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ASPT: First Report 9-11-98

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Sep 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/15/98

This is my first post to the ASPT newsgroup although I have Lurked here for
over a year and a half. I unfortunately have moved from O.C. to Santa
Barbara so this was my first visit in around 5 months. The time might as
well been 20 years, but it all came back once I hit the gates into Mexico. I
arrived Friday night at around 10:00p.m. and made it into the C.C. around
10:30. The crowd wasn't as "packed" as I thought it would be, as this was my
first Friday visit and I was worried about all the war stories on weekends.
My friend and I sat down, ordered a couple XX's, and began what was to be a
very Eventful evening. He was picked up right away from his regular woman
(Maribella). I was cooling down a bit form the walk, when I decided to pull
the bigger lady waitress (there are two that look the same) over and gave a
shot for Sonia. She was indeed there and came and sat with me at the table.
We weren't there long, the posts about Sonia are absolutely correct! We were
quickly up to the room and I had my most satisfying time in Mexico. She is
very friendly, fun, and takes her time. I thought that I wouldn't be able to
walk down the stairs after the 45 minutes I spent with her. I spent a little
more time at the C.C. and decided to head on over to AD to eye the talent
over there. That's where I met up with Phil. I spotted the button from a
far and decided to say hello, Phil is a Great guy and we spent a few minutes
chatting about the talent that particular night. Once inside AD I spotted
whom I think is Carla. I saw the long white dress and curly hair, all that
there to say about this lady is, YUMMY! She was taken as quickly as I
spotted her. We sat down and indulged in some more Alcohol. My buddy went
upstairs with a couple girls while I watched everything that was going on.
(Cassandra and I can't recall the other) Once he was finished with the AD
talent we headed over to CC again. Although still wobbly from Sonia, I
decided to go at it again. I soon found Alicia?! She was wearing a tight
black and red mini. Very short and had small breasts. We quickly headed up
to the room and the half-hour turned into a 1½. This girl was Almost as fun
as Sonia and we kept teasing, laughing, and talking throughout the three
sessions I had with her. Finally spent, we grabbed a couple tacos and bacon
wrapped hot dogs and headed back to the border. A very fun night and I can't
wait for my next visit.

Question: My friend informed me during his session with Cassandra that he
noticed a large lump on the side of her breast. He didn't want to intrude but
decided to inform her of this after the session. I do not think that she
understood him and kinda brush him off as being a pervert for rubbing her
breast again. What would be the proper way to say "lump", I couldn't come up
with it.

Stay Safe and Don’t Get JIPPED!!!


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