Story: African Princess (M/tg,F/tg,dom,strap on,transition,young)

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African Princess

Transgender fiction by

The following is a work of adult erotic fiction, intended for
consumption by adults. If you are too young to be reading such things,
or live in an area where sexual fiction between men and transgendered
men is illegal or immoral, please stop now. Otherwise, enjoy this
little work of mine.

My name is Keisha. I was born in a small province of a small country
in Africa. My family, educated, and loosely affiliated with the Royal
family, had four children. I was the youngest, and only, daughter.
While still a baby, I became betrothed to the Prince, who was then
five years of age. I would become his second wife. His first wife was
chosen from a neighboring country, and was betrothed to him to bind
the two countries together politically. She is neither expected to
produce an heir, nor even live with the Prince. As his second wife, I
am bound to do whatever is necessary to please the Prince, as well as
be the head of the household. I am not expected to bear children, but
am expected to sleep with, and engage in sexual relations with, the
Prince. The third wife is typically chosen for her childbearing role,
and is usually a "more substantial" woman than myself. She will share
his bed only during her fertile periods, and will live in solitude, as
tradition requires, while carrying the Prince's child.

When I was five, and the Prince ten, my family moved our home closer
to the King's home. The Prince and I played together often. When I was
ten, and the Prince fifteen, we began training together. This
training, traditional in the kingdom, prepares the Prince and his
second wife-to-be for life together. We had numerous tutors, who spoke
at length about the special bond between us, and how I needed to be
ready to serve him in all things, at all times. When I was twelve, and
the Prince 17, sexual relations became part of the curriculum. I was
shown film after film for weeks on end about proper technique for
pleasuring the royal penis with my mouth. I was tutored in private
using a rubber casting of the royal penis to perfect the technique.
When I turned thirteen, I was introduced to the royal penis for the
first time.

The Prince's penis was quite large, about 11" long and very thick. In
real life, it was more intimidating than the rubber version I had been
practicing with. The large head was a brilliant purple. The shaft was
chocolate brown. My small hands barely fit around it. The shaft was
warm, unlike the rubber version. It was very hard, harder than steel,
it seemed. Using my learned technique, I first began to plant soft
kisses over the big purple head. The Prince moaned a little as I did
this. The head was softer than the rubber. I began to stroke it with
my hands, licking the royal penis from root to tip. The Prince put his
hands on my head. I licked the end, collecting the pre-cum that was
oozing out. The grip on my head became harder. I opened my mouth and
took the end of the royal penis inside, running my tongue over it. I
looked up, to see the Prince with his head thrown back. His hands
pulled my head towards him, forcing the head fully into my mouth. I
was unused to this, and it disrupted my technique. I attempted to get
back to my technique by running my tongue over the crown of his penis,
now lodged fully in my mouth. I heard the Prince scream, and then
received the royal gift of semen in my mouth. I was unprepared, but
knew what I was to do. I began to swallow and move my head back and
forth, as he tried to force more of his royal penis into my mouth. I
did my best, and continued pleasuring him until he withdrew his penis
from my mouth with a "pop". I looked up and licked my lips, which is
the traditional ending of oral sex. He looked down at me and smiled.

Each day I visited the Prince. Each day I peformed my technique on
him. It began to take longer and longer for him to reward me with his
come. Soon, I was showing him the "deep throat" technique I learned.
He would happily force his huge log down my throat, sometimes to the
point where I would pass out. But, in the end, I pleasured my Prince
each and every day, using the oral technique.

When I was fourteen, I was taken to a special surgeon and given breast
implants. I was so small and thin, it was a worry of my parents that I
would not grow adequite breasts on my own. So, after my surgery, my
measurements were 30B-18-26. The B sized breasts made my shirts very
tight, and were huge on my tiny frame. My mother purchased special
shirts for me to wear when training with the Prince. These shirts were
low cut and very sheer. I was told to not wear a bra. Of course, no
one else saw these shirts, as I wore the traditional long dresses of
all women in my country in public.

The Prince liked my new breasts. He was always looking at them. One
day, he seemed harder when I began to peform the oral technique on
him. He insisted that, instead of me swallowing his semen, I should
allow him to spray it on my naked breasts. I didn't see anything
wrong, so I removed my shirt before we began the oral technique. He
didn't last very long, and his semen was copious as it sprayed onto my
breasts. When he was done, I sucked on his royal penis until it was
all clean and no more semen was coming out. I then scooped up the
semen, what I could anyway, and licked that off my fingers. This
became a daily ritual.

One day, the Prince asked me to wear only my panties during the oral
technique. I didn't see this as a problem, so began doing this for
him, completely removing my dress.

On my fifteenth birthday, the Prince told me it was a special day for
me. He took me to his bedroom and took my virginity. It was very
painful, since I am so small and his royal penis was so large. He used
lubricant, but it still was very painful. He kept me in his bedroom
for several hours, long enough to do it three times, and then sent me
home. When I got home, my panties were wet. I took them off, and put
them in a plastic bag, placing the plastic bag in my hope chest. That
night, I was very sore. The next morning, I went to see the Prince. I
told him of my discomfort, and asked not to do that again until I felt
better. He was understanding, and allowed me to perform the oral
technique on him. He came in my mouth. I went home. The taste of the
Prince was still in my mouth when my mother confronted me at the door.
She was holding the bloody panties.

"You had sex with the Prince, didn't you!?" she screamed.

"Yes, three times." I said, quietly.

"You whore! You'll bring disgrace to the family! You were supposed to
wait until after the wedding!" she yelled

"I didn't know. He told me it was a special gift for my birthday..." I
replied, softly.

"Now he's not going to want you!" she yelled, slapping me across the
face so hard that I fell to the ground.

"No, momma. He still wants me. I performed the oral technique on him
this morning. He said we can wait until I'm better to do the other
thing again." I said, sobbing.

Mother helped me up off the floor, and to my room. She locked me in.
My servant stood guard, preventing me from leaving through the window.
Some number of hours later, my father came in, and explained that he
spoke to the King about the Prince's behaviour. The King has forbade
me from seeing the Prince until my sixteenth birthday, on which date
he would marry us. Furthermore, I was to be sent to live in the
family's vacation home in Switzerland, until it was time for the
wedding. I was heartbroken, and cried for days.

While in Switzerland, I was taken to a clinic and examined over and
over. I understood that I was to have an operation, to change my
"outie" to an "innie" in preparation for my wedding. I kept telling
anyone who would listen that the Prince liked my "outie", but no one
wanted to listen. The day before the surgery was scheduled, the Prince
arrived in Switzerland, having finally been given one of my letters.
He came to see me. I told him about the surgery, and he made a call to
the King, who made a call to my parents, who made a call to the
doctor, who cancelled the surgery. I was not allowed to be alone with
the Prince, so was unable to peform the oral technique, or have sex
with him. He left Switzerland and returned to our country after a
short, but pleasant, visit.

About three weeks before my sixteenth birthday and wedding, Islamic
rebels overthrew the King. My Prince was killed. My parents fled to
Switzerland, ahead of an angry mob that burned our home to the ground.
My three brothers, all in the military, were killed in street fighting
or executed by the rebels. What should have been the happiest time of
my life, became the worst.

After a time, my parents decided to move us to California. The King
had moved there, after a brief stay in France. The climate was similar
to our country, unlike cold Switzerland. I had no friends in
Switzerland, and was literally held prisoner in the house because of a
concern that the rebels would come there to kill us.

When I arrived in California, I was amazed at how little people wore
in public. My parents relented, somewhat, and I was permitted to dress
with a blouse and skirt, instead of the traditional full length dress
and burkha.

I was sent to a private (and very expensive) girls school, St
Tristan's Academy. There were other girls from my country there, but
most of the students were rich Americans. Because of my unfamilarity
with the english language, I was placed with sixteen year olds in
class. I was the shortest and smallest girl in class, even though I
was at least a year older than all of them. I had no problem with any
of my classes, except sport, which they called "gym". Gym was a
challenge for me, since I did not grow up playing any of these games.
I also was very embarassed to have other girls look at my body, so I
did not take showers with them. Several went out of their way to bump
into me to see if my breasts were real or just padding. It was

After I was at St. Tristan's for a while, I began to make friends. My
best friend, Martina (Marty), was a tall thin girl with brown hair.
She was Italian, originally from Umbria. She, like me, was at a lower
grade because of english language skills. She was also 17. I visited
her house often to study, preferring its quiet over my mother always
barging in to offer us drinks or cookies. Marty and I frequently made
an excuse of studying and went to the mall to go "boy watching"
instead. She was an incessant flirt. She'd find a boy she thought was
cute, and back him into a corner. If he didn't squirm out, she'd kiss
him and then grab his crotch. She'd squeeze him through his pants
until he was good and hard, and then she'd break the kiss and walk
away. The guys always followed. She'd then publically humiliate him by
saying something about his tiny penis and laughing so the whole mall
could hear her. It was pretty sad, actually. One day, I asked her why
she did that. She said that the first time she had sex with a guy, he
wouldn't call her back. Since then, she said, she's been getting her
revenge on every guy at the mall.

I told her that the first time I had sex, it was wonderous. I told her
about the Prince's large penis, how I bled, how my mother freaked out,
and how much I enjoyed and missed, oral technique. She laughed, and
told me she had something to show me. She went to a drawer in her
night stand and pulled out a rubber penis. It was brown, shorter than
the Prince, but about the same thickness. She handed it to me.
Memories came flooding back as I held it in my hands. I zoned out.

Marty was talking to me. I was imagining I was holding the Prince
again. Subconsciously, I had begun squeezing the rubber toy like I had
squeezed the Prince.

"Hey, you ok?" Marty said.

I snapped out of it. I was holding the rubber toy in front of my face,
licking the end of it. I lowered it, completely embarassed. My face
was hot, and undoubtably bright red. "Sorry..." I said.

"You really like it, huh?" she asked.

"Yes, it brings back a lot of good memories." I said

"Ah...I don't know how to ask this, so promise me you won't freak
out...." she began


"I have a set of straps for it. I could put it on, if you want to suck
on it, or if you'd like to be fucked with it?" she said, hesitatingly.

"I'd be too embarassed." I said

"It's just the two of us. No one else would need to know. If you want,
you can close your eyes and pretend it's the Prince..." she said

"Ok." I said. I pulled off my blouse, unhooking my bra. My breasts
swung free.

"WOW!" Marty exclaimed. "Those are BEAUTIFUL!"

"Thanks. They're implants, of course. My parent's said I was too thin,
so they gave them to me when I was fourteen."

"I wish my parent's were that understanding. All I have is a pair of
bumps." she said, pulling off her blouse to reveal a small bra.
Removing the bra, it was apparent she was almost completely flat
chested. "See what I mean?"

"Yes, but you don't ones this big. They hurt my back if I walk around
without a bra." I said, laughing at the end.

Marty was pulling off her pants as I spoke. She had long thin legs,
and a flat rear end where mine was more rounded. Her light brown skin
looked very smooth. I reached out and touched her leg. She turned and
smiled at me. She sat down next to me, and looked into my eyes. "Do
you want to me to wear it over panties, or can I take them off?" she
said, breathlessly. She was breathing kind of heavily, her flat chest
lifting and falling quickly.

"Ah, you can take them off if you want." I said. It was obvious she
didn't want to wear them, and I was fixated only on the big rubber
cock I was holding tightly in my hands.

She faced away from me, and pulled down her panties. She took the
dildo from me, pulling a leather harness from the drawer. She snapped
the dildo onto the harness. Then, in one quick motion, she put the
harness on the ground, stepped into it, and pulled it tight around her
waist. I saw the harness strap split her thin butt cheeks like a
thong, and then she turned around. The dildo stood straight out from
her crotch. My mouth began to water. The black leather was dark enough
to be my Prince. The dildo, while lighter in color, had that same heft
when it stood bobbing inches from my face.

I dove to the ground, grabbing at the dildo with both hands. My knees
hit the carpet, and skidded. I felt pain in them, but successfully
closed my hand around the dildo. I began to lick it, stroke it, make
love to it with my tongue. Marty took my head in her hands. I smelled
her scent. It was strong. I opened my mouth and took the head of the
dildo inside. It was hard, like the rubber dildo from years ago, and
familiar. I slammed it against the entrance to my throat. Marty began
to move, fucking it in and out of my mouth. Her scent became more
prominent. The fat dildo was driving me insane. I wasn't real, but it
felt like it was part of Marty. She moved it this way and that, making
small moaning sounds as I worked my oral technique. I began to push
harder against her, forcing the big head against the back of my
throat. The more I did, the more I wanted. Marty sensed my need and
pushed back. I felt it began to violate my throat with each push. I
was in heaven. Marty held my small head in her hands, using it as
leverage to move the fat dildo in and out of my throat. I heard Marty
scream, and then I passed out.

I awoke with Marty slapping me on the face "Wake up, Wake up" she kept

"Stop hitting me!" I yelled.

"You passed out when I came." she said.

"Oh, I do that. The dildo is so big it cuts off my airway. As long as
you get it out in a few seconds after I pass out, I'll be ok." I said
from experience.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, I did." I said, "But, I miss the come."

Marty laughed. "True, rubber isn't as tasty as the real thing. But,
look, I'm still hard." she said, laughing some more.

"Yes, still hard..." I said, reaching for the dildo still attached to
her hips.

"Surely you don't want more oral? You can't get a good orgasm from
that. How about letting me fuck you?" she said.

"Oh, I don't know. I've only ever been with the Prince. I don't know
if I'm comfortable showing my privates to another girl." I said,

"When you were sucking the dildo, didn't you think it was the Prince?"
she asked.

"Yes..." I replied

"So, just close your eyes and pretend it's him, not me, fucking you."
she said.

I could see the lust in her eyes. She wanted me. "Ok, but you can't
talk while you're fucking me."

"Deal." she said.

I started to take off my skirt. "I'll need some lubricant. I'm not
very big down there..."

Marty produced a bottle of lube from the drawer. "All ready." she
said, showing me the bottle.

I pulled down my panties and layed back on the bed, closing my eyes. I
opened my legs and pulled my knees up to my chest.

"OH MY GOD!" I heard Marty scream. She repeated herself several times.

I opened my eyes. "What's wrong?" I said.

"YOU'RE A MAN!" she screamed, grabbing her clothes to cover herself.

"No, I'm a girl!" I said, as she ran across the room.

"You have a cock!" she yelled, as she ran into the bathroom and closed
the door.

I went up to the door and spoke softly through the door to her "I call
it an outie. It was supposed to be changed to an innie, but the Prince
stopped the surgery."

"YOU'RE A FREAK!" she yelled through the door.

"No. My parents needed a girl. So, when I was a baby, they cut off my
testicles so I wouldn't be a boy. When I was fourteen, I got breasts.
By my wedding day, I would have been exactly what the Prince wanted."
I said, softly, beginning to cry.

I sat down on the floor, crying. After a few minutes, Marty appeared,
wearing a towel.

"I'm sorry. You caught me off guard." she said.

"It's ok. I understand." I said.

The strap on dildo bumped me. She was still wearing it. "So, when the
Prince fucked you for the first time, he fucked your ass?"

"Yes" I said.

"And you enjoyed it?" she asked, hesitatingly

"Yes, even though it hurt." I said

"Does your thing get hard?" she asked.

"Yes, it got hard whenever I was around the Prince. It was hard before
I passed out a little while ago." I replied.

"Can you show me it again?" she asked.

I turned, so that my legs parted. My outie was semi erect.

"That's soft?" she asked.

"Yes. It gets harder and bigger." I said.

"Bigger? Show me." she said, dropping off the towel and thrusting her
hips forward. I turned to look at the dildo jutting from her groin. My
outie began to get hard. I reached out and held the dildo with my
hand, stroking it. My outie firmed up quickly, reaching it's full
length. It began to twitch.

"Wow." Marty said. "Stand up, I want to see something."

I stood, using the hold on her dildo for leverage.

"Look, they're almost the same size!" she said, as she pushed her fat
dildo next to my thinner, but just as long, outie. I looked up into
her eyes. Her hand closed around my outie. "Oh, that's nice." she said
as she squeezed it.

"The Prince never did that. He'd hold it while he fucked me." I said.

"Did he kiss your beautiful breasts when he made love to you?" she

"Yes. He kissed my lips and my breasts before he did it the first
time, and while he was getting hard again for the second and third
times." I said

I felt her hand on my breast. My nipples were erect. She leaned over
me, planting her lips on mine. I kissed her back. Her tongue explored
my mouth. Her hand left my outie and grabbed my butt cheek, squeezing
it playfully. She moved me to the bed. I sat down, bringing her dildo
to mouth level again. I reached out and took it into my hand, pulling
it towards my mouth.

"Here, put the lube on." she said, showing me the bottle.

I took the bottle and sprayed her dildo with lube, spreading it around
with my fingers.

"Ok, If you're ready, I'm ready." she said, lifting my thighs in the

I grabbed my knees, pulling them to my breasts. I felt the wetness of
her dildo at the entrance to my ass. She gave a little push. My hole
opened. She pulled back, then thrust slightly again. My hole opened
wider, the huge head of the dildo partially in.

"Oh." I cried.

"Do you want me to stop?" she said breathlessly.

"No, push harder. I'm not too big down there." I said, pushing my hips
towards her.

She bore down. The head popped inside.

"OH!" I screamed.

She pressed steadily on. My hole, unaccustomed to such a girth,
stretched obscenely around her dildo. It hurt, but felt good too. I
closed my eyes and imagined it was the Prince. The head of the dildo
hit my prostate. Come shot from my outie.

"You came!" Marty said, as she moved the fat dildo around inside me.
She grabbed my outie and began to stroke it. More come dribbled out.
"Wow!" she said, as she began an in-and-out motion that stimulated all
my inner senses.

Come pumped out of my outie in a steady stream. Marty's hand was
covered in white goo as she fucked me with her big strap on. My hole
relaxed. Every thrust was another orgasm. Every withdrawl was a
special tingle. I splayed my legs out straight, hooking them around
her back. Her hands were on my breasts, kneading them. My nipples were
tingling. "Fuck me" was all I could say, over and over again.

Marty wasn't the Prince. He only went 10 or so minutes and then needed
half an hour to recover. Marty fucked me for 30 minutes, through two
of her own orgasms, and I had to finally ask her to stop and change

I rolled over onto my stomach, and she knelt down behind me, piercing
me with her huge stick. After 15 or 20 minutes, she was tired of that
position, and we decided to take a break. While we layed there,
covered in sweat, she kissed me on my lips and breasts and told me
what a beautiful girl I was.

The lovely time we spent in bed was broken by Marty's twin sister
coming into the room. Fortunately, Marty was laying on top of me, so
my outie was covered. Marty wasn't phased in the slightest.

"Mom says that dinner is in 30 minutes, so you'll want to get
dressed." Mandy said. "And she wants to know if your friend is staying
for dinner?"

Much to my horror, Marty climbed off of me. "She'll be staying for
dinner. You can see why!" she said, playfully.

Mandy was taking in the view. My outie was in plain site, and it was
semi-erect, courtesy of Marty laying on top of me. "Ah, I thought she
was a girl?"

"No, better. When it's hard, it's as big as this is." Marty said,
grabbing the strap on dildo with her hand.

"Wow! And she's so beautiful, too!" Mandy said.

I blushed. My outie was getting harder.

Marty noticed. "Mandy, come feel it." she commanded.

Mandy came over and reached out for my outie, pulling back at the last
moment. "It's wet."

"She came a few dozen times when I fucked her ass." Marty said.

"Oh..." Mandy replied, as she wrapped her hand around my outie and
began squeezing it. "Did you like being fucked in the ass?" she asked

"Oh, yes. It was THE BEST." I replied.

"Would you let me fuck you in the ass?" Mandy asked me.

"Yes." I replied, her hand work having brought me to a nice hard

"Ok, after dinner. Don't eat too much." she said, letting go of my
outie and skipping out of the room.

"I think you've made her very happy." Marty said.

We took a shower, quickly, then got dressed for dinner. The girl's
parents were very nice to me. Immediately after dinner, we told them
we were going to study some more. I called my parents and told them
that I had dinner and wouldn't be home until late, because I was
studying with Marty.

When we got back to Marty's room, Mandy appeared in a robe. When she
pulled back the robe, I saw she was built exactly like her sister,
right down to the strap on harness. The major difference between them
was that Mandy had a black dildo instead of the brown one that Marty

We began with me on my hands and knees. Marty's dildo in my mouth,
Mandy's in my ass. Mandy was rough. She fucked like a madwoman. When
we changed positions to me laying on my side, Mandy repeatedly slapped
my outie and my breasts. She also didn't have orgasms quite so quickly
as Marty, which meant that she moved around more to find just that
correct angle that pleasured her. She called me her "bitch" and forced
Marty to remove her strap on and sit on my face. I found licking Marty
to be completely odd, not something I really wanted to do, but Mandy
was "in control". Marty came while I was licking her. When Marty came,
Mandy redoubled her effort to get every inch of that huge dildo into
my tiny ass. It hurt so bad that I had to ask her to stop. We all took
a shower together. They washed me, taking special attention to my
breasts, which were tender from all the abuse, and then dried,
powered, and dressed me to go home.

When I got home, I found my panties full of blood and lube that had
dripped out on the way home. Fortunately, that was all the blood, and
Mandy hadn't torn anything inside me. I also realized that my bra had
"Mandy's bitch" written on it with a marker. I threw the bra away.

The next day, Marty grabbed my ass in gym class, right in front of
everyone. A few girls winked at her, some were turned off, most
pretended to ignore it. Later in the day, Marty asked me to come over
and study again. I told her no, I was too sore. She said she really
just wanted to study, not "play", so I agreed.

After school, I went over to her house. We studied a bit and then she
kissed me. I kissed her back. She put her hand under my blouse,
touching me through the bra.

"It's a front close bra. You can open it if you want." I said, as we
were kissing.

I felt the bra open, her hand on my right breast. We continued to

"So, do you trust me?" she said, as she broke the kiss.

"In what way?" I asked.

"Do you trust me?" she said again.

"I guess." I replied.

"Do you like girls?" she asked.

"Yes." I answered

"Like to have sex with girls?" she said.

"Like yesterday, yes." I said

"Did you like eating my pussy?" she said

"Ah, no, actually." I replied.

She frowned. "But you did it because Mandy told you?"

"Yes." I said.

"Would you do it if I told you to do it?" she asked

"Depends." I said

"Depends on what?" she replied

"If you want me to be a lesbian, no. If you want me to do it because
you're my boyfriend, yes." I said

"So, you think of me as a boy?" she asked, looking hurt.

"When you wear the dildo, you remind me of the Prince." I said,

"Ok. You better be going. It's almost dinner time." she said, pulling
her hand from my blouse.

She nearly shoved me out the door. I felt hurt. I called her on the
phone that night, and she said we were "fine" and we'd talk more

The next day after school I went over to Marty's house. When we got to
her bedroom she asked if I wanted to play, pulling the dildo out of
the drawer. I smiled and said "Yes!", pulling my shirt off.

"I want you to take off all your clothes. I have something special in
mind for today." she said, winking at me.

She likewise removed her clothes. She didn't put on the strap on,
however. She made me come over to her, as she sat on the bed. She
grabbed my outie, which was semi-erect. She produced a leather strap,
which she wrapped around the base. "This will keep your outie up and
ready." she said, menacingly. Then, she pushed me away.

"On the floor, on your knees." she said.

I complied. She opened her knees, giving me a view of her vagina. She
had recently shaved, and was smooth down there.

"Come eat my pussy. If you do a good job, I'll put on the strap on and
fuck you until you can't walk. If you don't do a good job, I'll call
Mandy in here with her whip." she growled.

I started to tell her that this isn't what I wanted and got half way
up off the ground when I felt Marty's foot on my chest. I fell back,
out of breath. "You don't want to eat my pussy, do you?"

"No" I said, looking up at her as she stood above me.

"Fine. I had to test you to make sure. Get up on the bed, on your
back." she commanded.

I layed down on the bed, pulling my knees up. She layed down next to
me. Taking my right hand in hers.

"I want to tie you up. Is that ok?" she asked.

I felt a lump in my throat. "Yes" I said.

She produced a leather cuff and wrapped it around my hand. Then, she
layed over me to get to my other hand. She was sweating and excited. I
could almost taste her scent. "Ok?" she asked.

"Yes. I'm fine." I said.

She moved over top of me, dragging her pussy across my breast. Her
wetness left a trail as she leaned over my head. Her pussy was near my
chin, her smell overpowering. She leaned back, looked down. "I have
knee and ankle restraints here, too." she said, showing them in her

A moment later, I was trussed up, my ass lifted on her pillows, knees
and ankles pulled towards my head. It was a little uncomfortable. She
grabbed my outie and stroked it. It was hard. As she stroked it, it
became more engorged. I began to feel pain in it.

"Marty, that hurts. Blood is going in but isn't coming out. It's very
tender." I said

"Yes, it's purple now, instead of dark brown." she said, continuing to
stroke it.

"Marty, I mean it REALLY hurts now." I said

"You're in no position now to complain. Just relax and enjoy this."
she said.

She got up off the bed, returning with the dildo in one hand, lube in
the other. "You want this big boy, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, PLEASE. My outie is about to explode!" I yelled.

I felt her fingers probing at my hole, and the slick feel of lube. Her
finger penetrated my ass. It felt good. I tried to move around, but my
motion was limited by the restraints.

She grabbed my outie in her other hand, forcing a second finger into
my hole at the same moment. I felt the come begin to well up inside

"Trust me" she said, as she got onto her knees, then pressed my outie
into dripping pussy. "OH! You're huge!" she yelled as my outie
travelled up into her body. Her fingers twisted in my ass. My outie
began to pulse. I could feel the come boiling out, coating the inside
of her hot pussy. She began to move around, and up and down. A third
finger went into my ass. She came, slamming my entire length inside
her with a scream. Then, she collapsed on top of me, pulling her
fingers from my ass. My outie was still hard.

When she recovered, she wiggled, still impaled on my outie. "I feel
like I'm sitting on a telephone pole. You are so damn big!" she said,
lifting herself up. True to her word, the leather strap kept me erect.
She grabbed my outie and held it in her hand. "And so beautiful, too!"

"Marty, this isn't fun for me." I said.

"Oh, I know. I have a special treat for you today." she said, as she
got up and put on the harness. From the drawer she produced a big
black dildo, larger than the one that she had previously used on me,
and covered with little rubber nubs. She snapped it onto the harness.
It was menacing, actually scary. She brought it closer. "See the
little fingers sticking out? They'll tickle every nook and cranny of
your ass. You'll love it, for about 5 minutes. Then, it'll become
uncomfortable. After another 5 minutes, it'll be painful. As you know,
I'll fuck you until I come again. That might be 15 minutes, or it
might be 30 minutes."

"Marty, the old one was fine. Could you use the old one?" I pleaded.

"I'll give you a choice. Let me fuck you with this one, or willingly
eat my pussy and I'll fuck you with the old one?" she said.

"Marty, I want to go. Let me up." I pleaded

She put her hand between her legs, then brought it to my lips. "Your
come is still dripping out of me. Clean it, or be fucked with the
rectal wrecker here."

I stuck my tongue out, licking her fingers. A moment later, her pussy
was hovering over my mouth. It was bright red and wet. As I looked, a
large glob of moisture appeared at the opening, then dripped onto my
lips. I licked my lip. It was a familiar taste, the taste of my come
and her juices. She lowered herself onto my mouth.

"Use your tongue inside." she commanded

I stuck my tongue inside her. Come and her juices coated it, running
down into my mouth. I continued this for at least 5 minutes, until she
lifted herself off of me.

"Now the outside." she commanded.

I licked the outside, removing all the moisture that I could find.

She climbed off. "Now it's time for your special treat" she said.

I closed my eyes. I felt Marty get back on the bed. I felt her dildo
at the entrance to my ass. She gently pushed it inside. It was the
brown dildo from the other day. I imagined it was the Prince. Come
began to boil in my body. Marty removed the leather strap at the base
of my outie, and took it in her hand. Come flew out the end. She began
to fuck me with the strap on. I began to come. And I came, and came
some more. She came. I came more. She fucked me better than the
Prince. She was insatiable. She was constantly changing angles. My ass
was on fire. My outie was out of come. My body ached, yet I still
wanted more of her fucking. Eventually, she was done, too tired to
continue. She had fucked me for over an hour.

She released me, helping me to my feet, and then to the bathroom. We
sat in the tub, in the warm water, just touching each other when Mandy
came in.

"Mandy, I'm not sharing her any more. Get out!" was all Marty said.

Two days later, I was back wanting more. Marty wanted me to prove my
oral abilities before she'd fuck me. She had a cardboard sheet over a
window, with a hole in it. She told me she'd make a call and shortly
thereafter a real cock would appear at the hole. I was to suck on it
and make the guy come. I wouldn't see him. He wouldn't see me. I
agreed. She made the call. Ten minutes later, a cock appeared in the
hole. It wasn't particularly big, but it was real.

I showed Marty what over a year's worth of oral practice will do. The
guy blew his load in less than a minute. His come was merely ok, not
the very sweet taste that I had previously associated with come (from
the Prince). Marty rewarded me by putting on her strap on and fucking
me silly.

On Saturday, Marty called and asked if I wanted to come over for some
play. I told her yes. She told me that she had several young men lined
up at the window, waiting.

When I got there, I looked around the corner of the house. There must
have been 10 guys there!

I went in, and Marty made me remove my clothes before beginning on the
first cock. As I performed on him, she touched me all over. He came
quickly, as did the next several guys. Marty, in the mean time, had
fixated on kissing my nipples. I continued to suck and swallow.
Eventually, the cocks all seemed familiar. I realized that I was doing
the same guy a second time. Finally, after about 90 minutes, no cocks
appeared at the window. And a good thing, too, since my mouth, lips,
and tongue were getting tired.

Marty was in rare form that afternoon. Her scent was overpowering. The
way she wielded the dildo, extraordinary. I left walking bow-legged,
she had fucked me so good.

During the following week, she kept hinting that she had a big
surprise for me on the weekend. By the time the weekend rolled around,
I was sure the surprise was going to be 20 guys at the window. I was

When I came over that Sunday afternoon for dinner (at 2pm, how
european!), I was introduced to her older brother, Sergio, a freshman
in college, now home for the summer break. He was a tall guy, like
Marty and Mandy, and thin. Marty embarassed us both by telling me, in
front of him, that the dildo she had been fucking me with for the past
few weeks was an exact replica of his penis. Sergio broke the awkward
silence by laughing it off. We sat down at the dinner table and had a
fabulous meal. Her parents had gotten used to me being around, and I
was treated like one of the family. During dinner, there was wine.
When dinner was over, I felt a little tipsy, unused to drinking.
Mandy, Marty, Sergio, and myself went to the living room to talk. It
was pleasent enough, until Mandy asked Sergio if he found a nice boy
at college. I looked around, a bit dumbfounded. Sergio was a little
embarassed. Marty changed the subject to the amount of studying
required in college. After some time, Sergio told us he was going out
to a club that night, and needed to get ready. He left the room.

As soon as he did so, Mandy blurted out "Gay club."

Marty immediately replied "I don't think he'll make the club, do you?"
while looking at me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, naively.

"You know you want to get in his pants." Marty said.

"You've been playing with the dildos made from a mold of his penis for
weeks. You know you want the real thing!" blurted out Mandy

"But he doesn't like girls." I said.

"Oh, he'll like you. I guarantee it." Marty said.

"You think?" I asked.

"Oh, we know our brother. You're exactly what he needs." Mandy said.

We sat in silence a few moments. Mandy went off to check on Sergio's
progress. She came back and said he was in the shower. Marty led me to
his room and we went in. Sergio was in his bathroom, in the shower. As
I got undressed, Marty snuck into the bathroom and stole his robe. I
put it on. It was much too long for me. As Sergio showered, Marty
stroked my outie to a full erection. As soon as the shower turned off,
she pushed me into a walk-in closet. We heard Sergio walking around
the bathroom.

"Sergio, I want to talk to you." Marty said.

"Marty, I just got out of the shower and I'm not even wearing a towel.
Can't it wait?" Sergio yelled from the bathroom

"No, it can't." Marty yelled back.

"Ok, what?" Sergio replied.

"You didn't come on to my girlfriend Keisha. Why?" Mandy yelled.

"You know why." Sergio yelled back

"Why don't you come in here, so we don't have to yell?" Mandy yelled
into the bathroom.

Sergio came into the bedroom, a towel now wrapped around his waist.
His hair was wet, but most of the rest had been dried. "Is that all? I
want to get dressed."

"No. It isn't. I went to a lot of effort to get Keisha here, knowing
she'd be perfect for you, and you blew her off." Marty said

"Marty, you know I don't like girls." Sergio replied

"You'd like Keisha, if you just got to know her." Marty replied.

"She's really a hot girl. And, she seems like a nice girl, but she's a
girl..." Sergio began

"She IS a nice girl, but, she's more than a girl..." Marty explained.
"Oh, it's too complicated to explain. Let me have her show you..."

That was my cue. I stepped out of the closet. My entrance was supposed
to be sexy. I was supposed to open the robe to reveal my very erect
outie. But, I walked out and tripped on the long robe. Down I went.
Sergio was immediately over to help me up. As I got up, the robe
opened. Sergio looked down.

"Oh!" he said

I got up, with his assistance. My outie poked out of the front of the

"You're not a girl?" he said, softly.

"Yes, I'm a girl. It's a long story." I said as I dropped the robe to
the ground and spun around. "Like what you see?" I said, coyly as I
turned around and around, modelling for him.

"Oh, yes." he said.

I could see his penis was forming a tent in his robe. Marty did also.
She pulled off his towel. He didn't protest.

I knelt down on the ground in front of him, taking his penis in one

I heard Marty say "She sucks cock like a pornstar. And her ass is
always ready for something hard." and then she left.

I began to lick the head of Sergio's cock. It was actually a little
larger than the dildos. The head was wonderfully spongy. Pre-cum was
dripping out as I began to plant kisses up and down it. Sergio's hands
went to the sides of my head. I took the cue to take the head in my
mouth. I ran my tongue over the crown. His cock was warm in my mouth.
His hands tightened around my ears. I began to move my head back and
forth, fucking my mouth with his hard cock. After a few moments, I
began to deep throat him. He couldn't withstand the sensation of his
big cock being forced into my small throat, and came. His first shots
of come went straight down my throat. I pulled back. The second shots
of come coated the back of the mouth. I continued to stroke his cock
with my hands, pumping the come into my mouth. When he had no more to
give, I let him take his cock from my mouth. I showed him my tongue
covered in his come, then closed my mouth and swallowed.

"MMMMMmmmmmm... Tasty." I said.

"Oh, you're fabulous. Would you like me to do the same to you?" he

"Ah, no. I haven't really ever done that. I come by being fucked." I

"I'll need a few minutes until I can do that..." Sergio said,

I was still on my knees. He helped me up onto the bed, then layed down
next to me. He began to kiss me and touch my body. My nipples were
hard. My outie was hard. He lightly touched both, but concentrated
more on squeezing my butt. We rolled around the bed like this for
quite a while.

I broke the kiss. "You like my black bubble butt, don't you?" I asked

"Yes, it'll look great with my cock pounding it." he said

"Promise?" I said, laughing.

He pinched my ass. I snuggled closer. "Now, look what you've done. I'm
all hard again." he said.

I reached down. He was hard. "Could you do me from on top first, I'd
like to see your face while you fuck me." I asked

He reached down. I was hard. He wrapped his hand around my outie,
turning me onto my back. I pulled my knees up to my chest, holding
them there with my hands. Sergio let go of my outie, and reached over
to the nightstand. He produced a bottle of lube, spraying it onto his
hard penis. Soon, it was glistening with oil. He wiped a little around
my hole, then inserted a finger.

His finger was fat, and very slick. It went in with no effort. "Marty
or Mandy has been fucking you with their strap ons, haven't they?" he

"Yes, Marty mostly. Mandy once." I replied.

"Good, then you'll really like the real thing." he said, as he pulled
out his finger and positioned his penis at my opening. A small push,
and the head was inside. My outie pulsed, and come shot across my

"Oh, you're a shooter." he said as he grabbed my outie in his hand.
"Do you mind if I hold it?" he asked.

"Yes, please hold it while you fuck me." I said, wiggling my butt at

He bore down, forcing his fat penis into my hole. It was a perfect
fit. His hot thick cock spread my opening wide. The friction of it
reaching deep into my bowels was sending tingling throughout my body.
He began short in and out movements. My outie began to ooze come onto
his hand. His movements became longer, more varied. I began to shake
as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body. He began to fuck me harder. I
grabbed onto his arms, wrapped my ankles around his back, unwilling to
let him go. He fucked me. I came. After a while, he had me get on my
hands and knees. He fucked me deeply from behind. I could feel his
cock hit the end. Each time it did, I felt like I was going to pass
out from the pleasure. Eventually, all good things must come to an
end. He pushed his cock deep, driving me down onto the bed, as he blew
his load deep in my ass. We layed there for several minutes, his
softening cock in my ass, his hands holding onto my sides, his kisses
being planted on my neck.

As he withdrew, I rolled over, pulling him back on top of me. We
kissed and touched each other for quite a while. Eventually, he
carried me to the bathroom. We showered together. When we came back
into the bedroom, naked of course, Marty and Mandy were there. Sergio
immediately grabbed a towel to cover himself. I didn't bother.

"Sergio, we've been very patiently waiting for you to finish and come
out. But, three hours is about the limit of our patience." Mandy said.

"Keisha, did he fuck you good?" Marty asked.

"Very good. The best." I said

"She's amazing!" Sergio said, putting his arms around me. "And I'm not
sharing her with you two!"

"I hope you don't mind Marty, but his penis is real..." I began

"I understand Keisha. I figured once you two hooked up, I'd lose you
as a girlfriend." Marty replied

And so began a summer of unending sex with Sergio. When fall rolled
around, he had to go back to college. But, each weekend he came back,
or I went to him, and the relationship continued. Eventually, I even
permitted him to suck on my outie. I can see now why men like that.

His parents loved me. They told me once that they had been concerned
that he never went out with girls, but it was obviously just that he
never found the right girl. Marty, who was there, snickered. I just
smiled. Mandy and Marty moved onto other conquests. Marty eventually
found a boy who would do whatever she wanted in bed. We were like
sisters. She told me everything. All I could think was "the poor boy".

When Sergio graduated college, we got married. The King even showed up
at the wedding. He obviously felt sad that I was not marrying his son,
but gave us the lavish gift of a vacation home in Tuscany. My parents
gave us a home in Colorado, which is where Sergio got a job upon

I settled in, among the local housewives, playing golf and swapping
tales of bad housekeepers. Each morning, I suck on my husband's
magnificant light brown penis. Sometimes we 69 each other, depending
upon his mood. Each evening after dinner he rewards me by fucking me
until I can't even walk to the bathroom afterwards.

Life is good...

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