{ASSM} (220 Challenge) Abyss and Amuck and a Really Good Fuck by Desdmona

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Aug 3, 2002, 6:10:02 AM8/3/02

The following is a submission into the Challenge offered by Eli the Bearded.

<A HREF="http://www.panix.com/~eli/220/">http://www.panix.com/~eli/220/</A>

As much as I wanted to do, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, I
restrained. Other liberties, however, were taken at will.

Thanks Eli for a very fun and interesting challenge!

Abyss and Amuck and a Really Good Fuck
By Desdmona
Copyright August 2002
Vocabulary: 208 words
Length: 726 words

A kiss is a wish that a kiss will be missed
When a kiss could no longer be had.
The hope that a lad will surely be glad
If the maid that he wants is still bad.

A groan is a moan that is more than a sigh
When a maid sets it easily free.
There's a fee, so says she, with his hand in the vee
Of her Tee as he pleads for his plea.

Oh the teat is a treat, and the nipple is hard,
And the lad wants to suck on its tip.
He could kiss with his lip, lick like a whip,
Or flip 'round to slip for a nip.

And a stroke with a hope that the maid wants a poke
From the lad and his hard and thick prick,
Or a flick of her clit, then a dip of his wick,
'Fore the slick on his dick is too quick.

A fuck is the luck for the lad who would suck
And a maid, who had hoped to get laid,
But the maid would not aid till the fee the lad paid,
So the lad paid the maid and she played.

A flip like a whip and a nip at his tip
And the lad toned a groan like a moan;
The tone, it was honed, and it wasn't alone
For his bone groaned a tone to be blown.

With a lick to his prick to slick up his dick,
The maid showed the lad she was bad;
As bad as the lad who was even a cad,
But the cad of a lad was still glad to be had.

The lad was afraid while the maid and he played;
He'd be broke with the hope for a poke.
He said, "Give the ol' bloke one more little soak,
Else the stroke goes for broke, and the poke is a joke."

The maid heard his plea and thought of her fee
And quit when the Brit said to quit.
She whipped out her tit with a quick little flit
And said, "See, look at it!" It was a fit tit.

With a flick of his dick on the tit of the chick
The lad was sure ready for more.
It wasn't a chore to get to her core
For garters and hose were all the whore wore.

Naked was she and so sexy and free,
So the lad tested hell to be naked as well.
So what? Who would tell that he buys what she sells.
It was heaven, her smell. He continued to swell.

The lad had to kiss the abyss of the miss
Just one little nip on the tip of her lip
And one little sip of the pip in her dip
One little flip, and he was ready to rip

The lad was in luck--she was ready to fuck,
And the maid, she was paid so she wasn't afraid.
She practiced her trade and got laid when she played.
The maid had it made when she played in her trade

Her body was prone and though it on loan--
She wanted the prick of his dick.
With a quick little nick, he was in slick as slick,
And the chick got a kick from this trick.

A stallion was he, of what she could see,
With a tuck and buck as he stuck.
The quiet little duck that drove up in a truck
Was now in a fuck run amuck.

The whore would be sore if he fucked her much more,
But the lad was a cad--he was mad to be bad.
He was glad to be bad and still be a lad,
And glad to have had what he had

When finally the lad could go on no more,
And his dick was still slick,
And his prick was still thick,
And the smell was still swell,
And he'd dipped in her well,
And the core of the whore
Didn't thirst anymore,
And the hope for a poke
Was no longer a joke,
And the tone of her groan
Was no longer a moan,
And the maid that was paid
Had finally been laid.

Then the lad blew his kiss that he hoped she would miss,
So the maid would insist for one more little tryst.

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