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Jun 14, 2011, 7:14:27 PM6/14/11

We are a couple that has been married for 12 years. We always have been interested in swinging but never had the guts. One day we were out with friends of ours. After a fun night we went back to their house which is a large house with a finished basement. We went down to the basement to hang out which is made into a family room. We got talking and it eventually turned into sex, like all conversations usually do when you have been drinking.
The wives suggested we play truth or dare. The first was for the wives to kiss each other. My wife was sitting next to my friend and his wife was next to me. His wife had the dare and went over to kiss my wife. They shared a kiss for about 30 seconds. This got us all pretty excited. After a few rounds of just kissing and touching it got hotter. It ended up where it was my friends turn and I dared him to eat out my wife. He gave me a look and so did my wife and they both hesitantly did it. She layed on the floor and pulled her pants down. He layed on the floor and pushed her legs up and started licking her slowly. She started to moan and I got an instant hard on. His wife was watching. They got so into it I think they forgot about us being there. His wife and I decided to join in. We went down and started to suck on my wifes tits. She was on one side I was on the other.
We both went up the same time and kissed my wife. Now my friend was fingering my wife and licking her clit. My wife reached her first O of the night. I then took his wife and layed her next to my wife and pulled down her pants and started to eat her out. I looked up and the two women were kissing.
My friend moved up and was dry hummping my wife, while I was eating and fingering his. My wife was enjoying every minute. My friend and I switched positions and went back to our spouses. He started to have sex with his and I shortly followed suit. We were both next to each other on the floor and were touching both wives while we were screwing our spouses. We all had orgasms and took a rest and had another drink. We were all sitting around in our underwear and all got really horny again. My wife and his wife started giving us blow jobs on opposite couches. My wife was bent down in my lap sitting doggy style on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw that my friend was behind my wife eating out her a**. My wife stopped and was moaning, I could tell she loved it. His wife came and sat next to me and was kissing me and jerking me off. My friend was licking and fingering my wife until she came. I then came all over my wifes face and his wifes hand. She leaned over and kissed my wife. We all g
ot dressed and talked for a few minutes and we left. When we got home we had great sex. We are planning to go out with our friends again next week.

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