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This is my second story in what I hope will be a series. It is
copyrighted by me, Brenda McKean, and I wish that no one makes any money
from this story. This story talks frankly about women, so you've been
warned. Archiving is premissible, just please let me know so I can be all
proud :) This writer stays up late at nights hoping for precious fan mail
at Brend...@aol.com

The Secret League of U.T. Part 2
Ceremonies and Exhibition,
By Brenda McKean

The week after my last contact with Morena and Jamie was a bizarre ride
of emotions and sensations. As per their instructions, I used the finger
vibrator they gave me as often as I could. I was embarrassed by the fact
that I was using it twice a day, once when I woke up, and once before I
fell to sleep. I had masturbated before, but never with a vibrator, and I
found that it made a world of difference! I just couldn't get enough of
the little sleeve. I know the ladies implored me to use it as much as
possible, but I felt like such a slut for doing it every free chance I got.

What really humiliated me happened on Sunday night. I hadn't used it in
the morning when I woke up because Sydney's friend Megan was at our door
bright and early. She had to come over and wake us up so she could tell
Sydney about the hunky guy she slept with last night. Of course they
ignored me while Megan told her story. They were so used to considering me
a non-entity that even I wasn't shocked by the way they spilled secrets
around me. I was just glad they noticed me enough not to sit on my bed.

It really bothered me this time how they ignored me. It wasn't that
they did, I expected two blonde rich girls to ignore me. The thing that
bothered me was the explicit details Megan was retelling. Oh my God! It
was better than any story I had secretly read on the Internet, this story
was being told by someone I knew. I was actually looking at the person who
had great sex last night. Even though it happened to Megan, it was
exciting me terribly. Jamie and Morena had tempted me into the Secret
League with the promise of sex, and here Megan was, already having it! It
made me impatient to have some X-rated fun of my own. It also made me
very, very aroused. This stuff will be happening to me soon!

Anyway, since Megan and Sydney talked all morning about Megan's
adventures, I never got a chance to use my new toy. I was bummed about not
having my usual morning play time, but I went about my day. I did my
homework and did some extra studying like I usually did. I also went
shopping with my initiation fee and bought myself some new clothes and some
make-up. Ever since my makeover, I was excited about trying some of the
techniques they had taught me.

That night, I made a terrible mistake. Sydney decided to go to bed
first. As soon as she climbed into her bed, I shed my clothes as fast as I
could and went to bed as well. I had spent the entire day treating myself,
as well as thinking about the erotic true life story Megan had told us, so
I planned to give myself one final treat before I went to sleep. When the
lights were out, I pulled my gift from Jamie out of the shower bag I keep
on my headboard. It slid onto my finger like it belonged there.

I clicked it on, and once again marveled at how totally silent it was. I
was nude under my covers except for a new pair of panties I bought myself.
It was black, with a high French cut that suggested wicked thoughts when I
saw it at the store. I almost giggled when I slipped my vibrator down to
my panties. Just as I had expected, the high cut allowed me to pull my
panties aside enough for my toy without having to take them off.

My nipples were already hard, perhaps because I had been preparing for
this bliss all day. I ran my finger down my pubic hair, my hips jumping as
I felt the vibrations coax my lower lips. Biting my lip kept me from
sighing as I sank my vibrator past my clitoris. I curled my finger,
pushing into my sex with the powerful vibrations heralding the way. I
gasped as once again my sex welcomed the greatest present I had ever
received. I wasn't sure if I thanked Jamie and Morena for the vibrator, or
for giving me the desire to use it.

My eyes were clenched as I stroked myself and my mind was centered on
the heaven between my legs when my personal Eden was violated. The lights
came on unexpectedly, and when I jumped from the shock, I saw Sydney
standing beside the light switch. I almost screamed from the horror of it.

"I knew I heard you diddling yourself!" Sydney accused. She looked like
a hag with her long blonde hair frizzy and unbrushed around her cruel face.

"I-I-I-I," I stuttered, trying to deny it. I didn't know what diddling
was, but my own guilt made it easy to guess. I saw myself, with my knees
raised underneath the blankets and I saw just how lewd I appeared. The
sweat on my forehead, my ragged breathing and my stuttering seemed to stand
witness against me, supporting Sydney's disgust.

"That is so gross!" Sydney said, her normally pretty face scrunching up
with her disdain. "Don't ever do that when I'm here! Go get yourself a
boyfriend or something like other normal girls! Jesus!"

"I'm sorry," I said weakly.

Sydney shuddered and turned out the lights again. In the darkness I
could see her walk to her bed in such a way to be as far away from me as
possible. I was so mad! I knew masturbating was normal, but somehow
Sydney made me feel dirty about it. I kept wanting to apologize, even
though I hated her!

I turned my vibrator off, and slipped it back into my shower bag. The
heat between my legs was cold now, and my heart was pounding from fear and
embarrassment. I rolled over, my back to Sydney, and tried to sleep. At
least I didn't cry, no matter how much I wanted to.

Monday passed by in a blur as I tried to avoid all contact with Sydney.
Her friends had a nasty way of giggling every time they came over, and I
knew Sydney had related what had happened Sunday. When I came home that
night after hiding in the library, I found a sign hanging on the wall
beside my bed.

It said, "This is a No-Twat-Diddling Zone! That means you, Brenda!"

I tore it down, conscious of a small giggle coming from Sydney's bed.
Maybe I should have masturbated anyway, in defiance, but I didn't. My sex
drive was gone as my body burned with indignation and simple shame.

The whole week might have been a disaster after that incident if it
wasn't for a package I received on Tuesday. I received it in my dorm while
Sydney was away at one of her classes. It was addressed from Morena, and
the small note on the front said it was for my initiation ceremony on
Friday. When I opened it, I discovered a beautiful gold dress inside.

I donned the dress immediately. It was strapless, and glittered from
material I didn't recognize. The dress looked like something you should
wear to the Oscar's, or maybe a Prince's ball. The cleavage frightened me
a little; it plunged so deep, revealing my breasts for almost everything
they were worth! The hem of it was so wide and expansive; I couldn't help
but feel like royalty as I twirled in it.

The package held other treasures as well. There was a slender pair of
shoes inside, black and sleek with a sensible three-inch heel. The shoes
had so many curves and looked so shiny, I felt almost decadent for wearing
them. Also, a simple gold chain was included, and it had a small opal
dangling from its center. Like the shoes and the dress, the necklace fit
perfectly as well. Finally, there was a note inside the package.

It read simply, "Be sure that when you wear this, that you don't wear
any kind of pantyhose. Also, don't forget to bring your vibrator! Love,
Morena and Jamie."

As I examined myself in the mirror, the horror of Sunday night was
temporarily forgotten. I looked so different with the dress on, and it
wasn't just because my breasts were so delicately exposed. It was
something intangible, something I couldn't name that made me feel like I
deserved to wear this dress. I couldn't wait for Friday to come so I could
meet the people who wanted me to join them so badly, that they made me feel
like a real woman.

Friday finally did come and I treasured the shocked expression Sydney
wore as I got dressed for my special night. I knew she kept wanting to say
something nasty, but she was simply too shocked to do so. As I clasped the
necklace around my neck and spun around on my new shoes, Sydney just glared
from her desk, failing to pretend she was reading her textbook.

Sydney had almost worked up the courage to ask me what I was doing when
the door knocked. I nearly squealed when I looked through the peephole and
saw Jamie and Morena. My friends were really here! I felt strange tingles
travel my body that I attributed to nerves. Before I opened the door, I
reached into my shower bag and retrieved the intimate toy they had given
me. I palmed it in my hand as I rushed out the door and greeted my best
friends in the world.

"You're in a hurry to go," Jamie slyly remarked. She was looking
stunning in her black dress. Her dress was tight and clung to her tall,
lithe body like a second skin. The dress had the pattern of a sliver
serpent wounding its way around her body. I marveled at her heels, they
were at least four inches high. With her blonde hair up in a sophisticated
bun, I guessed her over all height to be at least six and a half feet.

"You're also quite beautiful tonight," Morena added to Jamie's comment.
The beautiful Asian was wearing red tonight, and was as lavishly dressed as
Jamie and I was. The red dress had long sleeves that covered her arms, and
a long skirt that covered her legs, but had an open cleavage to rival mine.
Her hair was done in a typical Japanese style, complete with silver hair
needles. The dress encircled her neck with its rich fabric, but Morena had
hung a ruby brooch at her neck.

"You-you-you ladies are dressed better than I ever could," I stuttered.
"Are you sure you wanted me?"

Morena took the vibrator from my hand. "The question you need to ask,
is are you ready to join us?"

Later, they blindfolded me in the car. Jamie said it was to protect the
location of the League Headquarters, since I might not be a member after
tonight. Maybe I should have been suspicious, but after waiting all week
to for them to show up, I found myself willing to do anything these two
women wanted me to do. I fingered my necklace nervously throughout the
hour long drive.

I felt the car come to a stop, and when I tried to lift my blindfold, I
felt Morena's hand stop me. Don't ask me how I knew it was Morena. It
just felt like her, soft yet insistent. She prevented me from removing the
blindfold and then took my hand to help me step out of the car. If she
weren't a woman, I would have clung to her like a damsel does to her
suitor. I should have been scared, but somehow knowing she was there
soothed me.

We climbed a long flight of steps, and I heard large doors open into a
party. The sounds were over whelming, and I began to tremble at the
thought of so many people watching me enter. I clung tighter to Morena's
arm, and she soothed me with soft hushes. In the distance, I could hear
live instruments being played and the faint tinkle of glasses.

My blindfold was removed from behind me, and I gasped at the sights
before me. We were in a huge hall filled with elegantly dressed women. I
could tell they were women by their long legs and exquisite dresses, yet
every one of them had a mask on. Not the simple domino mask people wear
sometimes, but masks that covered their entire faces except for their mouth
and chin. The masks were all extravagant, filled with feathers, gems and
bright colors.

"Why are they wearing masks?" I asked as I turned to Morena. I was
startled when I saw her, for she was wearing a mask too. It was the mask
of a Goddess, white and pale, yet serene. Jamie had a mask as well, though
her's was of a serpent. The serpent mask was the same silver as the
serpent coiled around her dress.

"To protect our identity, Brenda," Jamie said. "All the Initiates are
here tonight, and some of them will fail. We can't let them return to the
outside world knowing who we are personally. Imagine what could happen if
one of them takes failing harshly and decides to reveal us to the world?"

I couldn't imagine, but then, I still didn't understand why it was so
important to stay secretive. On the other hand, looking at all these
fabulous dresses, the four musicians playing violins and the decor of this
mansion, I could see that there was a lot of money involved here. What
rich person would want to be known as a place that handed vibrators to
their candidates?

"What do I do now?" I asked.

"We mingle," Morena said, her warm smile once again on her lips. She
offered her arm like a man, and I blushed, wondering if this mysterious
lady had somehow read my mind from earlier. I took her arm, and drew
strength from her serenity as we entered the crowd.

The first thing that caught my sight was a large photograph that was on
display on an easel. It had a picture of a young black woman wearing the
same T-shirt I wore at the wet T-shirt contest. Just like me, she was
having her shirt dampened by a pitcher pouring beer onto her. She was a
bit heavier than I was, but her breasts were very large, the picture
revealed her dark nipples underneath her shirt.

"What is this?" I asked Morena in a low whisper.

"It's the testimony of one of the Initiates," she said calmly.

"Every Initiate has their picture here so that the others can see that
they passed the first test," Jamie said. Behind her mask I could see her
eyes studying my reaction.

"Ev-ev-everybody?" I stuttered.

"Why of course," Morena answered. She pointed to another easel, and I
saw a picture of a very thin girl swinging her hips and her non-existent
breasts on the contest stage. Then I saw another easel with a picture of
the black girl, this time cupping her huge breasts for the cheering crowd.
Jamie pointed to a picture of a terrified woman just standing on the stage
while her transparent shirt displayed her soaked breasts. At that picture,
the actual woman was standing at her picture, looking horrified. I noticed
she had on the same gold dress that I had and that hers fit just as

"Where's mine?" I asked, feeling numb. I was scared. For one brief
moment, I felt like this was the punchline. Get the ugly girls to go to a
wet T-shirt contest and take pictures of them to laugh at later. I might
have been paranoid, but I was the butt of too many jokes to not see the
possible pattern here.

"Over here," Morena said as she walked me to it. The crowd of masked
women parted for us. It was strange to walk among them unmasked; yet their
posture was respectful. Some of them even bowed slightly as I walked past

"Not bad, is it?" Jamie asked as we stood in front of the four feet tall
picture. It was the moment where I was under the pitcher of pouring beer,
and I opened my mouth let guzzle it. It looked so wanton and promiscuous.
I saw how I was squeezing my wet breasts, and I couldn't believe that slut
in the photograph was me. In my dress of gold and my lovely shoes, I felt
like a phony.

"I love this picture," a woman next to me said. I turned, and smiled,
not sure if she was mocking me. She was shorter than I was, yet her biceps
looked huge. She wore a mask shaped like a bird, complete with diamond
studs on the beak.

"I will purchase this from you for five hundred dollars," the Bird Woman

"Fiv-fiv-five hundred!" I stuttered.

"She accepts," Morena said beside me. "She's just a bit nervous with
the Initiation coming."

The Bird woman nodded her head. "Don't worry dear, I can tell by your
picture you'll do fine," she said. "I love this scene because it relishes
the sexual power you must have been feeling. Most of the initiation
pictures we see reveal only how terrified the candidates are."

"But I thought most of the candidates sang at bars for their
initiation?" I asked.

The Bird woman patted my arm. "No, that's merely a small lie to tell
the Initiates so that they'll have enough courage to get their chest wet.
Remember the Secret of Water: If it's wet, men like it. Women have been
known to like it too for that matter."

"That's enough, friend," Jamie admonished, not unkindly. "Brenda will
have plenty of time for lessons when she joins. Right now she has enough
to scare her."

The Bird Woman nodded in consent, and left. I just stood there, trying
to sort what she said. I remembered the part about lying though.

"You told me I was too pretty to undergo a lesser trial by singing," I
accused Morena.

"You are," Morena answered easily. "All women are. That's the beauty
of a wet T-shirt contest. Would you rather I just shoved you up there and
let you doubt yourself?"

Jamie laughed. "No, that's what men do. As women, we take better care
of your feelings."

My anger, what little there was, disappeared. These women did seem to
care, even though they scared me sometimes. I was embarrassed by the
pictures of me, but at least I wasn't the only one. Right next to this
picture was a picture of the tiny girl's ass as she bent over. I couldn't
help noticing that my ass looked better than hers did.

While we were touring the pictures, most of the women studied me, though
not too obviously. It was the way they became quiet when I walked by and
they way they watched my body when I walked but searched my face when I
looked at my own pictures. Two more ladies offered money for my pictures,
and apparently, they were mine to sell. I couldn't imagine what they
wanted with them. Who would have thought anyone would pay money for a
picture of Brenda's wet nipples?

At one point, a masked woman offered me a platter of cheese to nibble
from. She was so nicely dressed, I didn't realize she was even a servant.
I mentioned this to Morena and she smiled behind her pale mask.

"Did you think because we advocate sexual freedom that we would have
super studs walking around serving drinks while wearing thongs?" Morena

"I don't know," I answered. "I guess so. This all seems like a fantasy
as it is."

"I know that the male version of the Secret League is more what you
expect," Jamie offered. "They delight in having nude women walking around,
serving men sometimes with treats laid on their own bodies."

"There is a guy version of the League?" I asked, startled.

"Certainly," Morena replied. "They teach unfortunate men who are
ignored by short sighted women how to act around the fairer sex. It's
exactly like us, except they are a bit more lavish in their ceremonies."

"I'd say," Jamie laughed. "They don't consider it a good ceremony until
someone's legs are open."

I didn't have time to ask anymore, because I felt the mood of the people
near us change. When I looked around, I saw the most expensive outfit yet.
It was worn by a beautifully shaped woman, who glided on shoes that
sparkled from various stones. Her dress was beautiful, emerald from
shoulder to ankle with a very long slit up the side. The mask she wore was
that of a tiger, and it was realistic enough to make me quite a bit uneasy.

"This is Initiate Brenda, correct?" The Tiger Woman asked, and Morena
bowed deeply.

"Hello Brenda, I am the Mistress of Ceremonies here," the Tiger woman
said, shaking my hand firmly. Her voice had the tremor of age but her grip
was strong. "I must say, everyone here was impressed with your
photographs. It looks like you have what it takes to join us."

"What is that, exactly?" I asked. Curiosity had killed my shyness, and
even my stuttering.

She smiled, and with the tiger mask on, I wasn't sure if it was a
friendly smile. "We're looking for those who have courage, strength, and
the ability to help a sister. Morena and Jamie spoke highly of you, and
your pictures appeared to support them. I feel you will be a credit to our
Secret league."

"Thank you," I said simply. Her presence was a bit over whelming. I
felt like those piercing eyes were constantly judging me. Perhaps it was.

"You were the last one I needed to meet," the Tiger Woman stated. "We
can begin the Initiation now."

She turned away, and I went to follow her, but Jamie restrained my arm.
I waited nervously as the Tiger Woman walked to a set of double doors, and
announced in a clear voice that the Initiations were about to begin.
Everyone clapped enthusiastically, and I joined in. Then the Tiger Woman
opened the doors behind her to reveal a large dining room with a table
twice as long as my dorm room. Everyone filed in, and Morena led me in by
my arm.

The dining table had four benches on top of the table, but nothing
around the table to sit on. The benches were covered with silk sheets,
reminding me of the kind magicians used to cover cages and boxes during
their act. The Tiger Woman climbed onto the table using a small step
ladder, and she motioned for the Initiates to climb up with her. Morena
gave me a quick hug before I went, and I felt that now familiar tingle in
my legs again. Maybe this is the feeling you get when people believe in

The black girl, the tiny girl, and the extremely nervous dark haired
girl were told which bench to stand beside by the Tiger Woman. She pointed
out the center bench for me. I took my place beside it, and looked with
curiosity at the strange lump that was hidden under the sheet. The bench
was shaped like a saddle, and sat low enough to the ground that a person
could stretch their legs easily while sitting on it.

"Greetings, Candidates, Initiates and Sisters!" the Tiger Woman
announced. The crowd immediately became quiet, and I noted just how small
the lavish dinning room now appeared. Masked women filled every available
space, standing so densely together, all I could see were their masks.

"The Secret League of U.T. is the greatest organization to which a
woman can aspire to," the Tiger Woman proclaimed. "We nurture each other,
we protect one another and we guard each other with our lives and
reputations. We also teach one another, both the secrets of prosperity,
and the secrets of happiness. We are bound together by our gender, but we
are bond deeper by the suffering we have experienced. Each one of us were
slighted by society, and each one of us were cheated out of our rights as
sexual women by the inherent flaws in our culture."

"Tonight, these Candidates ask to join us. They desire to be taught.
They desire to succeed. They desire to embrace their destiny as sexual
beings. But are they brave enough?"

The Tiger Woman turned to us candidates. "It is not an easy life to be
a member of the Secret League. It requires bravery to go against what
society expects of you. It requires strength of character to stand up for
your fellow members when the majority is oppressing her. Most importantly,
it requires a complete and total trust. We expect you to rely on us, as we
rely on you. There can be shame between us, no secrets kept between
Sisters and no modesty that keeps you distant from us."

"Remove the sheet covering your bench," she commanded. As I did, I
gasped, and I felt my cheeks burn at the sight in front of me. It was a
dildo, sticking straight up out of the saddle! I looked at the other
benches, and saw that they were all equipped like mine was. Only the
skittish girl had something different. Hers was shaped like a hemisphere,
but there could be no mistaking that it shared the same lewd purpose. The
flush of her cheeks was just as red as mine.

"Your test will be simple, yet very difficult," The Tiger Woman
consoled. "You have been asked to masturbate with a special vibrator all
week long. This vibrator recorded your pulse the entire time. Using the
date we gathered, we have programmed each of your benches to recognize when
you climax. Your test will be this, you must sit on these benches until
you either orgasm, or until you quit. If you quit, then you must leave our
Secret League. If you climax, here in front of your future sisters, then
we will know you have the courage and lack of shame to join us."

"I can't take my clothes off in front of everybody!" the raven tressed
girl protested.

"That is why we asked you not to wear pantyhose," the Tiger Woman
replied. "You will not be required to show your bodies here. We've
already seen how comfortable you are with your own bodies at the wet
T-shirt contest. Simply sit on your seats, and let your long dresses
protect your modesty."

I stood there stunned. I felt sick to my stomach with dread. It was so
unbelievable, yet, the wealth and the number of women who were here argued
against this being some mere prank. My mind was racing, trying to come up
with a reason to explain all of this. With a start I realized what I was
doing. I was trying to rationalize why I was too frightened to do what was
needed of me. I thought of Jamie and Morena, and asked myself if I thought
they were trying to hurt me. The rest was easy.

I bent over and lifted the hem of my skirt. A hysterical feeling passed
through me that all of the ladies were watching my legs as I lifted my
skirt. It had to be my imagination that all of their eyes were following
my lifting hem. The other girls on the table were watching me as well. I
was reminded of the wet T-shirt contest, for all the women had the same
expectant expression on their masked faces as the guys did that crazy

There was no graceful way to reach my panties without lifting my dress.
So I lifted my dress to my waist and blushed deeply as the women smiled at
my underwear. I was wearing the new pair of black panties that I had
bought with my money. It was the same pair I wore when Sydney caught me
masturbating and now I had to flash them to a crowd of strangers!

My hands darted under my dress and hooked my waistband. I bent over
quickly, wondering how my backside looked to the women crowded behind me.
My panties slid down easily until they got to my shaking knees. I had to
pause or else I would have tipped over due to being so nervous. I took a
deep breath, which wasn't easy when you're bent over, and then slipped my
panties down to my ankles. Perhaps it was intentional, but the shoes were
very easy to pull my panties around, and after a few seconds, I stood back
up, holding my panties in front of a room of strangers.

I had no idea what to do with my panties; it seemed unnatural just to
drop them on the table so I nervously bunched them in my hand. Now that I
was undressed enough for my Initiation, I just had to climb onto my bench.
It was terrifying. Not only did I have all the women in the audience
looking at me, but I also had all the women on the table staring at me too.
I should have been paralyzed with fear, but strangely, I was getting very
excited. I was eager to prove myself, and I was proud of myself for being
the first one to begin what was expected of me. I was still red with
embarrassment, but I was smiling as well.

Clutching my panties in my hand, I bent over again to grab my skirt. I
lifted my skirt just as high as it took to swing my leg over the bench. I
did my best to cover my sex while I swung my leg, but judging from the
smiles on the women in the front row, I could tell I must have flashed my
pussy at them. I knew it could have only been a second of exposure, but my
face flushed hotly anyway.

Once I straddled the bench, there was an awkward moment of actually
getting the dildo inside of me. I was standing over the sex toy with my
dress protecting my modesty but the dress also prevented me from seeing the
large instrument between my legs. I stood there confused, wondering how I
was going to guide this thing and not flash the crowd again. In the end, I
just slipped my hand under my dress again and grabbed the dildo blindly.
Keeping it pointed up; I slowly lowered myself down onto the stiff plastic.
It pushed easily into my pussy, and I gasped loudly as it filled me. I
usually masturbate with my fingers so I was unprepared for the pure bliss
of having my sex filled like nature intended.

I sat down on the dildo comfortably, my thighs gripping the surprisingly
warm saddle. The entire bench was comfortable, from being just the right
height for my feet to support themselves, to having discreet padding so my
buttocks were cushioned. With the pleasant sensation of the dildo filling
me, I could have happily spent a lot of time there. Well, ideally without
the dozens of women watching of course.

Once I stopped squirming on the bench, the dildo began vibrating. I
jumped in my seat, grabbing the front of the saddle for support. The
vibrations were exactly the same as what I received from my earlier toy. I
had fingered myself often enough to recognize those wonderful sensations by
now. Despite the large crowd watching me, I felt myself getting very wet
from the familiar vibrations now penetrating deeper than I had experienced

At this point, the other candidates on the table were stripping off
their panties and mounting their saddles. I could care less. I was
enjoying the way my whole pelvis was shaking from the vibrator. My panties
were clenched tightly in my hands as I bit my lips to keep from moaning. I
almost put my panties in my mouth just to have something to bite down on; I
was terrified to moan in front of all these ladies. There I was,
straddling a vibrator in front of strangers, yet I was still too shy to
express myself verbally.

The other candidates were having just as much trouble with their saddles
as I was. The black girl was sitting with her back rigid on hers like she
was refusing to accept what was happening. The girl with the long black
hair was curling her legs, almost touching the seat of her bench with her
ankles while her chin was pressed down to her chest out of sheer
embarrassment. The small girl to the right of me had her hands between her
thighs as if she was trying to cover what was going on underneath her

The four of us sat there, not moving a muscle. We were also the only
ones making any noises, albeit mostly nervous heavy breathing as the crowd
watched with an eerie silence. The tiny girl had her eyes shut, while the
brunette kept her head down. Only the black girl and I were looking around
and I wondered if I had the same wide eyed look on my face that she did.

I knew an orgasm wasn't going to happen just because I was impaled on a
vibrator, but that didn't mean I wasn't still too frightened to move. It
was the way all of the masked women kept staring at me that made me so
uneasy. I had never felt so scrutinized before, especially in such a
sexual manner. This was completely unlike the wet T-shirt contest. There,
the men wanted to see me nude and sexually so badly, you could smell their
desire in the air. Here, the women wanted something more. Oddly, I felt
they wanted sex too, but I also felt another strange desire from them.
Their staring masked faces had hope and sympathy expressed as well.

Normally, when I masturbate, I fantasize about something. That was
impossible to do here with undeniable presence of the silent crowd. For
me, the crowd was a fantasy in itself. I was getting aroused simply by the
knowledge that they were there. It was the same arousal I felt at the
T-shirt contest, an arousal that comes from knowing other people want
something from me. I was beginning to find it addictive

It was when I saw that arousing interest on Morena and Jamie's masked
face that I once again drew courage. Part of me wanted to perform for them
personally. I reached out with my hands and grabbed a firm hold on the
edge of the saddle. Once I was secure, I shifted my hips, grinding myself
on the vibrator. The dildo was flexible, curving and bending to my body's
movements. It was weird, I had never sat on a guy's cock, but it was like
my body knew what to do. With very subtle pelvic thrusts, I could bring
the vibrator in and out of my sex with the sweetest enjoyment.

The vibrations were emanating throughout my sex, hips and legs. I
cherished the expansive girth of the dildo, marveling at how complete it
made me feel. There was a terrible temptation to ignore the crowd and slip
my hand under my dress and stroke my delta. I wanted to touch my clitoris;
to soothe, coax and fondle my special button as my sex was fucked by the
special toy I was straddling. Only the constant presence of the silent
crowd stayed my hand from enjoying myself fully.

"Fuck them," I whispered to myself. I was so close to climax, I didn't
care anymore who was watching. I pulled my right hand down under my dress
while my left hand clenched my panties with an iron grip. When my fingers
found my swollen clit, I cried out briefly before I was able to stop
myself. It was the final stimulation I needed. After years of masturbating
with my fingers, I needed my own touch on my clitoris to truly climax. I
dipped briefly into my sex to draw the lubrication I needed and then I
circled my clit with my wet fingers.

Inarticulate moans escaped my lips but I didn't care. I was having an
orgasm and nothing else mattered. My eyes were wide open as my thighs
gripped tighter around the saddle. I watch the crowd of women watch me,
and they smiled when they their eyes turned to me. I smiled back at them,
my smile growing bigger as my orgasm rippled through my body like a
raindrop ripples on a bubbling pond. The vibrator pulsed its never-ending
pleasure that my pussy drank deeply on my behalf.

After the first orgasm, I felt another one coming and I surrendered to
it as well. Now that my body had relaxed enough to climax, I was relishing
the eyes of the crowd. I was one of them now, and I knew that with each
orgasm I was experiencing, I was reaffirming my membership. I felt alive,
from my stiff nipples to my curling toes. I felt alive with every shudder
and every loud insensible moan now pouring from my lips. My pussy felt
alive, like it was waking up from a long sleep. All I wanted to do was
keep it alive, forever and ever.

In the end, I only managed to keep my bliss going for another ten
minutes. After a few breath-rendering orgasms, the vibrator clicked off,
and the Tiger Woman walked over to me, and touched me on the shoulder. She
asked I remained seated until the others were finished, which I was happy
to do. I was spent at this point, but it was soothing to have that large
facsimile cock still nestled in me.

In the end, it took another thirty minutes for the rest of the women. I
looked at them with a curious sense of voyeurism. The dark haired girl
climaxed next, shuddering so completely I thought she would fall off, yet
she never made a noise. The black woman was next, riding the saddle so
hard that I could feel the table creak under me. Her eyes were shut and I
imagine she was trying to shut out the world as she brought herself to

That only left the smallest one of us. With a sob of frustration, the
tiny girl shook her head and looked pleadingly at the Tiger Woman. She
received no sympathy from her. I gasped in shock as the tiny girl lifted
herself from her saddle and stepped down. Her sponsors came to the front
of the crowd and quietly led her away.

I was horrified, not able to understand why anyone could willingly walk
away from this intimate club. If I couldn't climax, the ladies would have
had to drag my sleeping body from this saddle. It was just too hard for me
to imagine. What would it be like seeing this special group and not being
able to join them?

"Please step down ladies, in front of the table," the Tiger Woman
commanded, and we obeyed. Well I tried to obey but my knees were shaking
and very limp. Climbing off the saddle was hard when my legs felt as
strong as rubber. I wondered if this is what a good lovemaking felt like.
Eventually I managed to swing my legs over the saddle and even stand
without collapsing. I could feel the heat still in my sex as I climbed
down the steps.

"You are now officially accepted into the Secret league of U.T." the
Tiger Woman announced. "Don't bother to ask what the U and the T stand
for, that will come with further achievement in our League. Just know for
now that you are loved. Know that you are welcome here at the Headquarters
at anytime. Know that you can rely on your sisters for anything, at
anytime. You are forever one of us now."

The Tiger Woman took off her mask and revealed a stunning older woman
with bright blue eyes. Her long silver hair had been tied into a bun to be
concealed by her mask. Looking at her, I could only wish my body held on
to its shape as well as hers had.

"My name is Barbara Sutton, welcome to the League," she said, and then
she kissed me on my cheek, and gave me a tight hug.

Barbara released me from my hug, and stepped over to the black girl
beside me. Her place was immediately taken by another woman who unmasked.
She told me her name, kissed me, and gave me a hug. This continued on
through the entire crowd of unmasking women. I could barely remember their
names. I just remembered that they were all beautiful, confident and very
warm. I was glowing with pride that they had accepted me.

When Morena finally came up to me, I saw her smile bigger than anything
I had seen before. She unmasked, kissed me on the cheek, and hugged me. I
was tingling all over, and if she hadn't of held onto me, I would have
collapsed from nerves.

"We'll finish the party tonight," she whispered in my ear, and I felt
tingles from where her breath touched me. But tomorrow morning, we'll pick
you up and begin your training. How does that sound?"

"Like a fairy tale," I whispered back.

The end of part 2

Is it a good story? Should I write more? What do I do well? What do I
suck at? Let me know honestly at Brend...@aol.com. No sucky people

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