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Aug 10, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/10/95
Archive-name: erotica-faq
Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 25 July 1995

[ Last changed: July 25, 1995 ]

Originally by: Evan Leibovich (
Later by: Tim Pierce (
Now maintained by: Discord (

Copyright 1995 by Discord. Permission is granted to copy and
redistribute this document electronically provided that it remains
complete and unmodified. CD publishers take note: this does not
include you.

This FAQ has been substantially rewritten as of 06/10/95, upon my
taking over from Tim Pierce as moderator for the group. While I feel
that Tim's policies were well thought out and wise, and am keeping many
of them, I felt the FAQ needed a good overhaul, and I will be making
some changes.

For the most up-to-date copy of this FAQ, send mail to with the subject "FAQ". The FAQ will be
placed on the Web very shortly. You can also retrieve the most recently
posted version of the FAQ via ftp from MIT or one of its mirrors:
ftp /pub/usenet/news.answers/erotica.faq
or via the FAQ archive on the Web at:

Moderator of rec.arts.erotica: Discord (
Backup moderator: Michael Handler (


Q: What's rec.arts.erotica all about, anyhow?
Q: What will happen if I post to rec.arts.erotica?
Q: What do you base your reviews on?
Q: What types of stories will be rejected?
Q: What are the guidelines for violent posts?
Q: What should I include in my submission?
Q: Do you ever edit or modify submissions before approving them?
Q: What if my submission is rejected?
Q: Can I post anonymously?
Q: Can you please cancel my last post?
Q: There's never anything in this group but this FAQ. What's wrong?
Q: How do I subscribe to this group?/How do I get hot stories sent to
me? (And other such questions.)
Q: Can I get rec.arts.erotica via e-mail?
Q: Is there a publicly-accessible site which archives this group?
Q: Where can I get sexy GIFs?
Q: What do you do with non-story mail?

Q: What's rec.arts.erotica all about, anyhow?
[kept from last version, unchanged]

This news group is intended to be a low-volume, noise-free
environment in which to find erotic literature, and pointers of
where to find other erotic materials. It is here for the enjoyment
of the Usenet community and no other reason.

Original submissions, and works either released into the public
domain, or copyrighted but without restriction of distribution, are

There aren't many rules here, but there are some. I don't think
they're too outlandish, and I'm always open to change if some policy
is too restrictive. But your reasons had better be good...

If you have suggestions or problems regarding the answers that
follow, please write me. Posting to the newsgroup should also work,
because most news systems automatically mail posts to moderated
groups (such as rec.arts.erotica) to the moderator's mailbox.

Do not post or mail requests for stories of names of archive sites.
Such requests will go ignored.

Q: What will happen if I post to rec.arts.erotica?
[kept from last version, virtually unchanged]

For information on canceling articles that have already been
posted, please see below.

First, your post will be sent to me automatically via e-mail, so
that I can review it. Therefore, don't expect your post to show up
within a few minutes after being composed. It'll have to wait until
the next time I log on and have time to review new submissions. If
traffic is high, this might be more than a few days (and has taken
two weeks or more in the past).

Next, I check it over for acceptability (see below). If your
submission meets all of the guidelines required of rec.arts.erotica
postings, I will "approve" it and have it posted to the newsgroup.
I will also save a copy of your post in the rec.arts.erotica
archives. Please note that by submitting to this newsgroup, you are
implicitly granting permission for your work to be archived here and
at any other archive of rec.arts.erotica that someone might be

Before approving a submission, however, I will add a Keywords header
line to your submission containing a list of the topics explored
therein. This permits people who are either strongly interested or
strongly disinterested in particular topics to determine quickly
whether they will find your post interesting.

The following keywords are used to describe a post's content:

admin: administrative announcements, indexes of stories, etc.
anal: anal penetration/fisting
animal: bestiality and animals
annc: announcements other than administrative: freeware, etc.
bond: bondage (physical restraint)
fdom: domination by females
f-solo: female masturbation and other solitary activities
ff: female-female contact
furry: sentient non-human characters (e.g. "Journal Entries")
gothic: vampires and other Gothic subjects (e.g. "Night Music")
group: group sex and threesomes
heavy: "heavy" forms of bdsm
hist: historical/medieval pieces that do -not- necessarily fall into
the genre of "speculative fiction"
humor: joke posts or amusing stories (e.g. "Barbeque of Doom")
incest: incestuous relationships
m-solo: male masturbation and other solitary activities
mc: mind control
mdom: domination by males
mf: male-female contact
mild: "mild" forms of bdsm
mm: male-male contact
mutual: mutual masturbation or other non-solo masturbatory depictions
nc: non-consensual situations
oral: mouth-to-genital contact
pedo: pedophilia (pre-pubescent) (e.g. "Misty")
poem: poetry
rape: rape scenes and other violent non-consensual sexuality
romance: heavily romantic pieces
rough: rough sex that is consensual but not precisely S&M
scat: scatology and coprophilia
series: long stories split into sections (e.g. "Marie")
sexless: no overt sexual depiction
sf: speculative fiction: sci-fi, heavy fantasy, and the like
sm: sadism and masochism
teen: consensual sex involving teenagers and postpubescents
tg: transgendered (all stages)
tv: cross-dressing, feminization
violence: violent, not (necessarily) sexual/sadistic
water: watersports and urophilia

Before posting an article to rec.arts.erotica, I also add a header
line entitled "X-Moderator-Review." This line contains a numeric
rating which may fall between 1 and 10, and a one-line summary of my
opinion of the post. This entire header is purely subjective, and
may freely be ignored if you do not find it useful.

Q: What do you base your reviews on?

My opinion, and my opinion only. Obviously, this isn't necessarily
going to be your opinion or even -anyone- else's. However, once you
read for a while, my reviews and ratings will probably give you a
rule of thumb to help you scan through the stories, and that is the
purpose of such a review.

Some things I particularly look at in a story include:
* Grammar, spelling, and the like. If there are minor errors or
occasional run-on sentences, I'm not going to mind, but major
flaws ruin a story for me. [Really poor grammar or spelling
may get a post rejected.]
* Dialogue. Poorly executed dialogue really bugs me. I'm not
looking for perfection here, but things like "oh baby, do me
hard with your throbbing man meat" are going to turn me off,
turn my stomach, and lower my rating.
* Continuity. This one is harder to explain, but I'm basically
looking for a certain flow to a story. If it jumps around
or is somehow choppy, it isn't likely to hold my interest, or
that of other readers.
* Realism. I don't mean "realistic" in the sense that I think
everything in the story should be real-world possible, I mean
believable plot lines and situations, and internally consistent
ones as well.
* Originality. This one is very important. There are only so
many stories in the world, but it is possible to tell the
with a fresh outlook. The fresher the outlook, the more likely
I am to like the story. Stories that basically boil down to
"boy meets girl, boy fucks girl, boy goes home" really aren't
what I consider original, but if there's good detail involved,
things that fill in the spaces well, I will think more highly
of the story.

Q: What types of stories will be rejected?

Stories with formatting, grammar, or spelling that is sufficiently poor
as to make the story difficult to read. The following things will
probably get your post rejected (taken [mostly] verbatim from the old
version of the FAQ):

* Screen lines of more than 75 characters.
* Right-justified margins. They are good in theory but, when using
a fixed-width printing medium, make text nearly illegible.
* Inconsistent (or, worse, consistent) misspellings. I don't mean
an occasional misspelling; I'm talking about a great quantity.
* An embarrassment of ellipses.
* Paragraphs that continue for more than a screen's worth of text
(24 lines in most cases).
* Accidental changes of tense in the middle of a story.
* Any common grammar mistake that hasn't already been mentioned.

Unlike the old moderator, I am unwilling to correct minor errors in the
spelling or grammar of a story; if they are truly minor, then they go
out the way they came in. If they are in great quantity, then back the
story goes to the submitter, with a note asking them to please make the
corrections (or send the story elsewhere, if they prefer).

Other types of posts I will reject include:

* Anything that I do not classify as erotica. Note that
"erotica" and "sex" are -not- equivalent terms.
* Ads, personals, discussion/comments, or other non-story
postings. Discussion should be done in
(and all stories will have the followup set that that group).
* Copyrighted work that is not electronically redistributable.
These stories -are- being archived.
* Stories about copyrighted or trade-marked characters.
* Anything submitted from a remailer that does not allow for
return mail. [See below for more detail.]
* Extremely violent stories. [See below for more detail.]
* Binaries of any type.
* Anything that has previously been posted on rec.arts.erotica.
* Stories containing full names. If you want to use "Mr. Smith",
that's fine. If you want to use "Jean", that's fine. Using
"Gertrude Hepstein" is not; it may be fictional, but it may
not be, and I'm not willing to take that risk.

Q: What are the guidelines for violent posts?

Posts in which the violence is either in the form of, for the
lack of a better phrase, tastefully done rapes is fine. BDSM
related stories are also fine; I know those can get fairly
extreme, and I will post them if there seems to be a -reason-
for the violence within them.

However, posts in which there is what I feel to be gratuitous
violence or non-consensual acts will probably be rejected.

I realize there is a fine line between these two categories, and
I may reject something that someone else would find to be perfectly
valid. However, I do not wish to argue about rejections made on
this basis. If you have a story rejected on these grounds but
feel it deserves to be posted, you have the option of posting to, which is unmoderated.

Some of you may recall that I myself have written BDSM stories
with, if not extreme by some people's standards, at least fairly
heavy S&M content. I think that I can judge what is within the
bounds of a reasonable part of a story and what is done merely for
shock value; I don't feel this group needs the latter.

Also in the category of violent posts are snuff stories. I realize
that many people find these to be valid, but I myself do -not-
consider them to be erotica. I will not make a prohibition against
such stories, and I will take them on a case-by-case basis, but
do not be surprised if you submit a snuff story and I reject it
based on this guideline.

Q: What should I include in my submission?
[kept nearly unchanged from the previous version]

Approved postings now carry an "Archive-name" header which is
parsable by "rkive" and other archive-maintenance software.

Because of this, it would make my life slightly easier if you
include *both*:

* a descriptive Subject line. Note that "story" and "submission"
are not what I consider descriptive.

* a suggestion for a one-word archive name. The archive name
should be no longer than 14 characters if possible, and should
consist only of alphanumeric characters and hyphens. If you do
not include an archive name, one will be chosen for you.

Q: Do you ever edit or modify submissions before approving them?

Aside from adding the review header and keywords, I will not
be editing posts in any way.

This is a change from the way Tim Pierce handled the group.

As I mentioned above regarding grammar and spelling, if there are
only a few errors, the post will go out the way it is. I do not
have any inclination to be a proofreader (at least not for free).
Adding that to my duties would, I feel, distract me from the main
purpose of this group, which is to get (reasonably) well-written
erotica out on the 'net for people to read.

I -may- make an exception in the case of excessive line length, if
that is the sole problem with the post.

Q: What if my submission is rejected?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

An unmoderated newsgroup for erotica,, was created
some time ago. There are also other newsgroups for posting general
fiction and verse, such as rec.arts.prose and rec.arts.poems. If
your post is rejected from rec.arts.erotica, you may either edit it
so that it falls within the guidelines for submission and then
resubmit it, or you may post it directly to one of the above-named
unmoderated newsgroups.

Q: Can I post anonymously?

Old readers and posters take note! This represents a definite
change from the old policy on this group.

Any post to rec.arts.erotica must be submitted by someone with
a valid e-mail address. This means, I must be able to send a
piece of mail to the address that is on the post.

I -will- be allowing submissions from Penet accounts, as well
as from what I recognize as established sites that allow
anonymous accounts. Currently, this means Nyx and the freenets.
There must be some sort of name connected with the signon, but
it doesn't have to be a "real" name (i.e., it can be a "handle").

The remailers where return mail cannot be sent to the poster are
specifically excluded, in other words. There needs to be some
way for return mail to get to you.

The reason I require these limitations is that, if something in
in the story is offensive (or worse) to someone, I don't want
to deal with the flak; all author's are responsible for the
content of their own stories. (Critics take note.)

I will continue to not accept submissions from "root", "guest",
"news", "postmaster", and the like.

Q: Can you please cancel my last post?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

I reserve the right to cancel posts which have already been approved
to rec.arts.erotica, for any reason. This includes, but is not
limited to, submissions which violate someone's copyright, which are
subsequently shown to be reposts of old rec.arts.erotica material,
or which prove to be intended primarily to harass or humiliate
another Usenet participant.

I also reserve the right to refuse to cancel any post which was sent
somehow in error. It is your responsibility to check and proofread
messages before they are sent, to know your local site's policy on
postings to Usenet, and to understand what it means to have your
name appear in the header of a post to rec.arts.erotica. I cannot
be responsible for such mistakes, and I don't think it's appropriate
to unnecessarily inconvenience readers of this newsgroup by
canceling posts that were submitted carelessly.

Q: There's never anything in this group but this FAQ. What's wrong?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

The most likely problem is that although the newsgroup appears on
your system locally, for some reason some site upstream from you is
not passing it along. As a result, you will only receive
rec.arts.erotica articles which have been cross-posted to newsgroups
that *are* sent to you. This FAQ is one such article; it is
cross-posted to news.answers and rec.answers, among others.

To solve this problem you will need to speak with your system
administrator, or with the administrator of a site that feeds you
news. I am afraid that I cannot help you further in this.

Q: How do I subscribe to this group?/How do I get hot stories sent to
me? (And other such questions.)

My consultant rates for Unix-related questions are $80/hr, one
quarter hour minimum, payable in advance for e-mail questions.
Alternately, you can ask tech support on your local system to
show you how to subscribe to a newsgroup.

Q: Is there a publicly-accessible site which archives this group?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

* NOTE: I do not have the time to send individual posts in *
* the rec.arts.erotica archive to people, nor do I have *
* the resources to make the archive available via FTP or *
* mail server. Any requests I receive for reposts, old *
* old submissions, or to be subscribed or unsubscribed *
* from mailing lists, are likely to be dropped in the bit- *
* bucket without comment or acknowledgment. *

Such archive sites almost certainly do exist, but many do not wish to
make their existence publicly known because of the crush of archive
requests which invariably results from such an announcement. Please
do not jeopardize the existence of erotica archive sites by posting
their names. I will include the name of such a site here only if the
administrator of the service has given me permission.

If you manage such an archive site and are willing to announce it
publicly, please notify me and I will include it in this posting,
which I hope will be updated from time to time with new information
of this kind. If you are willing to *publicly* archive
rec.arts.erotica but do not have copies of the archives, I will be
happy to supply you with copies of past submissions.

NOTE: I am presently attempting to resolve some difficult copyright
issues with respect to the rec.arts.erotica archives. Until I have
finished, I will be unable to send even archivists copies of this
material. Please have patience.

The following archives of rec.arts.erotica have been made known to

FTP sites:
None. If you manage such a site, please let me know
so I can include the information in this FAQ.

Mail Servers:


Send mail to with the word "help"
in the body of the message. Note that this archive contains
a variety of erotic texts, but does not presently archive all
posts to rec.arts.erotica.


Send mail to with the Subject
header "LIST" to get an alphabetical list of available files
and retrieval instructions. "LIST-NEW" will return a list of
files ordered from newest to oldest. Appending "-SIZE" to
either of these commands tells the server to include the size
of each available file as well as its name.

Follow these instructions *exactly* or it will not work. If
you experience problems or confusion, send mail to and ask for assistance. Like the hermes
server above, this one does not presently include everything
posted to rec.arts.erotica.

(Note that the name of this machine is "dido," not "dildo."
For the literary-minded among you, "Dido" was Aeneas's lover.
Do not send mail to "" or you will look
very silly.)

WWW Servers:


This site maintains a partial archive of rec.arts.erotica and It indexes the stories by archive name and
includes an extremely powerful search engine for easy
retrieval of posts which match particular criteria. For
questions or problems relating to this service, send mail to
Philippe Lavoie (


If you are willing to offer your resources to augment any of these
services, *please* let me know. I would like to distribute the load
of archive requests and mailing list subscriptions over as wide a
base as possible, in order to prevent any single site from becoming

Q: Can I get rec.arts.erotica via e-mail?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

I do not know of any mailing list reflector of rec.arts.erotica
currently in operation. If you administer such a mailing list and
would like it advertised here, please let me know.

Q: Where can I get sexy GIFs?
[kept unchanged from previous version]

I haven't a clue. Nor do I wish to get one, on this subject.

Q: What do you do with non-story mail?

It depends. There are several classes non-story mail falls under,
although I deal with many of them by simply deleting them.

Anything that is covered elsewhere in this FAQ (such as "how do I
subscribe" messages): delete unanswered: I will send someone a copy
of the FAQ if they tell me that they don't have access to the group
and that's why they are asking; ditto if it's been a while since
the last time the FAQ has been posted.

Spammage: ("Make Money Fast" and things I -know- to be posted in
multiple groups of this nature): delete unanswered, unless it happens
multiple times, at which point I send a note to them, CC'd to the
postmaster at their site.

"I want to get laid" and other similar notes: delete unanswered.

Ads: I may or may not post an ad. The decision is based on the topic
of the ad and just how commercial it comes across. I'm currently
debating whether or not to post ads for BBSs. I may post ads for
people looking for story submissions to webzines and other, similar
things. I do not post ads selling sex; those are dealt with by a
note to the postmaster of the originating system.

Discussion-oriented notes: generally, I delete these unanswered when
it is obvious there was a crosspost to rec.arts.erotica.
"Discussion" of the "write me for hot chat" type I delete
unanswered. Other types of discussion I will respond to with an
explanation that rec.arts.erotica is not a discussion group.

GIFs and other images: delete unanswered.

Questions not covered by the FAQ, or people asking for clarification
of things in the FAQ: answer as soon as I can. Sometimes this may
be a while. It's likely to take less time if these are directed

Praise or insults: Usually I save the praise and delete the insults,
and answer neither. Originally I was going to answer all the
praise and supportive notes I've gotten, but they numbered, um,
LOTS. So, A Generic Thank-You (but nonethless a heartfelt one)
applies to all those.

The "delete unanswered" method may seem harsh, but if I took the time
to answer every single piece of mail asking me a question covered by
the FAQ, it would defeat the purpose of the FAQ. The autoreply that
-every- note gets contains instructions on how to get the FAQ.
Moderator, rec.arts.erotica. Submissions to
Administrative mail to Please, no reposts, first drafts,
or requests for "subscriptions," stories, GIFs, or archive sites.

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