to happen, I just spent my Friday afternoons
listening to my roommate, Sydney, talk about what she's going to do with
her night. It was like I was a part girl by proxy.

Sydney was discussing which of her three guys she should go out with
tonight, when we had a knock on our door. Since Sydney was debating which
shoes to where, I got the door. It pisses me off when I think about it
now. She didn't even ask me to get the door, I just did it myself because I
felt she was having a life and I wasn't. It's like just because I was
unpopular, it was my duty to do things for the privileged.

When I opened the door, I was expecting to see more of Sydney's bar
trash friends. When I saw the two women who knocked, I immediately stood
up straight, and had this urge to brush my hair. They had the appearance
of professionals, like female executives on a corporate mission. In a lot
of ways, they reminded me of the ROTC representatives that tried to recruit
students. They were very formal, and they looked at me with appraising

"May we come in?" the woman in front asked. She was a stunning Asian
woman with a very friendly closed lip smile. I loved the way her hair
framed her oval face, coming down in dark black wings around her cheeks.
She had on a beautiful green silk shirt and these amazing black jeans that
clung to her hips but didn't look uncomfortable at all. A necklace of gold
was around her neck, decorating the generous cleavage she was showing. She
was dressed for a party, but her stance and demeanor told me she was here
to do something important.

"Sure," I said meekly. I let them both in, and I saw Sydney's eyes
light up when she saw them.

"Are you here to rush me into Alpha Sigma Pi?" Sydney asked excitedly.

"I think not," the second woman said, with a touch of scorn. She was a
tall woman, thin and willowy yet her healthy tan made her look more like an
amazon. Her blonde hair was pulled straight up into a short ponytail and
her bangs were exquisitely done like a movie star. She was wearing a
lovely black dress that flowed like liquid night around her body. She
towered over all of us, and yet her elegant shoes didn't have a hint of
heel to them.

"Take this hundred dollars," the blonde said to Sydney, "and go away
until at least 8 o'clock."

Sydney took the money with glee. "Why do you want to talk to boring
Brenda for?" she asked as she slipped on her shoes.

"If you can leave without asking any more stupid questions, I'll give
you another twenty," the blonde said briskly.

Sydney's smile vanished, but she didn't say another word. She just
lingered a bit, gathering her purse, brushing her hair, adding another
layer of lipstick, the usual passive aggressive behavior that spoiled
children do. After another five minutes of silent pouting, she left,
taking the extra twenty with her.

"Whore," the blonde muttered when the door closed.

"Now, now Jamie, let's be polite for Brenda's sake," the Asian woman

"My sake?" I interrupted. "Why are you here to see me?"

The Asian woman tipped her head, and smiled with something similar to
pity in her eyes. "Why is it so shocking we would want to see you,
Brenda?" she said. "Don't answer that, let us introduce ourselves first.
My name is Morena, and this is my friend, Jamie. May we sit down?"

"S-s-s-sure," I stuttered. Our dorm was furnished with two hard wooden
chairs, but I offered them to Morena and Jamie anyway. As the two sat
down, I couldn't get over how much classier they were than their
surroundings. The contrast of the cheap chairs and their expensive clothes
really made me feel how poor I was.

"Brenda, we're members of a club that has dedicated itself to helping
women like yourself," Morena began. "Both Jamie and I came to college with
the same handicaps that you have right now. We were smart, we were poor,
and we were very inexperienced when it came to men. Lucky for us, we were
contacted by the club we now represent. They helped us fulfill our own
potential, and become the kind of women who can tell your roommate to go
fuck herself."

"Wow," I said, a little confused to say much more. "Ar-ar-ar-are you
guys going to give me a make-over?" I asked.

Jamie laughed. "Yes, that is one of the benefits of membership. We'll
help you do something with that hair, teach you how to apply makeup, and
we'll even buy you a new wardrobe. But that's minor compared to teaching
you how to live."

"Jamie's right," Morena added. "Before I joined the club, I had never
gone on a date. I never had the courage to wear low cut shirts. If a guy
walked up to me, I would just smile and bite my lips while he talked to me.
In my first week of college, I was doing my roommate's homework because she
promised to get me a date at the end of the semester. Thanks to the club
though, I learned to stand up for myself, and I learned how to uninhibit

"That sounds gr-gr-great," I stuttered. In fact, it sounded too good.
If there is one movie scene that speaks to all unpopular girls, it was the
prom scene in Carrie. As much as I hated to ruin the illusion, I had to

"Is this some kind of set-up?" I asked. "You-you-you-you're not going
to strand me somewhere and dump stuff on me, are you?"

I half-expected them to get mad, or start denying it, but instead,
Morena just smiled and looked at Jamie. Jamie reached into her purse and
pulled out a huge ball of cash.

"Here you go, Brenda," Jamie said, handing me the money. "This is our
initiation fee, a thousand dollars."

"You're paying ME for initiation?" I asked, so stunned my stutter was

"Of course," Morena said like it was terribly obvious. "Don't you think
you're special enough that a club should pay you to have you join?"

"Uhhhhhh," I just said. There was a thousand dollars in my hand!

"First, we need to ask you some questions before we go any further,"
Jamie interjected. "We have found that it does no good to help a woman
realize her sexual and physical potential if she's a prude by nature."

"O-o-o-ok, go ahead and ask," I said.

Morena smiled at my willingness. "Good, first of all, are you a virgin?
It's ok if you are not."

I wasn't sure how to answer, but I decided I could trust these two.
"No, I'm not a vir-vir-virgin." I swallowed hard, not sure if they would
accept the truth. No, I was afraid they would laugh. It was the way they
waited for me to explain that gave me the courage to tell them the whole

"I-I-I heard that losing your virginity really hurts, and some girls at
school told me that guys hate it when all that blood comes out. So I
decided, that I would take care of it myself." I didn't tell them how I
used a small flashlight to do it. How fucked up is that? On the other
hand, it's not like I could have bought a sex toy when I was seventeen.

Morena reached over and held my hand, and squeezed it. She looked at me
with those deep brown eyes and smiled gently. It felt good to finally tell
someone my stupidity, but it felt even better not to have her freak out
when she heard it.

"I think you did a very brave and smart thing, actually," Morena said.
"You heard it was an awful experience, so you tried to get it over with on
your own conditions. I've heard a lot of girls tell me that they had sex
with a guy, any guy, just to get rid of their hymen. Your story is the
first one sounds like you had too much pride in yourself to get a guy to do
something you could do yourself."

"I wish I had thought of it," Jamie said. "I still get the creeps when
I think of the asshole I got to fuck me. I was so obsessed with my
virginity, thinking it was something I had to lose in order to be normal,
that I literally fucked the first guy to hit on me in my senior year."

Morena's smile lessened. "Virginity is one of the worse myths we women
have to face. There is so much hysteria over a simple piece of flesh."

Morena closed her eyes and shook her head, and then returned to asking
more questions.

"Now, do you masturbate?" she asked.

"Yes," I said meekly, thinking of how many times I had quietly worked
while Sydney was snoring."

"Excellent, it's nice to have a candidate who has a healthy sex drive,"
Morena answered. I loved the way she made my masturbating out to be a
major accomplishment.

"Third and final question," Morena said. "When that guy knocked over
your books today, what do you wish you had said?"

I jumped. They knew about him? Before I could wonder about how they
knew, I answered their question. "I wish I could have asked him out," I

"Come with us today, and you will," Morena said.

That was all the convincing I needed. After pocketing my initiation
fee, I joined Jamie and Morena and let them take me on a whirlwind tour
around town. They had set me up an appointment at a beauty salon first,
and we drive in Morena's Porsche. They even let me sit in front with
Morena, which was an awesome experience.

At the beauty salon, I felt like Cinderella being worked over by a team
of Fairy Godmothers. Not only did they put some great make-up on me, they
also taught me how to put it on, and what colors I should use for my skin
tones. The entire time, Jamie took notes for me, making sure I didn't lose
a scrap of the wisdom they were giving me. I'm amazed that I reached the
age of nineteen and never knew how to keep lipstick off my teeth.

Next, they cut my hair. No, they didn't cut my hair; they changed my
hair. I had straight, dark, dull brown hair. They curled my hair into
ringlets, and I looked like mermaid when they were done. Then they added
highlights to my hair; blonde streaks everywhere making me look more like a
college girl than a college student does. They didn't really cut my hair
much, keeping my shoulder length. In the end, my hair looked like it came
from a totally different person. I loved it.

After that wonderful transformation, we went to dinner at a restaurant
so upscale, that the waiters actually were attentive. I couldn't believe
how much money Morena and Jamie had spent on me already. I also couldn't
believe how much fun we were having. The girls were always helpful with
suggestions, and never seemed to be bored when I was getting made over. I
had to ask more about this organization they were with.

"The Secret League of UT was founded in 1897 by a woman who aren't
allowed to name except to full members," Morena explained over steak.
"Let's call her Mrs. Freedom. And before you ask, I can't tell you what
the U and the T stand for either. That comes with later membership.
Anyway, Mrs. Freedom was married at sixteen to a much older man in a
marriage railroaded by her parents. She lived a horrible life for five
years while her husband abused her, verbally and sexually. At her age, and
lack of education, she never knew what an orgasm was, or really anything
about her own body except what her husband told her. Luckily, he died in a
horse accident, and Mrs. Freedom was widowed with an enormous amount of

"Mrs. Freedom decided to use her money to make sure that women didn't
have to suffer she same fate she did. To this end, she felt that sexual
education and intense self-esteem improvement was the only way to go. When
she tried to introduce these ideas to colleges in 1897, she found that
society was against helping any woman escape her limits. The world likes
their women ignorant, uninformed about their own bodies, and completely at
the mercy of their wise husbands. After several unsuccessful attempts,
Mrs. Freedom realized that any effort had to be in secret, hidden from the
eyes of men."

"Since she was extremely wealthy, and didn't have the restraints of a
husband, Mrs. Freedom was able to start the first League Headquarters. To
her surprise, membership was never a problem. Once she had her first six
girls, they recruited hundreds over the next year. Women were ready to
take back their bodies, their pride, and their freedom of choice. By 1900,
membership was spilling into college campuses all over the country."

"How do you girls have so much money?" I asked.

Jamie answered this one. "Mrs. Freedom found out quickly that some
women are so unintelligent that even with our training, they would go back
and resume their normal, oppressed lives. After wasting her training on
these idiots, Mrs. Freedom came to the unhappy conclusion that it takes an
intelligent woman to want to improve herself. That's why she insisted on a
high grade average at all times from her members. We don't ask for rich
members like a sorority or country club would, but because we select smart
women, they tend to be successful, and they tend to stay in touch with the

"So it was my grades that made me a candidate?" I asked. Wow, good
grades really do make a difference!

"Partially," Morena said with her usual warm smile. "It was your
complete failure to handle a handsome man that added to your candidacy, and
it was your open desire to improve yourself that settled the matter."

"So what do I do now? How do I get to become a full member?" I asked. I
sounded like an infomercial.

"The first step is that you need sponsors, and that'll be Jamie, and me"
Morena explained. Every school semester, two members are randomly paired
and expected to find a candidate. This prevents the process from becoming
stale, because the pairs are always different."

"The second step was giving you a crash course in appearance," Jamie
chipped in. "In case you drop out, at least you have the basics so that
you can compete in our shallow society."

"The final step to become a candidate is a test," Morena said. "The
League needs to know just how brave you are, to know how willing you are to
endure something scary in order to join us."

"It's not like a fraternity hazing, where we're trying to humiliate you
for entertainment," Jamie added. "This is a serious test where we want to
see how willing you are to change in order to better yourself."

I swallowed hard on my steak. "Wh-wh-what do you want me to do?" I

"Usually, we arrange for women to sing a sexy song at a Karaoke bar,"
Morena said. "It's a strong test of how willing a woman is to show herself
to the public in a sexy manner. To be honest, we do this with most women
because they aren't very attractive, and singing is more performance based
than physical."

"Th-th-that's not so bad," I said, feeling my stomach drop. The idea
was terrifying!

"That's not what we have planned for you," Morena said. "We've entered
you into a wet T-shirt contest outside of town."

"What?" I hissed, dropping my voice so no one in the restaurant could
hear us.

"It's just that you're naturally good looking," Jamie explained.
"Making you sing in public wouldn't be a test at all. The women we usually
take to Karaoke bars are not pretty women. They usually have weight
problems, or are out of shape. We make them submit to the singing
challenge because we know men are not likely to heckle someone for singing.
You however, are very attractive and in good shape. We feel that you
wouldn't be heckled in a wet T-shirt contest. Therefore, since the League
requires a supreme act of fear in a safe environment, we feel that the
T-shirt contest is the greatest challenge you can face."

"Are you crazy?" I whispered. I felt my cheeks blushing at just the
thought of it! There was no way I could stand up in front of a bunch of
guys knowing they were all staring at my chest!

"No," Morena said simply. "We're not crazy. We just know you are good
looking enough to compete. If we think you're pretty enough, what are you
afraid of?"

It took a while for me to answer. "I'm afraid they'll laugh at me," I
said. "I'm afraid they'll laugh at the nerd on stage."

"They just might," Morena countered. "They just might laugh. They
might also cheer. The thing is, you don't know. You never will know if
they let other people decide if you are attractive or not. Before I joined
the Secret League. I thought a half-Korean wasn't anybody's idea of
beauty. According to my classmates, I was a mongrel no body would ever
marry. Do you think I'm that ugly?"

Being asked that by such a beautiful woman was almost funny. "You're
one of the prettiest women I had ever seen," I answered truthfully.

"There you go," Jamie jumped in. "If they were wrong about Morena, why
can't they be wrong about you?"

I stalled for some time by eating a piece of my salad. There was no
need to stall. As much as I wanted to join the League for myself, I think
I wanted to prove these women's fate in me even more. They had done so
much for me already; I had to show them I was worth it.

"I just wish I had a better tan," I finally said.

Both of them smiled, and I felt a strange warmth in my belly. Against
my better judgement, I found myself looking forward to it. I just wasn't
sure what it was I was looking forward to; the contest or the approval of
my new friends?

The next two hours was hell on my nerves. Morena provided me with
antacid pills, which really took the spinning out of my flip-flopping
stomach. We drove out to the club that was hosting the contest, a
suspicious looking place with the name 'Angela's Playhouse'. With a neon
woman shaking her butt on the sign, the place sounded more like a
whorehouse than a club.

Morena and Jamie were with me the entire time that I had to get ready
for the contest. They helped me with removing my make-up, since there was
no point in wearing it if it was going to run. They also helped me finish
the paperwork I needed to sign, as well as give me someone to talk to in
the dressing room when the other girls came in. I would have been so
intimidated if my friends hadn't stayed with me. The other girls were so
attractive, I felt like an imposter for being there. Strangely though,
none of the other contestants said anything or even looked down on me.

"They haven't improved this outfit in five years," Morena laughed as she
looked at my uniform. It was pretty simple. It was a pair of denim shorts
and a white T-shirt with the club's logo very small by the collar. I guess
the logo was small so that it wouldn't obscure any of my breasts.

"Try it on, Brenda, and let's see if it looks as bad as I think," Jamie

I dressed quickly. Obviously, you don't wear a bra at a wet T-shirt
contest, so I had to let my twins just hand loose under the shirt. My own
pants were replaced by the terribly short shorts that seemed to glue
themselves to my ass. I felt terribly vulnerable with my ass cinched and
my breasts just bouncing loose under the already transparent white shirt.

"First things first," Morena chided and she grabbed the tail of my
T-shirt. She quickly tied the bottom up, stopping just short of my
breasts. When she was done, my T-shirt had turned into a bikini top that
Daisy Duke would have worn. Checking myself in the mirror, I was amazed by
how much larger she made my breasts look, just by giving them a tiny bit of

"Belly buttons are in right now," Jamie commented. I couldn't believe
it. I had my navel bare and was getting ready to show it to a bunch of

"Now remember, the winner will be determined by applause, and you stand
to win a hundred dollars," Morena said.

"Big deal, I got a thousand just for hanging out with you guys," I
responded. "I'm doing this to join, not for the money."

"You're doing just fine," Morena said. She and Jamie gave me a big
group hug that smothered me in friendship and hope. When they left to go
up front, I was actually excited to get started. After the strange day I
had experienced, I wasn't sure what to expect next!

A guy on a microphone called us out, and he hosted the event. You would
think with a club named Angela's Playhouse, that the person in charged
would be Angela, wouldn't you? But of course not, we were stuck with a guy
named, I'm not kidding, Eddie the Face.

The stage was pretty huge. It was outside, using curtains to hide the
backstage area. The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was various
shades of blue and orange. The stage was shaped like a T, with a walkway
going out into the packed crowd. A small plastic pool was waiting at the
end of the T, and I could only guess what it was for. Men were literally
pressed up against the stage as they were checking us out. Beer was
obviously being sold, as several cups were raised in some sort of salute
when we came on stage. I spotted Morena and Jamie easily, as they were
standing on somebody's car.

Eddie the Face started by asking the men if they had enough beer. The
cheer the men gave made me think. Could this be any more adolescent? My
fears calmed down as I looked at the various ages of the men in the crowd.
There were old, balding guys, men who looked like they were married and
this was their one chance to see a firm breast tonight. There were young
college guys who had the same desperate stare in their eyes as the older
guys. I couldn't believe it. These men really did want to see my tits.

"Let's go to the first contestant!" Eddie roared. A very healthy
looking Hispanic woman was first, and I was instantly jealous of her dark
complexion and natural tan. I noticed she was a tiny bit chubby around the
waist, but the men screamed loud for her anyway. She had very long black
hair that she pulled back away from her face as she stepped into the kiddie
plastic pool.

"Now for the beer!" Eddie yelled as she picked up a huge pitcher of
beer. They weren't using water at this wet T-shirt contest; they were going
straight for the fraternity demographic. The Hispanic woman just tipped
her head back as Eddie slowly poured the pitcher from above her head and
onto her shirt. I couldn't see the actual wetting, because they reserved
that view for the crowd.

"It's cold!" the dark beauty screamed. Well, that'll be useful to know.

After the pitcher was empty, the girl pranced a bit. She gave the guys
plenty of different angles to appreciate her wet bust. Even from where I
was standing, I could see the dark circles of her nipples, standing out
proudly under her shirt. It was a good thing Morena did tighten up my
shirt because I could see where the Hispanic girl's shirt did nothing to
flatter her chest. Sure, it was wet, but when she moved the shirt would
move as well. There was an occasional flash of nipples shown, but not
enough for the tit starved crowd.

"Next victim, I mean contestant!" Eddie quipped, and I rolled my eyes at
his lameness. Who knows? Maybe guys like to think they're victimizing the
girls. I mean, maybe the reason they use beer is some sort of power trip.

The next girl was a long haired blonde who swayed her hips the entire
trip to the pool. She waved to the guys, and they cheered even louder.
When she stepped into the pool, she held her arms out like she was offering
herself as a sacrifice. She squealed too as the cold beer splashed down
her front. She wriggled her ass very over dramatically, pretty much like a
slut would. The thing is, the guys loved it, and they cheered every time
she swung that ass around.

She stepped off the stage, and suddenly it was my turn.

"Come down, you're the next contest!" Eddie leered from the microphone.

My legs were trembling, but I headed down that stage anyway. I saw
Morena and Jamie applauding and screaming along with the guys, and it
almost made me laugh. You would think they were dying to see my wet tits
as well. They were trying so hard to make me feel appreciated, I resolved
that I was going to vamp this up as much as possible to prove myself to

I stepped into the kiddie pool, and although it only had two pitchers of
beer in it, the beer was freezing as it seeped between my toes. I kept my
best smile on and looked right into the desperate faces of the men crowding
around the stage. I couldn't help notice how they were reaching out to
touch me, but I was just out of reach.

"You ready?" Eddie asked softly as he lifted the pitcher above me. I
nodded, and he let the beer flow.

It was cold! I screamed as the icy beer splashed right between my
cleavage. Eddie poured it slowly, and I couldn't help but watch my shirt
as he poured. As tight as my shirt was against my bust, it was like
watching my shirt dissolve as my curves were revealed. First the deep
canyons of my breasts were revealed and then their round globes were slowly
uncovered. I shivered as the beer hit my nipples, and I blushed with
terrible embarrassment, as the hard points of my nipples became visible
under my shirt.

The beer just continued to pour and the crowd just screamed louder and
louder. The beer had run down my chest and was now streaming down my
shorts and legs. From somewhere, I saw a flash go off and I almost
panicked as I thought about people taking pictures. But I was determined
to impress the Secret League so I stood my ground. In fact, I did better
than that. So I wouldn't feel like a victim while Eddie poured beer on me,
I reached up and cupped my wet breasts, forming an uplifted target for him
to aim at. A big smile broke out on his face as he continued to pour. For
emphasis, I even wiggled my ass like I saw the blonde do, and I blushed
even redder as the crowd cheered its approval.

"Shake that ass!" someone yelled, and I almost wanted to jump down and
kiss him. Imagine, a guy shouting 'shake that ass' to boring old Brenda!

Eddie was reaching the end of the pitcher, and I had this almost sad
feeling that it was coming to an end. I had men screaming and trying to
touch me; I didn't want it to ever stop! As the pitcher was nearly
completely uplifted, some little devil inside of me came out. Still
clutching my breasts, I put my face under the steady stream and opened my
mouth wide. I didn't think the crowd could get any louder, but they did as
I guzzled the last of the beer and let it splash on my face. As it
dribbled down my chin, I couldn't help but laugh at how silly, yet sexy I

The beer finally gone, I had to do a little prancing. I had no problem
with that at all at this point. I didn't see it as prancing; I saw it as a
victory dance. I held my arms up high, and struck a pose with legs out
stretched as I soaked into the drunken approval of the crowd. I could feel
my shirt dripping constantly yet it clung to every swell and curve of my
breasts. It was simply amazing. The thin material revealed everything I
had; yet somehow it gave me enough protection to stand up in front of a
group of strangers and flaunt myself.

I walked up and down the stage slowly, sometimes bending over so that
the men could get a closer look at my tits, and so that the guys behind me
could appreciate my ass in those tight shorts. I don't know what came over
me, but for the first time in my life, I felt like a real sensual being. I
wanted to be appreciated, loved, wanted and fucked all at the same time. I
lost control of myself, and posed, stretched and squeezed myself
shamelessly. Never did I want the crowd to stop cheering, and never did I
want them to stop looking at me.

"All right there, time to go back now girl," Eddie quipped. He made a
lewd joke about Spanish Fly being in the beer, but I didn't care. I went
back to the line with the biggest smile on my face.

"Slut," the blonde girl next to me sniped.

I laughed. Brenda Board was a slut? I kept laughing throughout the
entire contest.

Later, after the bustiest woman had been declared the winner, after the
contest was over, after I had scrubbed myself clean with a towel and after
the crowd finally left, I rejoined Morena and Jamie. They gave me huge
hugs that sent shivers down my already electrified body. I was so turned
on by my earlier performance; I just couldn't stop smiling.

"See? You passed that test with flying colors," Morena said, driving me
back to my crummy dorm.

"Wow," I just kept repeating. My nipples were still tingling from the

"Next Friday, we'll take you to our Headquarters, and there you'll
undergo the initiation ceremony," Jamie said, leaning into the front seat.
My senses were so hyped; I was fascinated by the curve of her long neck to
her shoulder.

"Really? What will that be like?" I asked.

"It'll be difficult, but from what I saw today, you have what it takes,"
Morena said with her coy smile. "That is if you can do your homework."

I laughed. "I always do my homework."

"Yes, but this is a different kind of assignment," Jamie said. "Here is
your lab supply."

She handed me a strange device that looked like it slipped over my
pointer finger. It had nubs where my fingerprint should be, and it had a
small switch at the base. I slipped it on, and turned the switch. I
jumped when it started vibrating.

"Listen carefully," Morena explained as we stopped at a red light. "As
you can guess, this is a vibrator. We weren't kidding when we said that we
don't accept prudes into our League. If you aren't comfortable with your
own body, then you have no business letting someone else access."

"What you need to do is bring yourself to orgasm with it at least once.
I strongly recommend though, that you use it as often as possible between
now and next Friday. Don't worry about the battery. If it stops working,
then it'll shut down to conserve power and you won't be expected to use it.
Any questions?"

"No," I said, my mind whirling. I couldn't bring myself to tell them
that I couldn't wait to use it. For that matter, I don't think I could
think of any more to say. What do you say to the women who got you a
makeover, gave you a thousand dollars, made you enter a T-shirt contest and
then gave you a vibrator?

"Wow," I said.

"Here's your dorm," Morena said a bit sadly. "It's been great meeting
you Brenda, and I'm looking forward to having you as a League sister."

"Just don't forget to use the vibrator!" Jamie added as she hugged me.
"That's your ticket in!"

"I won't, I promise!" I said.

I waved at them until they drove around the corner, and then I tore
upstairs to my room. I loved my new friends, but the excitement of the day
had driven me into a strange frenzy. The time was seven o'clock, and I
knew I had at least an hour before Sydney showed up. I planned to
celebrate my sexual power with an appropriate celebration.

Our dorm room was empty as I expected, so I locked the door and jammed
one of our wooden chairs under the doorknob. I wasn't taking any chances.
It's odd now that I think about it. I've wanted to masturbate before when
Sydney was gone, but I never had the courage to bar the door like I did
then. I would have been too embarrassed to jam the door, because it would
have been obvious why I wanted to do so. Today was different. Today I
wanted to enjoy being the sexy woman everyone kept telling me I was.

The lights were off, the door was barred and the shades were drawn
tight. I felt a playful delight with my new toy. I stripped off my pants,
and tossed my white panties to the side as well. I felt especially wanton,
so I tossed my shirt and bra to the floor as well. As I walked around my
empty room nude, I looked for that little extra something to help me
celebrate. Jamie said this vibrator was my ticket to the League, and I
wanted to make sure I 'punched' this ticket perfectly.

On Sydney's shelf, I found a bottle of lotion, and I knew it was just
what I was looking for. As aroused as I was, I didn't need any
lubrication, but I welcomed the extra slipperiness. More importantly, I
think I wanted to defile something that belonged to Sydney. For the first
time since I came to college, I knew I was on equal ground with her.
Stealing her lotion was just small payback for all the late night beer
sessions her girlfriends had.

I leaned against my dresser, and poured some of the lotion directly onto
my breasts. It was as cold as the beer was, which is what I was trying to
accomplish. In a way I was trying to recreate my afternoon rebirth,
letting the cold lotion pour on my breasts. I shivered delightfully,
enjoying the way my full breasts jiggled. Until today, I had never noticed
just how beautiful my breasts were. I smoothed the lotion over and under
my breasts, imagining how much the guys at the contest would love to do it
for me.

I was getting lightheaded already, so I sat down on my bed. I poured
more lotion on my stomach, and rubbed the sweet smelling cream into my
navel. I was proud of my stomach, and prouder of the fact that Morena
thought it was pretty enough to show off. I daydreamed about how approving
her smile was as I kneaded the lotion into my skin.

Thinking of Morena sent a tremor through me, one that I certainly felt
around my sex. Why? I can't explain. I just know that Morena and Jamie
made me feel alive. No, they made me feel adult in ways I didn't allow
myself to feel before. My body was tingling and I knew I owed it all to

I squirted more lotion, this time directly on my light brown bush of
hair. The shivers I felt from the cold lotion were instantly matched by
the heat I was experiencing down there. I wondered if any beer got down
there. Then I had a really dirty thought as I wondered if I could have
gotten a guy to drink it from there. I laughed at my wicked idea, but I'm
sure I blushed as well.

Jamie's vibrator fit perfectly over my pointer finger. When I turned it
on, I realized how silent it was. It was vibrating hard enough to make my
finger tingle, but it made no noise what so ever. I smiled as I thought
about useful it will become when I get more of my late night urges and
Sydney is asleep.

Tentatively, I touched my vibrator finger to my pussy, and slowly spread
Sydney's lotion over my bush. Oh God! The sensations were incredible. I
had never used a vibe before and now I was swearing to never go without one
again. The lotion soothed my enflamed skin while the vibrator shook me

Slowly I centered my finger onto my pussy lips, gasping as the
vibrations nibbled at my outer folds. I had to lean back; I just couldn't
sit up straight while this magic was happening. My legs hanging off the
bed, I spread them wider, so that my questing finger could part my fleshy
gates and enter slowly into my burning garden. My other hand slid up my
body and clutched one of my breasts. It was the only thing I could do with
my hand, as I was almost writhing from the intensity of the vibrations.

As my finger entered my sex, I felt my pussy clench around the treasured
toy. I nearly curled up into a sitting position as I felt the vibrations
from the inside of my sex. I didn't dare bring my finger up to my clit, I
knew I would just scream I was so aroused. Instead, I just stroked my
pussy slowly, letting my own secretions mix with the smooth lotion.

I gasped frequently as my breathing struggled to keep up with the bliss
I was experiencing.

I closed my eyes and imagined all the men at the contest; imagined them
here in this room watching me.

My hand clenched so hard at my breast, I cried out at the pain but I
didn't care enough to stop. I just had to clench something.

My buttocks tightened as I felt the beginning waves of my orgasm

Yes! Oh God Yes! I let loose a pitiful wail as the strongest orgasm of
my life rippled through me. It was as if the orgasm vibrated in tune with
my finger, quaking and shaking my entire body. My finger stopped moving as
my body rode the sweet crest of my pleasure, riding it through the rising
joy that comes from total physical release, and then slowly coasting down,
relaxing and letting go of those muscles you didn't even know were tensed.

As my toes were the last to relax, I shut off the precious vibrator
Jamie gave me. I laid on my bed in darkness, the only light coming from
the edges of the closed shades. Looking back on the day, it was hard to
believe I went from embarrassing myself in front a guy this morning, to
nude on my bed, masturbating with my roommate's lotion. Ok, maybe it was
to be expected. I just knew I couldn't wait for next Friday.

The end of part 1

Is it a good story? Should I write more? What do I do well? What do I
suck at? Let me know honestly at Brend...@aol.com. No sucky people

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