{ASSM} The Mad Scientist and the Naive Nympho [Mad Scientist] {Gamera} (Mf nc SciFi)

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Kenny Gamura

Apr 14, 2006, 2:10:02 AM4/14/06

This is just a story, okay. It is meant for grown ups,
however the area of the world you live in defines it.
Nothing like this ever happened and nothing like it ever
should, get it. It is completely something from my
imagination. This means it belongs to me, its creator, not
to you, even if you live in China. So don't republish or
repost or anything like that without me saying it's all
right. Formating was done in Courier New, so that is what
it looks best in. I spell like crap. suzee did her best
to fix it, but their is only so much she can do.

A Contribution to the Mad Scientist Festival at ASSD.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera


The Mad Scientist & the Naive Nympho
Kenny N Gamera

The young girl slept peacefully, bound by straps to the old
style medical gurney. Ray adjusted the rate the saline solution
dripped into the tubing attached to a vein in the girl's thin
arm. He timed it for an instant, half an eye on the IV and half
an eye on the sweep hand of his watch. He decided that it was
close enough to right for the moment.

He moved away from the sleeping form and dropped into a nearby
metal office chair. He looked back to his watch and compared
the time with that on the wall clock. Both told him the same
thing within any significant measure. He stood and left through
the door into the warehouse proper.

The light from the single battery of halogen lamps joined with
the adjacent columns to create long shadows across the bare
expanse of concrete floor. Those shadows quickly merged
together to form the black darkness that filled most of the
empty warehouse. Within the brightness, running lanes of faded
yellow pant marked the path of forklifts between long shipped
piles of merchandise.

The repeated booming of the gasoline powered generator echoed
from the steel girder rafters. Next to the generator, a coffee
maker worked diligently at keeping a carafe of coffee warm.

Ray went to the generator and filled a styrofoam cup from the
carafe. He took a draught of the brew. With a wince, he
swallowed. His free hand pinched his eyes, and he sighed.

He looked at the large door just past his gray sedan. He took
another gulp from the cup and returned to the office.

The girl still lay in her bindings. The saline solution still
dripped from the full bag hanging from an attachment to the
gurney. The soft muffled chugging could be heard through the
door open. Ray moved the chair next to the metal desk that
together with the chair made up the only furniture left in the
building. He sat backward on the chair and leaned forward onto
the backrest.

Between occasional checks of either his watch or the wall clock,
Ray studied the girl. She was at an age where whether she was a
girl or a young woman was a matter of the attitude of the judge,
around fifteen or sixteen. She wore a pair of not too snug
designer blue jeans that came up to her hips rather than her
waist. Her top adequately covered her developing chest but left
her stomach exposed. One tennis shoe remained on her right
foot. With the shoe lost, only an ankle sock covered her left

Ray reached over to her head with his right hand. He stroked
the long chestnut hair that framed her angelic face. Her eyes
were closed as she slept. This simple fact hid them; therefore,
their color was a mystery to him. His memory had not recorded
that information when she was still awake. The struggle and
declining light of dusk had not allowed it.

They had to be pretty with a face like that, he thought. Maybe
a crystal blue, or a dark brown. His imagination failed him.

He sipped at his coffee, and he waited. After an hour he heard
the opening of the warehouse door. Ray mumbled aloud, and stood
up from the chair. He glanced at the drip and went back out
into the abandoned warehouse. He found the door beginning to
drop behind a plain white, cargo van.

The van pulled to a stop next to Ray's sedan. A large, dull
looking man stepped from the driver's side. Ray waited as the
man lumbered towards him.

"Where is the girl?" The large man spoke his measured words in
thick and accented English.

Ray pointed behind himself.

"She's in the office. Just like the others."

The large man pushed Ray aside and marched into the office. In
less then a minute, he exited the office pushing the gurney in
front of him. Ray followed them and opened the back door to the
van. The large man pushed gurney inside. The unit collapsed as
it smoothly entered.

Once the girl was inside, Ray reached to close the door, but the
large man grabbed his wrist. Ray turned and stared back at him,
being careful not to glare.

"Get inside with the girl," he was told. "The doctor wants to
see you."

With a shrug, Ray climbed into the van. The doors closed behind
him. There were no windows and the driver's cabin was blocked
by sheet of steel. Save for the girl and her gurney, the cargo
space was empty.

With nowhere to sit, Ray moved to the front and leaned against
the divide. When the van's engine came to life, the single
overhead light went out. He closed his eyes. After he loosened
his tie, his head fell forward so his chin rested against his

Ray sat in the dark through a trip of middling length. He fell
back on his training from his service in the military and eased
into a relaxed state of mind. His breathing eased, and the
beating of his heart lulled him into a slight trance. When the
van slowed, then stopped with the engine running, Ray roused
himself back into awareness.

He stretched the stiffness from his joints and his muscles. He
stood as best he could after the van returned to motion down
some rough path. One hand rested against the front divide to
keep his balance as the van rocked and rolled. The other worked
knots out of his shoulder and neck. The van came to a halt and
the engine quit. Ray returned to his seated position and

Within seconds, the rear doors opened. To Ray's surprise, the
outside light that filled the van was dim. He had half expected
to be blinking against a bright glow, but rather than being
blinded, he could clearly watch the large man reach inside and
grasp the gurney in both his meaty hands.

The large man gestured to Ray with a head jerk that he, too,
should leave the back of the van. With slow deliberate
movements designed to be unthreatening, Ray followed the gurney
out of the van. He entered a large, empty garage.

Without a word to Ray, the large man turned his burden around
and pushed it towards a large open doorway. At a loss for an
alternative, Ray tentatively followed several steps behind the
large man. He quickly caught up. The large man made no move to
hinder or discourage him. Ray chose to stay just a pace in
back, so the large man took the lead.

They entered a wide hall.

A worn and heavily tracked carpet lead down the hall. Above
small dust covered tables, faded black and white photographs in
gilded, ornate frames hung along both walls. In places, an oil
painting of potted plants or flowers broke the monotony of the
monotone against the yellowed curled wallpaper.

The corridor ended at a freight-style elevator. The collapsing
gate door had been left open, so the large man need only direct
the gurney into cage. Once inside, he turned and grasped the
side of the gates. He glared at Ray who stood just outside.

After Ray stepped inside, the large man pulled the outside door
shut then the inside. He pressed one of two large buttons that
had short words written in Cyrillic letters. The large man held
it down until the elevator halted after they had descended a
single floor.

The large man opened the gate to the elevator cage and the
outside gate. He pushed the gurney out of the elevator. Ray
followed him into a cellar laboratory. In the room's adequate,
bright lighting, Ray made out a maze of glass tubing from what
appeared to be a number of apparatuses beyond his understanding.
They looked most like the devices similar to the stills he had
helped jerry rig in college. Most appeared to be inactive.

The large man pushed his charge through the aisle way between
the various lab benches. The room was clean: no dust covered
the bench tops nor cobwebs hung from the corners. Ray felt a
small hint of disappointment at the lack of even a tesla coil.

At the far side of the cellar, the large man parked the gurney.
That area was bare, save for an IV stand. He disconnected now
the nearly empty saline bag and switched the drip to a bag that
already hung from the stand. He moved a short distance away to
a collection of equipment.

"Interesting, isn't it, Mr. West?" a familiar, accented voice
from behind him. "I thought you should see the fruits of our
labors now that in has come to completion."

Ray turned to face the Doctor, Nicoli Koleslavich. He was a
small man bent with the age written on his face. Beneath his
open lab coat, he wore the same out of style brown suit that he
had worn when Ray first met the man. The once professor of
biochemistry looked past Ray at activities of the large man.

"I take it that this is what happened to the others that I have
acquired for you, Doctor?"

"Bah!" The Doctor shook his head. "Those were just common
whores. They were just the objects of the experiment. This girl
will be the subject of the experiment."

"The subject?"

"Yes, Mr. West. She is the subject. Did you not wonder why I
wanted a young girl instead of the women I had you gather for me
up to this point? Particularly, one in such contrast to those

"I've learned not to ask questions."

"But have you not wondered, Mr. West?"

Ray shrugged. The Doctor chuckled.

"I forget. You are not a man of science, Mr. West. You are a
man of action. I will not judge you harshly because you lack

"Curiosity killed the cat."

The Doctor laughed. He slapped Ray on the shoulder.

"Come, my friend. The girl is near ready to be examined."

The pair walked over to the large man as he undid the straps
that held down the girl. Without help, he picked up the girl
and moved her to a gynecological type examination table that he
had brought over to the gurney. He buckled the girl into the
device. Once he had secured her, he reached for a pair of ETM
shears and began to cut away her clothing.

He did not do a neat job of it. Large patches of her jeans and
her top remained underneath the leather straps, but her private
areas were exposed. Her breasts were smallish and clearly at
the early stages of their development. Her pussy was bare of
pubic hair and somehow seemed new to Ray, a look that he could
not identify but somehow said to him that it had yet to be used.

The Doctor wheeled over a stool and maneuvered it between the
girl's spread legs. He sat down and reached into a pocket of
the lab coat. He pulled out a tube of lubricant and spread some
on the girl's pussy lips with a finger. The Doctor penetrated
her just slightly, to maybe the first knuckle of his stubby
digit. The girl moaned and squirmed a little.

"Good. I see that the antidote to the drugs she was given is
working. She should soon wake." The Doctor reached into his
other pocket and pulled out a clamp like widget that Ray guessed
to be either a medical instrument or a torture device. "But I
need to make this one check before she is fully awake."

He brought the thing to her pussy. Using it, he spread the
girl's pussy lips. He looked inside and smiled.

"Excellent." The Doctor waved Ray over. "See her hymen is
intact. Whatever else this girl may have done to this point,
she has yet to have vaginal sex. I had assumed that with
American girls and their wild behavior it would take several
attempts to find a virgin."

Ray couldn't tell what he was looking at. He just shrugged and
said, "I know what I'm doing, Dr. Koleslavich."

"Yes, you do, Mr. West." The Doctor stood and waved to Ray.
"Come, I have dinner waiting. Let us eat while the girl

They left the lab through a door behind where they had stood.
The large man lurked behind them and closed a door as they
exited. The doorway lead to a stairway, and the stairway lead
into the house proper. The trip went through a hall like the
first Ray had passed through. The same old photographs in the
same ancient looking frames, all buried in the same level of

The Doctor led him into a brightly-lit dining room. The table
was long and designed for more than the two place settings.
They sat across from one another, but on the shorter length of
the table rather than the longer length. The large man left the
room from another door as they took their chairs. He returned
pushing a cart, from which he served both men before retiring.

The meal was light, and they men quickly finished their plates.
The Doctor poured both of them a glass of a deep red wine, than
raised his in a toast. Ray returned the toast and sipped the

"If the girl proves to be completely virginal, I will no longer
need your services. At least, your services in gathering
subjects for my experiments."


The Doctor studied Ray.

"I am surprised by your lack of curiosity. I would have thought
that you would be wondering why I would need so many women"

"It pays poorly in my line of work to wonder too much about
other people's business." Ray took another sip. "Your life
expectancy drops fast when you ask questions."

"I am a scientist, Mr. West. I ask questions as a matter of
course." The Doctor clasped his hands and leaned back in his
chair. "I also have the need to... explain."

Ray nodded.

"My employers, they care little about what I am doing. They
just want to get certain results. My assistant, he works for
them and is a man of limited intelligence. He can do as he is
told, but he does not have the wit to understand what I am
doing. And while you are a man of action, Mr. West, I can see
that you also have not a small amount of intelligence. You are
someone with whom I can share what I have discovered."

"You want to brag."

The Doctor laughed.

"Yes, Mr. West. As you so quaintly put it, I wish to 'brag'
about what I have finally accomplished. You see, I am human
too, and I have done something that my colleagues have given up

"And what is that, Doctor?"

"Memory, Mr. West."


"For eons, Mr. West, Man has been able to transfer the knowledge
of his mind down the generations. First, there was the spoken
word. Then there was the written word. Printing presses,
books, even computers allow us to spread what we know and learn
not just around the world but also through time.

"But the knowledge of the body itself is trapped, Mr. West. It
is trapped inside the person that holds it. A person can show
and teach someone what to do but only continuous practice allows
the body to actually learn how to do something and do it well."

"Okay, that's pretty common sense."

"But decades ago, we found that these sorts of memories can be
transferred, too. RNA holds the secret. We found that the RNA
of rats trained to run through a maze could be injected into
other rats that had never seen the maze before. And these rats
could run the maze just as well as those that had been trained.
The possibilities were endless.

"But money Mr. West is not."

"Tell me about it, Doctor. But what does that have to do with

"The grants disappeared. Other things became more...
fashionable to the funding agencies. RNA research with all the
potential was not... sexy enough to get what money was

"My research withered, Mr. West and I was forced into an early
retirement just when I saw what it would require to make my
vision a reality. Man no longer would need to go through a
stage of awkward physical learning of techniques. Just think
Mr. West. Surgeons would have not only the knowledge they
needed on leaving medical schools, but the very skills that
would normal take years of surgery to develop. Or machine
operators. Or any of a number of tasks could be learned with a
series of RNA injections."

"Sounds good. And I guess you have succeeded but where did you
find the money."

"My homeland, Mr. West. When the hated communists fell, the
criminals took over. And they had money and leaders of vision
that came from the corrupt agencies that actually ran the
country." The Doctor leaned close to Ray. "I may not agree
with their uses for my discovery, but they were the only ones
who could understand my genius."

"Okay, and what do they want?"

"Young girls for sex, Mr. West."

Ray somehow held back a spit take.

"Men pay a lot of money for sex with girls, but I am told that
they also lack a certain skill for it. Those that don't lack
the skill because of their experience, lack appeal because they
have lost their youthfulness. But they feel my discovery will
fix that. A young girl can be injected with the RNA of a
seasoned whore and her body will respond to the sex act even if
she does not understand what is happening."

"So, those women I brought to you before?"

"Were the source of RNA for my experiments.

"And the girl downstairs?"

"Will be the test, Mr. West. The test will be with you, of
course. My assistant is too rough. I usually let him kill the
whores you brought me. He was never gentle about it."

"Kill them?"

"Naturally, I needed them dead so I could extract the RNA from
their brains." The Doctor waved the assistant over. "You will
spend the night, Mr. West. My assistant will show you to your

The large man led Ray upstairs to a bedroom. A poster bed with
heavy velvet curtains stood in the center of the wall to one
side of the door. A tall window with thick iron bars was
opposite the door. Ray went to the bed and lay down. The large
man nodded to him and closed the door,

After the door latched, Ray heard the lock slide into place. He
waited several minutes, before standing up. He went to the door
and tested it. The knob refused to turn.

A quick glance told Ray that it was an old-fashioned style lock.
He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a set of picks.
With a few moves, he had the door opened.

He crept down the shadow filled hall, retracing his steps until
he got the stairs down to the lab. With great care, Ray moved
down the steps until he heard the voice of the Doctor's
assistant speaking in some foreign language.

"Speak in English, idiot," answered the Doctor.

"Sorry, Doctor. The girl is almost completely awake."

"Excellent. Prepare the truth serum."

In the stairway, Ray squeezed tight against the wall. He
couldn't watch them without exposing himself, so Ray listened
carefully to the few sounds that escaped the lab. Except for
the subtle noises of the large man's movements and the soft
clinks of small pieces of equipment being returned to metal
trays, the two men worked silently.

After several minutes waiting, the doctor said, "Tell us, what
is your name."


"What is your age?"


"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Why don't you have a boy friend, Sierra?"

"My dad says I'm too young."

"Have you done anything with a boy?"

"Done what? Sex things?"

"Yes, 'sex things'."


"Have you done 'sex things' with a man?"


"Do you know about sex?"

"Not really."

The Doctor laughed.

"Excellent. Our Mr. West has found someone who has led the type
sheltered life we need for the test," the Doctor said with
obvious glee in his voice. "Take her to a cell and begin the
RNA transfer. We should be able test her with Mr. West the
night after tomorrow."

"And then?"

"You can have her."

"And Mr. West?"

"You dispose of him. I have no further use for him. Your
employers are supplying the subjects for the final tests. And
Mr. West is aware of too much of what we have done. If I am to
prepare my work for the world no one must know of what we have
done here."

"Very good, Doctor."

"After you have put away the girl, check on Mr. West," the
Doctor instructed the large man. "I am going prepare for bed."

Ray retreated up the steps back into the hall. He pressed
himself into a shadowy portion of the wall on the opposite end
of the hall from which he came. He waited only a short while
before the Doctor entered from the stairway. The old man turn
his back to Ray and made his way down the hall without looking
back. Ray followed, taking care not to make any sound that
would call attention to himself.

He succeeded. The Doctor entered a room several doors down the
hall from where they had thought they had imprisoned Ray.

After he was sure that the Doctor wasn't coming out of the room,
Ray returned to his room. He verified that the door would lock
and closed it. He collapsed on the bed and, knowing he was safe
for the moment, he let sleep take him.

He woke up alert if not rested. He quickly explored the room
and found a pitcher of water next to an old fashion porcelain
basin, a washing flannel, and a fresh bar of soap. He washed
his face with a moment's longing for a razor to scrape away the
morning stubble. He removed his shirt and finished his cursory

He had redressed and retied his tie well before the large man
opened the door. He escorted Ray to the dining room where the
Doctor sat waiting. He poured Ray a cup of strong tea. The two
men broke fast with store-bought pastries and inconsequential
small talk.

With the last cup of tea poured from the pot, the large man
lumbered from his hiding place and cleared the table just as he
had the night before. Taking cups and saucers with them, Ray
and the Doctor retreated to a book lined reading room.

"Tomorrow, we will be able to complete the experiment. I am
predicting a complete success for my process. It may not be the
memory pill that some of your science fiction writers have
speculated about, Mr. West, but it will be the beginnings of
such a creation. No longer will each generation need to go
through a period of awkward practice to develop a skill set
before they can further refine it; they can move forward right
from where the older generations left off, while still in the
prime of their abilities and faculties."

Ray took a sip of his tea as the Doctor stood and began pacing
the room.

"It is so obvious that only the most blind cannot see that
memory is sealed and stored within the chemistry of our very
cells." The Doctor slammed a fist into the palm of his hand.
"RNA, nature's first means of information storage in fact, Mr.
West, nature's first language, holds our memories intact and can
be transferred. But for decades, I have seen my expertise
neglected and ignored when it was not laughed at. I have seen
the money for research dry up until it was all too easy for the
college to push me into early retirement.

"Naturally, I will not be able to publicize this particular
experiment, but what I have learned will allow me to construct a
study that will not run afoul of the arbitrary standard of
ethics that has been imposed upon science. My current backers
have made me wealthy enough that I can support the modest
research program that will validate my life's work, Mr. West."

The Doctor turned to Ray and smiled.

"I imagine that I must sound mad to you."

"Maybe a little pissed."

The Doctor laughed.

"You Americans and your humor. Yes, I am a little angry, but
that will soon be in the past. The future beckons for both me
and for mankind, but come, let us go back to our discussion of
other matters. I spent many years in the academic world and
know full well the boredom of listening to the blathering of an
expert brings to the uninitiated."

They spent the just of the day again on subjects of little real
concern. Ray could sense that the Doctor meant to keep him
distracted for the day. The large man was seldom seen. When
Ray did see him, he was in the background, moving between places
and mostly unaware of Ray's presence in the room. They again
ate dinner in the dining room; after which, Ray was escorted
back to the room he had spent the previous night.

He lay on the bed with his hands behind his head. He closed his
eyes and listened at first to the sounds of the Doctor and large
man going through the last motions of the day. As time passed,
those sounds turned into the night noises of a house asleep. He
looked at his watch.

It was late enough that Ray felt he could assume that they were
both asleep. He stood up and moved to the door. He reached
into his pocket for his lock picks. He stopped and stared at
the handle of the door. For long minutes, he stood with one
hand in his pocket and the other on the door handle, before he
turned back to the bed and lay back upon it. Within moments, he
was asleep.

In the morning, he repeated the process of the day before, but
the large man never came to unlock the door. He watched the
time pass on his watch. It wasn't until late in the evening
that the door opened.

The Doctor entered the room leading the girl, Sierra. Her eyes
were brown and stared at Ray. She was naked and shivered. The
effect was like that of a small animal, trapped in a corner.

"Mr. West, the experiment has succeeded. I think that you will
this young lady very talented. You can have her for the night.
I expect you to describe your experience in the morning."


"Mr. West." The Doctor's voice grew menacing. "I also expect
you to have your way with her. She will be cooperative. I
expect you to be the same."

The Doctor pushed the girl at Ray and shut the door. Sierra
stumbled and fell to the floor. Ray jumped from the bed and
moved to her side. She looked at him and began to cry.

Ray helped her to her feet and led her to the bed. She sat on
the edge, and he knelt next to her. Sierra, still crying,
wrapped her arms around Ray. He pulled her loose.

"You shouldn't trust me," whispered to her. "You know that I'm
the guy who gave you to them, don't you?"

Sierra nodded.

"But listen, I didn't know what they were doing. I had some
ideas, but I didn't know. Now I want out, but I got you into
this, too. I'm going to try to take you with me, okay."

The girl nodded.

"Now lay down and get some rest. We'll leave when they've gone
to sleep."

"I can't," Sierra said in a soft voice. "The mean one is
watching outside the door. He'll hurt me if we don't do it. I
watched him with some woman. He hurt her real bad."

"Damn." Ray sighed. "I don't want you hurt. I've killed too
many women by handing them over to those two, but I can't let
them do it to a little girl."

"Please, let's do it. The old guy and me already did. It
wasn't too bad."

Ray looked into the girl's tear filled eyes. He sighed again
and reached for his tie. He loosened it and took it off. When
he reached for the buttons of his shirt, Sierra pushed his hands
away and did it for him.

"He told me I was supposed to do this."

She quickly had his buttons undone. She reached into the open
flaps and began to stroke the hair on his chest with both hands.
Against his wishes, Ray felt his cock grow in his pants. She
slid off the bed and reached for his belt buckle.

"I'm supposed to get your pants off and put your thing in my

She undid his pants and pushed them to the floor. She reached
into his boxers and pulled out his almost completely hardened
cock. Her hands were warm, and their touch made it twitch and
grow just a little harder.

"Your thing is bigger than the old guy's," Sierra said before
she put the cock into her mouth.

She began to work on his cock, bobbing her head around it. She
looked up at him her brown eyes still filled with tears. At
points, he could recognize the techniques of some of the women
he had brought to the Doctor. Soon, he began to feel his
impending cum. He reached down and pulled her head away.

"Stop. I won't last much longer."

"Are you about to squirt?"


"You're supposed to do it in my mouth. The old guy said you had

"Okay," Ray said. "Get ready."

Sierra returned to the sucking Ray's cock. He watched it
disappear and reappear from around her lips. He moved his hands
behind his back to prevent himself from pushing the girl further
down his cock, but just as he began to cum, she moved forward
until her nose buried itself in his stomach.

Her throat muscles worked in time with the pulses of his cock as
she swallowed his jism. After the third and final blast, Sierra
pulled her mouth from his cock. Panting, she looked up at him.

"God," she said between gasps of air. "I've never done that
before. Did I do okay?"

Ray reached down and stroked her hair.

"You did great."

"Those two guys did something to me, didn't they?"

"Yeah, they did."

"They turned me into some kind of slut." Sierra began to cry
again. "I don't want to be a slut."

Ray picked her up from her knees and held her close to him.

"You aren't a slut and no one can turn you into one." He took
her head in his hands and turned it to face up at him. "You
just know things now. Things that you'd probably learn anyway,
when you were grown up and maybe married, but being good at them
doesn't make you a slut.


Sierra nodded.

"We got to do it the regular way, too," the girl said in a meek
voice. She turned away from him before continuing, "I already
did it with the old guy. I hope that's okay."

"Yeah, that's fine." He almost laughed. "You don't need to be
sorry about anything. You're the one being forced to have sex."

"Yeah," she smiled a little. "I guess you're right."

"We'll cuddle for a bit then will do it." Ray stroked her
shoulders. "After that, we'll pretend to go to sleep. When it
gets late we'll sneak out."

Sierra reached down and took hold of Ray's cock. With a knowing
touch, she began to tug at it. It responded and started to grow

"Let's just do it now. I want to get it over with."

Ray took his time. The Doctor's red tinged cum still drip from
her hole. He began to smear it around her pussy lips and her
clit. Sierra responded to his actions and began to squirm
around on his fingers. Her breathing became heavy. Her eyes
closed and a faraway look overcome her face.

Ray lifted her and placed her on the bed. He stroked her pussy
with his cock head several times than pushed into her. She
grunted with his entry as he forced his way inside her tight
hole. He pushed slowly, noting the expression of her face,
slowing down when it grew pained. Once they were completely
joined and his entire cock within the girl, he held still.

After a moment, Sierra opened her eyes and looked into his face.

"I think I'm ready," she told him. "Go ahead and start."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just hurry up and get it over with."

Ray began pumping into the girl. At first, she just lay there
with her eyes again shut and a resigned look on her face, but as
Ray fucked her, Sierra's young body began to respond.

She lifted her hips up and trusted in time with Ray's humping
motions. Her pussy muscles clamped onto his cock, increasing
the tightness of the fit. Ray lost control and spewed his jism
in the young girl. That ultimate hard thrust of his cock
sparked Sierra's own release. She squealed into Ray's ear and
dug her nails into his back.

They lay in each other's arms. Both panted, pulling great
heaves of air into their lungs. Neither spoke; though Ray felt
Sierra cry for a moment until she fell asleep. Ray stayed awake
and waited. Careful not to wake the girl beneath him, he
glanced at his watch and noted the hours pass.

When the time had reached a late enough hour, he woke the girl.
He handed Sierra his shirt and instructed her to put it on. She
buttoned the shirt up as he brought out his picks. He worked on
the lock with quiet precision, then slowly opened the door.

The large man slept on a chair across the hall.

Ray signaled to Sierra that she should stay behind. He crept
out into the hall, carrying his tie, one end in each hand. One
step at a time he moved over to the sleeping figure. He looped
it around the large man's neck.

With a violent jerk, Ray closed the loop. Sudden movement
caused the chair to fall from beneath the large man. His body
fell to the floor as Ray pulled against it with the tie. At
first the large man's hands reached for the floor to stop the
fall, but they quickly moved up to the cloth around his neck.
His fingers clawed around the edges of the tie, trying to find
purchase enough to pull it away.

The large man thrashed about as he fought for both balance and
against the constriction around his throat. Ray moved with him
keeping the large man off balance so that pull gravity added to
the strength of his arms. The large man's struggles slowed and
then stopped.

Ray held the body up by the tie for several minutes, but the
large man remained still. He lowered the body to the floor
without a sound and went back to the room for Sierra.

She was in the corner, holding a vase. Her wide eyes stared at
the door. Ray held his finger to his lips and then waved her
over. She stopped when she saw the large man in the middle of
the hallway floor, Ray's tie still wrapped around his neck.

Ray grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the way he had
entered. When they had reached the steps to the lab, a noise
came from down the hall, between them and the way out. The two
froze just as the Doctor, dressed in pajamas and a robe stepped
in the hall.

"You!" cried the Doctor.

The old man reached into his pocket and pulled out a revolver.
He pointed at Ray.

Ray turned and pushed open the door. He threw Sierra in ahead
of him and followed. He slammed the door shut. Ray attempted to
turn the lock, but found it stuck.

"Run. Down the steps. Hide," he shouted at the stunned girl.

She paused gape-mouthed for a second before complying. Ray
leaned with all his weight against the door. The Doctor end,
shouting for the large man, struggled against him on the other
side. Ray's fingers fought with the lock, but before he could
get it to move, the Doctor quit pushing against the door.

Ray breathed out a sigh of relief, before a shot exploded on the
other side of the door. The bullet passed in turn through the
door and Ray's arm. He flung himself away from the door and
half fell and half ran down the steps.

At the bottom, he shouted to the girl to stay hidden. He stood
with his hand over the bleeding wound and made his way behind a
table. Before he could get to cover the Doctor entered the lab,
waving the gun. Seeing Ray, he screamed and took another shot.
Poorly aimed, it went over Ray's head.

Ray dived over the lab bench and knocked the instruments
covering it onto the floor. Leaning behind the thick table, he
turned to look at his arm. He saw a Bunsen burner hanging next
to him. Within his reach, a lighter lay on the floor.

"Sierra," Ray shouted. "When I say 'run', go for the door."

He tore the burner off its hose and grabbed the lighter. He
popped to his feet, pointed the hose at the Doctor. He turned
the gas handle. With a click, he struck the lighter.

The stream of fire went right at the Doctor. He threw his hands
over his face, but the flames caught the cloth of his robes.
The man was engulfed and ran around the room.

Ray dropped the hose, still spewing fire and joined Sierra as
she ran up the steps. When they got to the top step, something
in the lab exploded. Ray was thrown into the hall.

He screamed directions to Sierra as he picked himself up. She
turned and went through the doorway to the garage. There was a
door next to the garage door. Ray threw himself against it.
With the one lunge the door ripped from the hinges.

They both ran outside and across an overgrown lawn to a stand of
trees. There was another explosion and flames spread through
the house. They stood and watched it burn down in the
moonlight, arms wrapped around one another.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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