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dan edward abend

Sep 24, 1993, 1:58:04 PM9/24/93
The ASM automated file server is still up and operational. It will remain
so at least until spring break. I hope someone can find a more permanent
spot for it since I will be graduating.

I am still working on my Adult Film Database and would like to thank
Peter van Aarle who exchanged databases with me (I'm still integrating your
info but it is going well), Connoisseur who posted his old bios and
provides the DP and Facials lists, Rick Christmas who has provided me
with unlimited info about all our favorites which I will eventually
get incorporated into the bios, and everyone who postes reviews and
helps correct blatant erros or make correction in my biographies.

Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to make suggestions as to who you'd
like to see a bio on next and any additional information that you
would like in the bios. I'm trying to include everything I have
except film ratings. There just isn't enough room and if you are
really interested, there are many sources to looks them up.

Please keep in mind that all request must have the subject abserver-request
or they end up in someones mail box and will most likely be deleted.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The abserver is an automated request system setup to allow the retrieval
of text files without the interference of a human.

Making Requests
To request action from the abserver, send an email message to with the keyword abserver-request as the
subject line. The body of the message should contain a list of
actions for the server to perform.

** NOTE **
If the keyword abserver-request is not present in your subject line,
the server will not process your request because it is directed to
someones mailbox rather than the server program.

Messages from the anonymous server will not be processed since they
will get cut up by the server when sent to you.

Turn around time on a request should be 5-10 minutes. However long it
takes for mail to get here and be sent back. Processing time in
comparison is very small.

Do not include the single quotes (') they are included to show which
words and phrase are recognized by the server as opposed to text
composing the explaination.

To request the index of files available include the command 'index'
in the body of your message.

To request the help file include the command 'help' in the body.

To have a file sent to you that is listed in the index, in the body
of your message, include a line 'send filename' for each file you
wish to receive. [filename should be replaced with the name of the
file you want] If the file exists in a directory, be sure to include
that as part of the request.

When using elm to send a request to the server:
>elm -s "abserver-request"

Trouble Shooting
(1) Be sure the subject line contains the keyword abserver-request

(2) Check your spelling and make sure capital letters were used in
filenames when necessary

(3) Make sure full pathnames were given when needed

(4) Try making the first line in the body of your message a reply-to
line with your return address. Such as

If, after several tries at making automatic requests, you are unable to
get a responce from the server, send a message to the administrator
at the address listed below.

Please address any problems to with the subject

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