A Guy's Second Erotica Post

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Josh Black

May 28, 1994, 8:09:11 PM5/28/94
A Guy's Second Erotica Post

Well, it's me again - Josh Black in Perrysburg, OH.
I've had a rough couple weeks or so and after receiving so
many positive replies to my first post I decided to take
finger to keyboard once again. I can't thank everyone
enough for all the words of encouragement which I
received. I will try to quickly answer the questions I got the

- Yes, I really am 17. I'm a graduating senior and will be
attending Ohio State in the fall.
- Yes, the guys I wrote about do exist. Then, as in the story
which follows, all characters are based and described as
they really exist.
- No, the guys really aren't gay. It's only my imagination
that brought them to the banks of the Maumee River.

Once again, I'd really appreciate whatever comments
or input regards my story. It isn't perfect, but for being
cranked out in an hour late Friday night I think it has it's
good points. I can't reply to everyone, but I'm really
curious as to what people think about my writing. Enjoy!

Josh Black


My Best Friends in the World

"Jeff, can you come over right away? I really need
you, buddy."
"Yeah, sure thing, Bri. I'll be over in about five
I managed to crack a smile through on my tear-stained
face. I'd be crying straight for almost a half hour now and it
showed no signs of letting up. I hadn't been this depressed
since the Fourth of July when he took her to the downtown
Toledo fireworks instead of me. It hadn't been this bad for
a very long time.
My name is Brian, I'm seventeen years old, and live in
a pleasant, upper-middle class suburb of Toledo, Ohio.
Perrysburg, Ohio, is an old, historic community of about
fifteen thousand. I go to Perrysburg High School and will
graduate in a mere matter of days. I won't leap into the two
hour version of my miserable life. I learned very quickly
that no one really wants to hear that stuff. I'll be brief. I
was born with several strikes against me. First off, I have
an eccentric family. They're loving, not quite to the point
of being dysfunctional, but they're eccentric and have
honed their abilities to make my life more difficult. Family
life has never been more than just bearable. If that wasn't
enough, I was born smart. Since I was seven years old I
was ostracized and made fun of for loving to learn. It
wasn't until I got older that I learned to play the status game
and become one of the most popular guys at school. All
these conflicts and difficulties would soon pale before an
even greater challenge. I was born gay.
For years and years I didn't allow myself the risk of
confronting "the Problem" head on. I desparately sought a
girlfriend, I desparately sought a cure. It wasn't until I was
a sophomore in high school that I realized what my life's
fate really meant.
Andy Ferguson was my first best friend and it wasn't
until a year or two later that I figured out all the dynamics
of our relationship. Up to three years before we started to
hang out together I remember intense sexual fantasies
involving Andy. Andy in the shower, Andy at the beach,
Andy and I in passionate embraces. It was through Andy
that I made the next closest friendship of my life.
His name was Jeff. Jeff and I didn't have too much in
common - at least on the surface. I was the intellectual, the
politically active type, the status seeker. I've always
abhorred sports and can barely stand more than five
minutes of a football game. Jeff was exactly the opposite.
His life was football. Every year he was the star player on
the team and made the girls swoon and dated many of these
such swooned girls. Jeff was the body builder and got a
big kick out of showing off his "pipes" to us at school. I
never really looked at Jeff in a sexual way. He was more
like a protective big brother.
It was towards Andy that my sexual energies went, as
did my emotional. Within a space of about three months I
was rather dismayed to discover that I had fallen in love
with him. We began to spend more time together. It was
around the beginning of our junior year that "the guys"
resurrected the elementary school tradition of the sleepover.
About once or twice a month we'd all end up at Andy's
Since those days I've been able to look back on the
sleepovers and chuckle. Everyone would strip down to
boxers within a few minutes of bedding down. Andy would
inevitably be wearing boxers that were just a bit too small
to provide for modesty. Before we went to bed rough and
tumble games were the order of the evenings. I would gasp
for air as the hottest guys in my class, functionally naked,
would wrestle and smash their naked flesh against each
other. I saw "functionally naked" because modesty wasn't a
great priority at these events. Yeah, everyone had on
boxers, but enough open frontal flaps and accidentally
awkward glimpses gave the effect of being around a bunch
of naked guys. Most people were quite modest at heart, but
didn't mind at all if just "the guys" saw their parts in casual
Andy thinks he's very funny. Actually, he is. At one
memorable sleepover in particular he thought it to be
absolutely hilarious to expose his naked backside to the
others. He must have done this a half dozen times that
night. Wearing only these skimpy boxers, he's pull them
down just far enough to show just about everything. I have
lots of happy memories of seeing him 95% naked in front
of me with his boxers almost down to his knees. I never
saw him from the front. Andy had a rather odd manner of
handling nudity. He'd be perfectly comfortable waving
around his bare ass and sitting around in boxers, but he'd
invariably go into another room to change.
This was nothing less than infuriating. I was lowered
to the state of madly trying to catch glimpses of things he
wasn't willing to share. I remember once being in his room
when just he and I were spending the night at his house
after a night of partying before. He and I were walking
around in boxers talking about the night before. All of a
sudden he leaped back into his bed back first. He sat there
on his back with his legs spread while he chatted. I don't
believe he realized that absolutely EVERYTHING was
quite visible. He was talking about hot girls at the party the
night before while I was watching his penis and testicles
move around in their nest of pubic hair. He only sat like
that for a few minutes before he went in to shower. His
bathroom is adjacent to his bedroom, so he took off his
boxers right in front of the door. Of course, he didn't turn
around (modesty, remember) and he kind of covered up his
genitals with his hands when he walked into the bathroom.
He left the shower door cracked and I managed to position
myself for a very nice view reflected off a mirror. I saw
him come out, water dripping down off his wet cock. He
dried off in front of the mirror and proceeded to shave and
brush his teeth in the nude, all the while carrying on a
conversation through the partially cracked door. I don't
remember a single word of that conversation, but I could
describe every up and down movement his cock made in
that five minute or so timespan. His scrotum hung low and
his dick tight. It was beautiful enough to inspire tears.
Late last July the three of us, me, Jeff, and Andy,
decided to mount an overnight camping expedition down
the famous Maumee River. Andy's modesty was enough to
frustrate me beyond end. Here we are, three guys, and he
continued to persist in requesting that we turn around when
he was changing. Jeff and I didn't really care one way or
another. If we had to get out of wet swim suits we'd just
drop them where they lie and walk around in the buff over
to our camping gear. It was on this trip that I first got my
est glimpses of Jeff naked. True, at sleepovers I'd gotten
my share of quick glances through narrow openings, but
here on the banks of the river Jeff was more open then ever
before. For some time I'd been so infatuated with Andy
that I'd never noticed Jeff's extraordinarily well-defined
body. The first prolonged look I got of Jeff was from
behind. I remember clearly looking at every muscle and
sinew and how they all worked together. His naked
backside wasn't just an erotic object, but rather a powerful
symbol of human masculinity. As he turned around I
almost focused inmore on his chest than on his genitals. I
knew that he'd been working out for some time, but I had
no idea that he looked this good. His chest was fairly
hairless and then lead down to the soft fur surrounding his
equally powerful-looking cock. His thighs were relatively
large and screamed power. Power. Jeff's body was pure
power and it was only equalled by his powerful adolescent
personality. Jeff had long been a steadfast and supportive
friend. Seeing him here naked before me, I began to view a
sex object.
Around midnight that same night Jeff and I wanted to
go swimming in the buff in the river. Andy (of course) was
too modest, but he volunteered to spot us in case one of us
slipped on a rock or something. Jeff and I were somewhat
embarrassed to be just plain naked together instead of
naked together because you're changing clothes or
showering. We splashed around and dove into the cool
water for awhile before returning to shore with Andy.
Walking back was rather embarrassing, but with the
effective use of our hands to preserve modesty in front of
Andy he arrived and threw on some boxers to sleep in. The
next morning Andy dutifully asked us to turn around as he
changed into some clean swim trunks for the return trip. I
sort of sighed and said to myself, "yeah, right." I watched
out of the corner of my eye. The view wasn't perfect, but I
saw him quickly pull down his boxers over his taunt cock.
He kicked them aside and pulled up the swim trunks.
The next few months were very rough for me. I could
spend twice as long describing and cataloguing the events
in my emotional attachement to Andy as my sexual
attachement. I loved him and it really hurt bad. He and I
would have long talks on the phone late at night. We'd go
out to eat and see a movie on occasion. To him these were
nothing, to me they were passionate dates. Andy got a
girlfriend and within a year they were quite serious. My
time with Andy was suffering and I was feeling very alone.
Jeff took over Andy's supportive role, though was
somewhat confused about why I was getting so bent out of
shape over another guy.
It was almost exactly a full year ago that I came out to
both Andy and Jeff. They were suitiably shocked to learn
that I was gay, but all of a sudden a lot of things made
sense. Needless to say, the sleepovers and campouts
stopped. Andy never wavered in his support, but things
were never the same between us. I already mentioned the
Fourth of July. I fully expected to see the fireworks with
him, but he went with his girlfriend. I began to get angry at
Andy for stupid things and our relationship suffered. Jeff
helped me out and we'd talk about the necessity of getting
over Andy and moving on with my life. I was seventeen
and had never had a single sexual experience, nor any
romantic escapades. I really felt alone.
Last night was the annual, end of the year senior
campout at a campgrounds up in Michigan. Dozens of my
friends came and by about midnight we were all sufficiently
drunk to have a good time. [N.B. I'm by no means
advocating that alcohol is needed for a good time. No, but
it sure does help an awful lot] We all either went to bed or
passed out around three in the morning. I did genuinely
enjoy myself. And, I got the biggest thrill out of seeing all
the guys' penises as they urinated just a few feet away from
the campsite.
I was the first one up the next day - I got up right at
dawn. It was a hot early summer morning and the morning
air was already humid and sticky. I walked around the sight
and looked in the various tents. I didn't know where Andy
had slept. I finally ended up in front of a small two-man,
green canvas tent. I looked in and was immediately sick.
There was Andy's girlfriend, covered up underneath a
blanket. And there was Andy. Buck naked. He was
uncovered and lying on his back. He was beginning to
wake and nonchalantly reached down and scratched
At that point I still could not accept that that girlfriend
of his could have Andy in that emotional, loving way in
which I would never have him. Now I had to face the fact
that sexually she had him as well. That was too much. I
drove home immediately. I must have cried for an hour
straight. That's when I called Jeff up on the phone.
"Jeff, can you come over right away? I really need
you, buddy."
"Yeah, sure thing, Bri. I'll be over in about five

Soon the doorbell rang and I told Jeff to come in. My
parents were chaparoning a soccer tournament with my
sister's soccer team up in Canton, Michigan. I had the
house to myself. Jeff had canceled working out at the
school's weight room to be with and comfort me. He was
wearing brightly white new tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a
goofy t-shirt that said "Perrysburg High School Athletics:
We works ours off so we can kick yours." Jeff is perhaps
one of the most supportive people I know. He comes from
a long line of emotional and caring Italians always willing
to offer a hug or embrace. His hair was cut short and he
took off a Perrysburg High School football department cap
when he walked in.
Jeff gave me a big, customary, "it's gonna be all right"
hugs. I led him to my living room and we sat down close
next to each other on our couch. I told him everything
about the night before. I occasionally would pause for sobs
and he would look pained to see a friend hurting so much.
Jeff had been hearing for a year about how my feelings for
Andy had made my life a brutal hellish cycle of confusion,
sorrow, and isolation. Jeff had been there by my side and
now it hurt him to see me at my worst.
I couldn't go on with my story. I stopped babbling
about my feelings and just started to openly sob. Jeff put
his arm around me and pulled me close. I put my head
down on his powerful, muscular chest and cried. I sensed
that Jeff was getting choked up, too. Jeff pulled me even
tighter. I could feel his left nipple poking through his t-
shirt. Being so close to that perfect torso began to take my
mind off of my problems as I began to get quite turned on.
Then Jeff did something rather odd. He kissed me
twice on my head. Now, Jeff is known for being an all
around touchy-feely sort of guy. He's always willing to
offer hugs and warm touches, but at this point he was going
further than even Jeff's lax standards considered
appropriate. My head was still buried in his chest as he
reached around with his other arm and put both his arms
around me. He held me and bent his head down to kiss my
forehead. I looked up into his eyes. I will never forget that
look in his eyes. It wasn't an "okay, I'm horny, let's do it"
look, but it wasn't a frightened look of "hey, I'm sorry for
going too far." That look gave me a ten hour lecture in the
meaning of love and masculine friendship in a five second
glance. Our eyes connected and locked. His look said to
me, "Brian, it's time." It was time. I had been so
emotionally strung out over Andy that I had never taken the
time to notice what had happened to Jeff and me.
Jeff lied down backwards on the couch and pulled me
with him. We lied horizontally on the couch, me on top.
Our heads, our noses, our eyes were an inch apart. Then
our lips met. We passionately kissed and kissed. Our
manly bodies writhed as our mouths locked in an almost
violent intensity. Tongues fought and maniacal suction
consumed us. I began to kiss his cheeks, he began to kiss
my earlobe. I sucked his neck, he pressed his lips all over
my forhead. Noses, ears, lips, teeth, eyebrows - all were
common property.
We both knew where this was leading. Our hands
began to explore each other's body. I felt those powerful
muscles. I squeezed his biceps and once again buried my
head in his awesome torso. He reached back and grasped
my buttocks, slowly kneading them through my own blue
Jeff crossed his legs and kicked off his shoes to the
floor. Both of us were in stocking feet. I reached down
and grasped the belt buckle of Jeff's jeans. I slowly undid it
as we continued our passionate gropes. Still, at this point,
no one had grasped that seat of our manhood, our genitals.
I finished undoing the belt. I unbuttoned his jeans and
unzipped his zipper. He was wearing immaculate white
briefs. All this time I was almost oblivious to Jeff's actions.
He too had undid my own belt and unbuttoned the top
button. I clumsily got Jeff out of his Jeans. We still were
grasping each other, and it was difficult to slide his jeans
down off his waist. I got them to his knees and took a
break to stroke his downy thighs. I pulled them down to his
ankles. He kicked them off to the floor and lied there on
the couch in his t-shirt and briefs. I saw what a spectacular
bulge awaited me down there.
While still kissing him, I reached down to his thighs
again. I slowly snuck my hand under the elastic on his
briefs around his left leg. I touched his testicles first. I felt
the peculiar texture of his tight scrotum and moved up my
fingers to his only semi-erect penis. I took my hand out of
his briefs and was about ready to help him get my jeans off.
"Brian," Jeff whispered, "can we go somewhere else?"
I looked around and realized we were still in my downstairs
living room.
"Upstairs. My room."
Jeff stood up, wearing only his t-shirt, white briefs,
and socks. I sat there on the couch looking up at his perfect
body, my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped to reveal plaid
boxers. Jeff lunged down and picked me up. He began to
carry me up the steps. He left his jeans downstairs. I
couldn't resist and put my hands in his briefs as we went
upstairs. His dick was calming down a bit and I could
manipulate and wiggle in around. He threw me down on
my bed. I lied there as in one stroke he took off my jeans
and boxers. He pulled them down to my knees, paused to
view my supple, erect cock, and then pulled them around
my ankles. He crawled on top of me and we kissed. I felt
my genitals rub against his which were still oppressed by
the white fabric. We rhythmically moved our hips and
rubbed them together.
We were both still in our t-shirts - Jeff in his briefs and
me naked from the waist down. Jeff went down on my
cock. He really attacked it. His powerful mouth sucked
and licked furiously. He only paused once to put my entire
scrotum and balls into his gaping mouth. I bent over him
and stretched to grab his ass. I pushed back the elastic to
see his powerful bare ass. I rubbed it and stroked it.
Soon I couldn't bare not seeing his genitals any longer.
I slipped my cock out of his mouth and bent my own head
down to his crotch. I whipped off his briefs and threw them
across the room. Seeing his powerful cock, next to his
powerful, downy thighs was a shock. I never expected it to
be so perfect, so strong, so powerful. Before attacking it as
Jeff had done to me, I merely kissed the tip. I began to only
engulf the perfectly rounded tip in my mouth. I heard Jeff
experience the pleasure. We readjusted into a sixty-nine
position and enjoyed each other for an eternity.
At one point Jeff fell off the bed during our passionate
love making. I leaned over the side and spread my legs
wide. He kneeled on the floor and I put my hands
underneath his t-shirt to caress his fleshy muscles. I
stripped him of his t-shirt as I took off mine. I sat before
him totally naked as he knelt before me totally naked. I
moved my spread legs around his body and kneaded his
buttocks with my bare feet while he kissed my navel and
rubbed his chin and cheeks through my pubic hair. About
five more minutes of this intense pace brought our mutual
climax. Cum flew and we collapsed picturesquely in each
other's arms. We were both exhausted and fell asleep with
our now fatigued genitals touching.
When we both had awoken Jeff called his parents and
said he'd be spending the night at another sleepover at
Brian's house. We spent hours and hours acting out every
fantasy we could think of. Most just involved hanging out,
playing games, eating, and wrestling in the nude. I could
have just sat there for hours pondering the strength in Jeff's
muscular form. Never having a lover previously I had
never known what it was like to have another cock to
manipulate and fondle with as much ease and comfort as
your own. We ended up watching t.v. together while we
stroked and held each other's penises in our hands. The
next morning Jeff went home after we had a long talk. I
sensed that he was somewhat confused about how the
whole thing had happened.
My outlook on life is a bit different today. I'm still
depressed and still hurt, but just maybe things are going to
work out. Just maybe.

=== The End ===

I love Andy Ferguson.

John A. Stanley

May 28, 1994, 11:17:19 PM5/28/94
The description of Andy's modesty brings to mind a very odd thing I
observed about a month ago. I was at Club Body Center in Miami FL
(a gay bathhouse) sitting in the hot tub with two other guys. We
were making small talk when one of the guys stood up to get out,
and with both hands he covered his crotch! Here was a queer guy at
a queer bathhouse, and he didn't want anyone to see him naked. Go

John Stanley (jsta...@solar.win.net)

Frank Robinson

May 29, 1994, 4:15:02 AM5/29/94
John of Franknjohn

Frank Robinson

May 29, 1994, 4:16:08 AM5/29/94
maybe new?

Michael J. O'Neill

May 29, 1994, 12:59:20 PM5/29/94
Josh Black (pbu...@delphi.com) wrote:
*: A Guy's Second Erotica Post
: My Best Friends in the World
[balance of post omitted for brevity]

<applauding> Wonderful!!

Would love to see the first post (which, unfortunately, I missed).


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