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Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor

Mar 26, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/26/97

I'm thinking of writing a DTD to make writing pornographic literature
easier. However, I'm not much of an author. So, I'm thinking that I can
write the DTD based on some porn that someone else has written, and then
I can create the DTD. I'm willing to send a copy of the DTD to anyone
who mails me porn.

SGML is mostly text-based, but I've also been considering a markup for
images and full-motion video. It wouldn't be able to recreate the entire
image or video, but it could be used to mark up a summary.

I've recently completed a DTD to mark up police reports of pyromaniac's
activities, so when I complete this, I will truely be able to write porno
for pyros.

Thanks for your help with this project.

-- Russell O'Connor, SGML fetishist and sex object
Russell O'Connor |
"If you were walking down a dark alley and you met a sequence, how would
you know if it converged?" -- Best, MATH 138

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