{ASSM} Secret League of U.T. Part 3 {M/F, Mast, Voy, M/FFF}

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This is my third story in what I hope will be a series. Yes, it's been
awhile since the last part, but life is just complicated that way :) This
college keeps expecting me to do homework. It is copyrighted by me, Brenda
McKean, and I wish that no one makes any money from this story. This story
talks frankly about women, so you've been warned. Archiving is
premissible, just please let me know so I can be all proud :) This writer
stays up late at nights hoping for precious fan mail at Brend...@aol.com

The Secret League of U.T. Part 3

Or Masturbation and Observations, By Brenda McKean

I spent my Saturday in a happy daze. The night before, I had been made
into a member of the Secret League of U.T., and I was still thrilled with
the possibilities before me. I had wanted to spend the day with my new
sisters, but Morena, my co-sponsor, had been firm about my schoolwork.

"Brenda, what kind of friends would we be if we allowed you to neglect
your studies?" Morena had said in the car. "The League will open the rest
of the world to you in time, but not at the price of you losing one of your
strongest assets, your great grades and your study habits. Call us as soon
as you have your homework completed, and then we'll teach you more about
the league."

Normally, I might have been offended if someone had told me to do my
homework. Morena was different, however. The beautiful Asian woman was so
sophisticated, and yet so warm, that I felt important that she was taking
such an interest. My mother was never very academic, and she just assumed
I did homework because she thought I was a nerd anyway. Morena's desire
for me to do my homework was flattering. It was a protective statement
that really made me feel like people were watching out for me.

My Saturday went by pretty fast. I tackled all my homework with my
usual zest, but now I had something extra to look forward to. It took me
all day though, but knowing that I had done what Morena expected of me made
up for the disappointment of not going out that night. Better yet, my
roommate Sydney was gone all day, giving me the solitude I desired to do my
work and fantasize about what the League had in store for me. When my
homework was done, I went to bed early at nine o'clock, intending to get up
early and make the most of my time with Jamie and Morena.

I don't know what time it was when I woke up, but I knew it was late
because the dorm was actually quiet. There was no loud music or loud
talking heard through our paper-thin walls. The only noise I heard, and
what had woke me up in the first place, was coming from Sydney's bed. Her
bedsprings were creaking fast and furious. I turned my head slowly,
stifling a giggle because I thought she was masturbating. Instead, I was
shocked to see two people in her bed. She was fucking a man in our room!

I was outraged. I had been ignored by Sydney before, and I rather she
ignore me than insult me directly like she does sometimes, but this was a
new low. I felt so inconsequential that Sydney was comfortable fucking in
front of me. Like a pet or a fish tank. Anger swelled up in me and I
tried to think of some cruel taunt or nasty jibe, anything to stop the
shame I felt inside.

I stopped before I opened my mouth, because Sydney and her lover kicked
off the covers they were under. I was taken back by the sight of the two
bathed in the orange streetlight from outside. She was underneath him with
her legs wrapped around his waist; her feet caressing his thighs as he
pumped into her over and over again. I was lying in the opposite direction
to them, so I was treated to the sight of his firm ass clenching and
unclenching as he fucked her. It was beautiful.

I didn't know who he was, but the muscles on his back rippled in the
orange light with such beauty I instantly forgave him. Sydney was still on
my shit list, but I resolved to keep quiet for now. The steady, pumping
rhythm of the man's hips was just fascinating. There was nothing
resembling technique or style, it was just constant and mechanical. It
reminded me of the unfaltering pulsing of a vibrator. Unsurprisingly, I
was getting moist watching him go.

It was the moans coming from their bed that sent me over the edge. The
man was quiet, occasionally grunting, but Sydney was purring constantly.
As the bedsprings grew louder, Sydney started whispering, but she was
whispering to be heard over the bedsprings, which meant I heard every
tawdry word.

"Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me," Sydney repeated, over and over again.

My own sex was melting and I resolved to not let Sydney have all the
fun. I was pissed off. I was part of a secret society, yet my roommate was
still getting more sex than I was. I have performed in a wet T-shirt
contest and masturbated in front of an audience, yet blonde Sydney was
getting fucked in my own room. I didn't feel the least bit of guilt as my
hands slipped under my panties. I gasped as I touched my clit, already
swollen by the act we were witnessing. I rubbed my delicate clit tenderly
as my other hand stroked my sensitive pussy lips. My nipples hardened
against the material of my T-shirt and I wished I had four hands so I could
massage them properly as well.

My stroking hands matched the rhythm of the unknown guy's ass, going
down when he thrusted and pulling up as he pulled out. I wished I could
have seen his naked cock, but I could only imagine what it must look like
as it buried itself into Sydney. His thighs looked as strong as his back,
bulging and well defined. If only I could have sneaked over there and
touched those legs of his, I would have been completely satisfied with my
night. As it was, I could only lay there, quietly masturbating while I
wondered what male legs tasted like.

"Get up," he commanded, his voice deep and masculine. Sydney must have
known what he meant for she rose and turned around on the bed, kneeling on
all fours. He backed up, stroking his cock as she presented her ass to
him. I had to admit I was impressed by how well her ass looked, as round
and full as her perky tits. They didn't even look over at me as they
changed positions; either from rudeness or simple lust I don't know. I
simply watched his cock as his hand pumped over it. Although it was dark,
I could clearly see the outline of its phallic power.

With Sydney kneeling, the man entered her pussy from behind. Now I
watched as the man hammered my roommate with a renewed vigor. Again I was
treated to the sight of his wonderful ass, clenching with the fury of his
lust. A low moan escaped my lips but the couple didn't hear me over the
bedsprings. The man was grunting faster, and Sydney's moans took on a
desperate edge as her ass collided loudly with his pelvis. What was most
erotic about their sex was the actual sound of his cock inside her pussy.
It was a wet smacking sound that seemed to echo inside my head and
reverberate down to my own wet, wet, pussy.

I was losing my shame and masturbating wildly. I didn't care what it
looked like if one of them turned and saw the suspicious rising and falling
under my covers. I just wanted to be touched and I wanted the lights to
come on so I could see the man who was fucking just seven feet away from
me. Instead of outrage, I was now just swept by the lust in the room.

My pussy contracted around my fingers as an orgasm approached.

The man bent at the waist as his own desire crippled him.

Sydney titled her head back moaning, her long blonde hair flailing her

My toes curled as I climaxed and I shuddered all over my body.

The man's arm shot out and grabbed Sydney's hair, pulling her neck back
as he groaned so deafeningly loud.

Sydney cried out at the sudden pain of her hair being pulled, and I
giggled at her discomfort as my own pleasure swept over my body.

The two bodies froze, and I froze with them, fearing discovery.
Instead, the man shook, from head to hips, ejaculating into Sydney who
moaned dramatically. I hated Sydney for making those noises. She was
obviously faking her pleasure, yet the laugh of the man proved he enjoyed
her act. I hated her so much; even when she was acting like a cheap slut,
men still wanted to fuck her.

My hatred of Sydney distracted me from masturbating any more, which was
good because they disengaged and started to get dressed. I shut my eyes,
and quickly but silently moved my sticky hands from under my panties.
Their lack of conversation confused me, no soft words or compliments; just
a silent, mutual understanding to get dressed. My eyes were clamped shut
and I didn't dare to breathe; the glow of my orgasm was slowly being
replaced with a fear of discovery and a general creepy feeling from
observing their lack of modesty.

I heard them kiss at our door, and a quick whisper. Then the door
closed and I heard Sydney return back to her bed. It was so anticlimactic;
I just remained silent. I was also exhausted. Awoken from a deep sleep
and then masturbating while witnessing my first fucking, I was completely
drained. Before I knew it, I had fallen back asleep.

The next day, I explained all of this over breakfast to my two league
sponsors, Morena and Jamie. They had came over first thing in the morning
as soon as I had called them and whisked me away to a restaurant for some
food and early morning venting. I was dressed in simple jeans and a
sweatshirt, and surprisingly, so were my sponsors. I could never conceive
of Morena's exotic Asian beauty deigning to wear jeans, but the contrast
was actually quite attractive. Jamie's naturally long legs looked great in
jeans of course, for her, jeans were as sexy as lingerie in the way they
revealed every curve and shape of her legs.

I told them everything about my previous night, including the
masturbation. I was just that relaxed around them, and to be honest, it
felt good to tell a sexy story of my own to these two. Jamie especially
hung on my every word, laughing and raising her eyebrows seductively at the
best parts.

"You realized that what they did was very rude, don't you?" Morena asked
when I was done.

"Yes, but I just didn't want it to stop," I responded. "I was pissed
off, but I was also too curious to complain."

Morena shook her head, with sympathy, not pity. "The reason you let
them walk over you is your lack of knowledge of men and sex in general. If
you didn't have so many questions you want answered, you would have gotten
up, flipped on the lights, and kicked Sydney's stud out of your dorm."

I laughed. The image was very appealing. God, if only I was that

"But that's to be expected," Morena added. "Jamie, Brenda needs a
session in one of the blue rooms."

Jamie smiled. "I think I need a session in a Blue room," she laughed.

"What's a Blue room?" I asked, feeling a little terrified at facing
another facet of the Secret league.

"You'll love it," Morena said as she called for the check.

Morena didn't say another thing about it till we drove to the location
of the League headquarters. This time, I didn't have to wear a blindfold
and I saw in bright daylight where this mysterious organization was
located. It surprised me to discover it innocently snuggled in a very
high-class neighborhood. Kids rode by on ten speed bikes that cost more
than my tuition. I couldn't imagine the outrage that would result if
people knew of what went on here among consenting women. It impressed upon
me how much trust was given to me. I felt honored, and a little bit
scared, somehow afraid that I couldn't possibly live up to the trust of
these confident, sophisticated women.

Morena and Jamie lead me inside and up the stairs to a hallway as grand
as the rest of the house. I stopped to admire a painting of Venus rising
from the foam while Morena consulted a large book sitting on a pedestal
outside. I wasn't sure what was odder; the fact that the painting had
multiple Venuses rising from the sea, for the fact that the mansion had a
ledger with several large ornamental keys.

"Come on ladies," Morena said after making a selection. "Blue room 4
has just what we need today."

I followed Morena and Jamie into a very dark room that was filled with
large folding screens like I have seen in Japanese art. It was a makeshift
maze of light-blue screens but Morena threaded her way quickly to the prize
in the center. Under a spotlight, bound to a strange table, was a nude

"Oh my God!" I whispered, almost ducking back behind a screen. I
realized then that the screens were placed so you just couldn't open the
door and see the nude captive.

"There's no need to whisper," Jamie laughed. "He's wearing headphones
that are pumping classical music into his ears. If you come out from
behind the screen, you'll also see that he's wearing a blindfold so he
won't see you either."

I felt silly hiding behind a screen from a bound man, so I came out and
slowly approached the nude man. The table he was on was very wide and
sturdy, and I noticed it had a plush top that provided comfort to the bound
man. His blindfold was very small, just a normal pair of swimmer's goggles
that had been painted black. The goggles were so small; they did little to
conceal his handsome face or his identity. The earphones were just as
small, separate cords that plugged into his ears but didn't mess with his
shiny black hair at all. Even his restraints looked comfortable, Velcro
straps connected to small, yet strong silver chains. His restraints made
me comfortable, for he was bound spread eagle at the wrists and ankles.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"We don't know," Jamie said as she ran her fingers up the outside of his
thigh. A smile came on his lips, but he didn't move.

"He's a member of the male version of our League," Morena explained.
"As part of their training, and as a volunteer, he agrees to be bound so
that we can teach women the details of a man's body. Because he is bound,
the woman can explore and do as she wishes without the obligation to have
sex. He's bound so that we can maintain our anonymity while we discover
the mysteries of a man's body. In exchange, we won't cause him any harm or
try to discover who he is."

I was standing by the man's feet at this point. "All right, teach me,"
I said.

Jamie laughed. "Teach yourself, first. Go ahead and touch him wherever
you like."

I touched his leg at his ankle. As I touched his ankle, my eyes were
drawn to his flaccid, circumcised cock. It just lay there, thick yet soft.
When I touched his ankle, his cock jumped slightly and I almost pulled my
hand back. Luckily, I kept my courage and continued to hold on to his
ankle. I was amazed at how masculine he felt even there. His skin was a
little rough yet the muscles were just hard. After gripping his ankle a
little and watching his cock grow by a few more inches, I became more
relaxed and I gained the confidence to move my fingers up his leg where I
stopped at his thigh.

"See? The male body's not so mysterious now that you are able to touch
one at will," Morena said. She moved to stand behind me and her hand
covered my hand as she guided me to the inside of his thigh. Her fingers
pressed my fingers to squeeze down on his hard muscle, so close to his
rising erection. I had heard about so much about the penis and how it gets
hard, but it was a whole other experience to actually see one in action.

"This is my favorite part of the body," Morena confided softly. "A
good, strong pair of thighs is all the aphrodisiac I need."

My heart was racing as Morena and I gripped this young man's thigh.
"It's a good thing he's blindfolded considering I didn't dress for the
occasion," I joked. I cringed as I said it, as it was obvious that I was
joking to hide how nervous I was. Morena and Jamie didn't comment at all.

Jamie grabbed my other hand and placed it on the man's chest. His
sparse hair was surprisingly soft while his chest was rock hard. She
guided my fingers over his chest while Morena continued to use my other
hand to squeeze his thigh.

"The chest is my favorite part," Jamie confided. "I hate to be one of
those superficial women who like a man with muscles, but I just can't deny
the beauty of a well developed chest.

My senses were reeling from all the contact. I was grabbing a man's
thigh and his chest while my two best friends were with me, guiding my
hands. I was glad for the dark blue colors of the room, because if it had
been any brighter I might have fainted from sheer sensory overload.

After a few minutes of this touching bliss, Morena upped the stakes.
"Brenda, isn't it time you kissed a man?"

My heart jumped. I looked at the guy's face, which had broken into a
huge grin. At first I thought it was because he could hear what was going
on, but then I realized he was smiling because he had to know there was at
least three women in here with him. He looked nice enough, not bad
looking, but not striking or cute.

"You're trying to decide if he's the kind of guy you want to kiss,
aren't you?" Jamie asked. She brought my hand up his chest and to his
face. She held my finger as she traced his lips, showing me how soft they
were. "Well forget about sizing him up. He's here for your education, not
to go out on a date with you."

"Yes, but it feels weird kissing a stranger," I protested.

Morena squeezed my hand protectively. "He's not a stranger at all.
He's in a League just like ours, so that he can explore his own potential
as a sexual being. If anything, he's your spiritual brother wanting to be
liked and loved by the opposite sex. Trust me, he's learning just as much
as you are by this experience."

That settled it for me. I felt a small piece of kinship for this guy
and that made him a bit more human rather than some live sex toy. It was
weird to be attempting my first kiss with this stranger with two women
watching, but their presence was comforting. I knew nothing bad could
happen with my two guardian sponsors watching.

I bent down to his lips and pressed my own lips against his. I pressed
too hard and too fast, mostly from terror, and our lips were crushed
together by my nervous attack. The man didn't complain at all. He
puckered his lips slightly; kissing my closed lips with tiny presses of his
lips. I backed my head a little and enjoyed the freedom of motion the
extra space gave us. Now that our teeth weren't pressing against our lips,
I was able to enjoy the gentle touch of his mouth.

We kissed like that for a few minutes, and I learned a lot quickly. For
one thing, I learned that having a man pull slightly on my bottom lip with
his lips was very erotic. I also discovered that small nibbles were a lot
more exciting than just pressing lips together. My breasts were settling
against his shoulder as we kissed, my nipples as hard as the muscles on his
shoulders and yet I wasn't self-conscious at all because I was lost in the
bliss of kissing.

After a minute or an hour of this delight, I opened my lips and my
tongue came shyly out. I tasted his lips with my tongue, relishing the
almost non-flavor of his mouth. His tongue came out to greet mine, and I
sucked in air with a gasp as our two tongues met. My hands came up and
grabbed this handsome man's hair as I sought some sort of an anchor for the
heady feelings I was experiencing. All my of enthusiasm came pouring out
as I kissed him, my lips pressed hard against him and my tongue darted,
wrestled and snaked in his mouth.

Again, the unknown man led by example. His tongue found mine, and
instead of wrestling me back, he just slowly touched my mouth. I eased my
efforts with my tongue and relaxed. As our tongues slipped and groped each
other, I realized that this was much better than my earlier tongue-mauling
attempts. It was clear to me that I was trying to hide my inexperience
with enthusiasm and ruining any fun in the process. Once again grateful to
my unknown teacher, I tried to show him my gratitude by kissing him half as
well as he was kissing me.

When I finally released my hold on his air and broke our kiss, I gasped
for air. My lips were tingling, bruised from the constant, wonderful
kissing. My nipples were so hard they were almost sore, and as for my sex;
it was even more enflamed than it had been the night before. There was
heat on my cheeks, but not from embarrassment.

"Out of breath?" Morena asked and I nodded. "Good, the only good kiss
is the one that leaves you breathless. "Want to go back for more?"

I shook my head. "No, I want to learn something new," I breathed.

"There's always more to kiss," Jamie said running her hand down the
man's body. "Just be careful. The thing no romance novel mentions is that
people have ticklish spots. As enjoyable as it may be to make someone
wriggle and not be able to help it, for a lot of people tickling is almost
painful. When you touch a man, make sure you pay attention to where he
tenses, and be sure to stop when he tells you so. It only takes a minute
of uncontrollable tickling to turn a sexual moment into a panic attack."

I frowned, wondering if I would make such a mistake, when Morena laughed
and held my hand. "Jamie has a point, but don't let her freak you out.
She just really hates to be tickled."

Jamie smiled and bent down opposite me, across the man's body. She
massaged the man's chest with her right hand as she talked.

"Go ahead and take a nipple," Jamie suggested. "Trust me, when you're
with a guy, he'll be making so many attempts at your nipples that you won't
have a chance at his. It'll also give you an idea of what the fuss is

I giggled a little, and bent over again. His nipple was dark pink, and
had a few hairs ringing it. My eyes were wide open; looking at the man's
face for any signs as I licked his nipple with a quick flicker. A smile
broke on his lips and I flicked my tongue over his nipple again. I
expected his nipple to have a flavor, but actually it just tasted like
skin. His nipple was erect, but still soft under my tongue. I lazily
lapped my tongue over his nipple, trying to decide if there was any appeal.

Morena leaned down close to me and whispered, "what I like about nipples
isn't the nipple, but what the other person is feeling." Try to see what he

I took her advice, and made my tongue go faster over his nipple, lashing
it rapidly. His smile grew, but I wasn't satisfied. I dropped my lips
over his nipple and sucked gently. His arms clenched on his bounds and he
gasped. I was afraid I was tickling him, but the moan he breathed out made
me smile. While I sucked his nipple, I continued to flick with my tongue.

"I think you found something there," Morena said and I was very aware of
her hand on my back. It was soothing yet gave me tingles at the same time.

I released his nipple from my mouth and looked at Morena. "I want to
get to the good stuff," I said. "Well, this is good, but I'm curious about
other parts."

Jamie laughed so hard she had to stop licking his nipple. It was a
friendly laugh that Morena joined. "I know what you mean," Jamie said.
"It's easy for us to say that you should start with the lips or the chest
when poor you are wondering about the most mysterious part of the guy."

"His bulging cock," Morena laughed as she moved over to his crotch. His
'bulging cock' was bulging, it had swelled to a good seven inches and kept
twitching as I watched it. A tuff of blond hair obscured his balls.
Morena ran her finger along his cock and it immediately twitched.

"Touch it yourself," Jamie said, noting the way my jaw had dropped.

I reached my hand out and I'm embarrassed to say it shook a little.
Jamie and Morena said nothing; they just let me take my time as I slowly
placed my fingers on the hard cock. It was surprisingly warm, and the
wrinkles I traced with my finger were oddly very masculine. The cock
pulsed at my touch and I relaxed a bit, realizing how many men would love
to be in this guy's position.

"Be careful with the balls," Morena said, her beautiful Asian features
smiling as she cupped one of his balls. "They are more sensitive than you
can imagine, and quite fragile. I've seen guys cry out at the mere threat
of their balls being hurt." She massaged his ball very slowly, letting her
thumb roll over it. "Be as gentle as he needs, and it can sometimes be
better than sex for him."

Morena shifted her grip to his cock and pointed it up towards the
ceiling. I just simply stared at it. The old joke was wrong, it was
thicker than a roll of quarters. The top was shaped like a mushroom. The
tip curved down and out, forming a ring or ridge that reminded me of the
points of an arrow. I saw a tiny slit at the very top and I had a hard
time imagining that small hole being the source of the big gushes of semen
I'm always reading about.

"Here, hold him like I am," Morena said and I did, wrapping my fingers
around the base of his cock. It pulsed in my hand.

"There's a couple of things you might not realize," Morena said, as she
motioned for me to stand closer to her. Now I was parallel with his cock,
standing by his waist and my grip was very comfortable. "Unlike women,
guys just can't grab their cocks and start masturbating. They lack
lubrication, which means they quickly develop rug burn if you're not
careful. So try stroking him slowly, and watch the friction."

I did as she commanded, amazed that I was stroking a guy at one woman's
instructions and while the another woman watched. I was very careful with
the friction and noticed that his skin was kind of loose on his cock. As
hard as he was, his skin was just loose enough to allow some pleasant
stroking. Up and down I stroked, and I felt pride from the smile Morena
gave me.

I nearly jumped when a small drop of clear fluid emerged from his cock.
Had he ejaculated already?

"That's just his pre-cum," Morena said, reading my mind. "Men release a
little bit of their own lubricant, although not really enough to help

I kept stroking him, a little relieved he wasn't done yet. I wanted to
enjoy this for as long as possible!

"Very nice," she said in a sultry whisper. "See how tense he is? See
how his thighs keep tightening? He likes it very much. Some guys need a
hard grip, while others need one very soft. A lot of magazines talk about
letting your man know what pleases you, but it's just as important to know
what pleases him."

Morena placed her hand over mine and softly loosened my grip. She
shifted my hand so that my palm was flat against his hard member. The man
moaned loudly and I felt a surge of wicked pride that I was causing him
such bliss. Jamie was leaning down by the guy's ear and was kissing him
lightly there. I didn't feel any jealousy or sense of property; it was
like he was a toy that we were all sharing.

"The tip is another unique spot," Morena instructed in her quiet sultry
voice. "The ring is almost as sensitive as your clitoris, so be careful.
You might want to pinch it or bite it, but be very, very gentle." Morena
guided my thumb to touch the sensitive ring and with her aid, I slowly
stroke the flesh, smearing the little bit of pre-cum. The tip was hotter
than the cock and my panties were becoming soaked as I imagined this heat
inside me.

The man was moaning louder now and his hips kept shifting. I was
fascinated by the way he lifted his pelvis, desperately trying to fuck my
hand. He kept spreading his knees, almost the same way I spread mine when
I masturbated.

"If you want to keep him from ejaculating, just grip the base very
tightly between your finger and thumb," Morena instructed. "This is useful
when you want to avoid a mess, but it can be highly frustrating for him, so
don't do it casually."

"I want to see him ejaculate," I said, amazed at myself for being able
to voice such desire.

"Then you'll need some lubrication," Morena advised. "Is your mouth

I was taken back by the question. I wasn't prepared to try my first
blowjob just yet! "Very dry," I said as I swallowed and I was telling the

"I thought so," Morena said kindly, and I hated myself for thinking she
was trying to push me. She took my hand from his cock, flattened my
fingers out and did something that just shocked me. She stuck her wide
tongue out, and licked my hand from palm to fingertip! Even more amazing,
was how turned on I was to feel her tongue on my skin!

I looked at Jamie, and she didn't look in the least bit surprised to see
Morena licking my hand. The thought occurred to me that this was another
test. Morena was lubricating my hand with her mouth, like a League sister
should perhaps. Maybe the League is so tight with each other that such a
thing shouldn't be a surprise.

Don't get the impression that Morena was licking huge wipes of her
tongue onto my hand. These were tiny, very wet touches of her tongue that
were sending shivers down my body. When her tongue would stroke across my
palm, I had to bite my lip to keep from sighing. My hand was being soaked
yet all I could think about was how nice it was to feel her exhale on my
hand. I was definitely confused by what I was feeling!

"There you go," Morena said when she was done, like it was perfectly
normal to lick another woman's hand. "Let's see how he likes that."

"Oh!" he said aloud, as my wet hand wrapped around him. His cock was
becoming slippery as I gave him a few strokes. I had to admit the slippery
feel of his cock was an added improvement. It was easy to imagine this
firm rod of flesh entering me, and I'm sure it was even easier for him to

Morena lay her head down on the guy's stomach, watching me as I pumped
the man's cock. My thoughts drifted as I wondered how her silky black hair
must feel on the guy's stomach. She smiled at me, making me wonder if she
was reading my mind.

The man's hips were now fucking the air with a steady rhythm, drawing my
attention away from the inscrutable Asian and back to the cock in my hand.
God, his cock was so hot in my hand. It was almost as hot in my
sweatpants, and I wished I could just stick my hand down in my panties and
join him. My thighs kept shifting as my desire grew.

"He's very close," Morena warned in a dreamy voice.

I nodded as I continued to stroke. I ran my hand down to his base and
then up to his the ring of his cock. Mindful of what Morena had taught me,
I would open my fingers when I reached the top so that my fingers, rather
than forcefully, glided onto his tip rather. It was a very fluid motion
and easy to keep up. I was also enjoying myself watching his body writhe
in his bonds as his desire flooded his body. He was biting his lip, just
like I do when my sex is about to burst its dam of restraint.

My pace quickened as Morena watched on. Our eyes met and we smiled as I
pumped the golden cock. It was hard to believe I used to be intimidated by
this beautiful thing I had in my hand. Like me, it just wanted to be held,
to be loved and to taken care of. This cock I gripped and slid wasn't some
brute. It was helpless, longing only to be touched by my firm, yet giving

Jamie stood up and watched me work, and I saw her hips were shifting
like mine.

Morena watched with her hands under her head as she relaxed on the man's
firm stomach.

The man froze abruptly, his arms and legs bracing for something immense,
something that was to shatter his body and senses.

His cock twitched and then ejaculated, erupting in a burst of white
fluid. I hesitated as the hot semen landed on my hand, but I continued to
stroke him. Morena reached out and slowed my pace by grabbing my wrist.
The man simply moaned as he twitched again, spilling a second load that
coated his cock and slid into my fingers. The molten heat of his semen
fascinated me, making me wonder what it would be like to have it filling me
from the inside.

The man was now shaking as he released a third, lesser spurt onto my
hand. I continued as I was, using long, slippery strokes to draw every
last drop out. His semen was mixing with Morena's saliva and my fingers,
creating an odd threesome if you think about it. I just watched as the
tiny slit on his cock kept opening and closing and I felt every shudder of
his cock as he forced out his pleasure.

Eventually the man shuddered almost violently and that's when Morena
pulled my sticky hand away from his cock. "He's too sensitive right now,"
Morena explained. She rose up and stood beside me, looking at my messy
hand. Jamie came over to us with a warm washcloth. They explained to me
later that a small bucket of washcloths was cleverly placed behind a

"That was the first orgasm you've given to another person. How do you
feel?" Morena asked.

I thought about it. "Powerful," I answered. "It also felt good to help

Morena nodded. "That's what sex should be, helping people."

Jamie brought the towel to me and paused. "Would you like to see what
it tastes like?" Jamie asked.

"Sure," I said. Even though I had just masturbated a man, I wanted to
proof that I was ready for anything. I used my other hand to wipe a white
pearl from my hand and brought it to my lips. It wasn't like anything I
expected. There was a sharp tang, but there was also something salty that
lingered on my tongue. It was very sticky, almost like a gel.

"I could get used to this," I said. My two best friends in the world

"I think a hand job and kissing is enough for today," Jamie said as she
cleaned my hand. She was so gentle as she cleaned my fingers, it was a
like a massage.

"I agree," Morena said. "We've got some shopping to do, and I wanted to
start Brenda on her dancing lessons."

"No more kissing today?" I asked, perhaps a bit desperately.

Morena smiled. "Oh no, I didn't mean that. I just meant nothing new to
learn. You're free to kiss him again for as long as you like."

I smiled and relaxed. Before we were done that day, I had learned a
dozen other ways to kiss, nibble and enjoy a man's lips. I believe the
unknown man might have learned a thing or two as well.

To be continued,

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