Power Rangers - Agony in Pink, Part 1 (nc, rape, torture)

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Nov 16, 1994, 6:47:12 AM11/16/94

Agony in Pink

Preface and Warnings

The following story is based on "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers." There
have been other stories, but this is a much stronger story than those other
ones, which are a little too "nice" for my tastes. This particular story
involves Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, being captured and tortured by the
Rangers's arch-nemesis, Lord Zedd. For those of you who aren't familiar
with the series, you may be unfamiliar with the characters, and I will try
to give a very brief overview. The Power Rangers are five teenagers named
Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, and Billy. They have been given "Morphin'
Power" by Zordon, for the sole purpose of defending Earth against attack.
The attacks were originally carried out by Rita Repulsor, but after her
failure she was banished and now Lord Zedd, who is far more powerful, has
taken over the attacks. Each of the Rangers has a color -- Jason is the Red
Ranger, Kimberly is the Pink Ranger, Zack is the Black Ranger, Trini the
Yellow Ranger, and Billy the Blue Ranger. In addition, there was a "guest
Ranger" named Tommy who was the Green Ranger, but is now the White Ranger.
The attacks on Earth are always carried out by a monster that Zedd creates
especially for this occasion, based on some earthly object -- a flower, a
trumpet, a fish, etc, etc. As you shall see, Zedd creates a particularly
horrible one to torture Kimberly.

The story which you are about to read is a fantasy, and will not be to
everybody's tastes. It is pretty strong and contains graphic violence, sex,
and torture, and despite the fact that the bad guys are clearly not
realistic (rubber monsters) it may still be upsetting. I'm sure I don't
have to say that, despite that fact that it is a Power Rangers story, it is
*NOT* for kids. If this type of story is not to your tastes, please do not
read or download. Fell free to post comments about the story. Thanks, and
I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 -- Lord Zedd Discovers Pain

Lord Zedd had been spending most of his time these days trying to figure out
a way to rid himself of the Power Rangers once and for all. Time and time
again, they thwarted his attempts to take over the Earth for himself. Each
defeat left him more and more frustrated, and these defeats increased his
anger at the Power Rangers and, consequently, his desire for revenge. He
had tried everything -- each monster was bigger and stronger, and yet it
didn't matter. Each time he thought he had created the ultimate monster,
the six accursed teenagers would "morph" into action and somehow, some way,
defeat him. And it was at this point, just when Lord Zedd was at his
lowest, feeling that perhaps the Rangers were too strong for him and that he
should leave Earth alone, when he made a most horrific discovery. While
monitoring Earth's broadcasts one day, he discovered torture.

To the participants in the NPR discussion panel, they probably thought they
were doing a good deed. The participants were regional representatives of
Amnesty International, and were discussing the use and abuse of torture
throughout the world today. The concept was foreign to Zedd -- after all,
beings such as him do not feel pain. So he tapped into some of Earth's
literature, and learned all about what torture was. And it excited him.
This, he thought, was the ultimate device to use on the Rangers! Subject
them to torture, and that would destroy them once and for all! He sent
Goldar and some Putties down to Earth to gather all the literature they
could find that would help him inflict pain on a human being. They returned
shortly with a series of books -- several anatomy books and medical texts,
documentation from Amnesty, and shocking manuals from the CIA, KGB, and
other agencies detailing how to torture victims.

Lord Zedd exulted when he saw the pile of books. He knew just what was
needed -- a new monster, more hideous and horrific than any he had ever
created. This new monster would be made from the books, and as such would
have complete knowledge of torture. Zedd laughed a great, hearty laugh and
pointed his staff at the pile of books and chanted, "Behold! I give you

A bolt of lightning came from the staff and flew into the books. The books
melted together and began to grow -- and soon, there stood the horrible
Tortura. Tortura was six feet tall. He had several colors on his skin,
from the different covers of the books, so there were splotches of red,
blue, green, and yellow on him. His body was rubbery, the way all of Zedd's
monsters were, but he seemed much more human-like than Zedd's other
monsters. Most striking of the human-like characteristics were Tortura's
hands -- instead of the huge tentacle-like hands most of Zedd's monsters
inevitably had, Tortura's hands were delicate and firm. In other words,
very well suited for the unspeakable work he was made for.

Once Tortura stood there, Zedd looked at his handiwork and was quite
pleased. Now all that was left was to choose a Ranger for torture, although
that decision had, in fact, been made as soon as Zedd had first discovered
torture. It would be Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. She stirred emotions and
feelings in Zedd that he didn't quite understand. But what he did
understand was that she was delicate and oh so sensitive. Zedd was truly
looking forward to subjecting petite and pretty Kimberly to Tortura's
hideous skills. It would be a truly marvelous revenge on those Power
Rangers that he hates so much.

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