I Was Always A Fashion Rebel, Now, I have Unknowingly Become A Fashionista!!

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Jun 19, 2022, 6:27:33โ€ฏAM6/19/22
(I wrote this back at the end of April and just finished editing it now!)

Well, score one for me! I'm not as far out into left field as some people say I am.

I can't believe I was actually ahead of the game where fashion is concerned. First of all, let me clear this up, I hate those shorts that look baggy and go below the knees. I think they go by the name 'cargo shorts'. They have numerous large pockets and they just look ugly. I don't mind athletic shorts, even though most go "almost" to the knees, but they tend to fit more normally, not in any way baggy.

I need to add something else. Back in the early 70s to mid-90s, guys wore short shorts. In 1973, I was 18, and I wore cut-off jean shorts that were well above half-way between my thighs and my knees. Most, if not all of my friends wore their shorts that short if not shorter! While a lot of guys wore short shorts back then, mostly, they did it to attract and entice the ladies. Not so for my friends and myself. Because for us, our wearing of short shorts had to do with the fact that, back then, like me, pretty much all my friends were Gay, and we wore them short to attract and entice other guys. My then boyfriend wore shorts shorter than I wore. Then again, and I openly admit this, he had the nicest legs than anybody else I knew, male OR female. His legs were so shapely and smooth! "Ashley" had been shaving his legs since he was 16. He was more than justified to wear those really short shorts so he could show off those gorgeous legs of his And just to add, he was the person who got me to start shaving my legs just after we met and started dating when I was 18. Both of us, as well as several other friends had no problem, as the main complaint about guys wearing shorts that were very short was that some guys would sit and let their private parts hang out. We were quite conscious of it, which is why we all wore bikini briefs, which kept our private parts private. Ah, those days of my youth!

Three years ago, in 2019, I decided to buy some new shorts. I checked things out on the internet and researched a style known as "chino", shorts that are a cotton blend and super comfortable. I found the perfect fitting ones at, of all places, Walmart. Their clothing brand is called "George". I take a size 34-waist, and I bought two pair this one evening. What I wanted was at least one pair in white. What I bought was both pair were a very light coloured beige. I looked at other stores, and in a fit of going overboard, I ended up with, what, eight pairs of these chino style shorts with a 9-inch inseam. Weirdly, they were all the same colour, that very light beige colour. The 9-inch seam put the hem of the leg about 2-inches above my knees. The shorts were, and are really comfortable, particularly when it got, or gets warm. I should add that I refer to these shorts as my spring-and-fall shorts, I wear them from just before March 21st, until well, after New Year's Day. That is, until it gets to June and the weather really warms up!

I should explain why I want a white pair. This goes back to my younger days when I dated Ashley, my first boyfriend, and we went out. I had three pair of white shorts back then, as did Ashley. After I turned 19, which was 2-1/2-months after Ashley and I met and began our wonderful relationship, we went out to this underground Gay bar at the University. When we started going there, after I finally turned 19, we wore what we called our typical "uniform", a pair of short, white shorts, and because it was fall and the weather was cool, we usually wore black-coloured turtleneck sweaters. When I wear shorts, I have a pair of Sketchers running shoes I wear almost all the time, and they're white. Couple the white shorts and shoes with a black tee shirt, I look cool! Or so I've been told. The light beige shorts do look good with the black tee shirt and white shoes though, and I am still looking for at least one white pair for "formal" affairs.

My research didn't stop. I wanted something just a little shorter. Well, I found them, and I found them at of all places, Amazon. Now, I have stopped buying anything from Amazon, and I don't even like them anymore. In fact, because of a dispute with them over their censoring of a book review I wrote about the attempt of Christian groups trying to destroy the public education system in the U.S., I ended up cancelling my account with them. This led to a serious situation, because I didn't realize Amazon was so vengeful. I am now backlisted from buying any books from sellers who, though independent, sold through Amazon at the order of Amazon. The sad part is that there were five different sellers whom I bought from through Amazon that are on "Book Riot's" list of the 10 best on-line book retailers. Oh well!

The shorts I found on Amazon were their "Goodthreads" brand chino shorts, and I got two pair that were a 7-inch seam, which worked out to be about 2-inches shorter than the ones I got from Walmart. They were even more comfortable than the ones from Walmart. Unfortunately, no luck in finding a white pair. The closest I came with Amazon was a colour called "stone". They are really close to white. As i said, I bought two pair. then I decided to get another three pair. Here is where dealing with Amazon where they screw up can pay off. My order got lost. Amazon replaced the order. That order never came. I'm now two lost orders. Oh, and the second order was replaced for free. That order got lost! Amazon replaced that order, again for free. That order got lost, so I cancelled them all. The Amazon representative refunded all my money and said that if the orders ever did show up, just keep them. That was around Christmas, 2020 and into early 2021. At the beginning of March, ALL THREE ORDERS SHOWED UP! I ended up with nine pairs of stone-coloured size-34 by 7-inch seam chino shorts. That actually made eleven pairs all told! Oh well, that gives me a pair a day with a couple of spare pairs. Oh, I should also add that I refer to these as my summer shorts. I start wearing them the first day the temperature goes over 25-degrees Celsius, which usually occurs right at the end of May..

So how do these 7-inch and 9-inch seam chino shorts make me a wearer of the latest fashions? I was reading a column from spy.com through Pinterest about the latest fashion in men's shorts. This article said that shorter shorts are in for guys! And they said that one of the latest in-styles are these chino-style shorts with either a 7-inch seam or a 9-inch seam. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I have the latest fashions! I'm now a fashionista! Wow! I never thought that would have ever happened, since I have always bucked this "latest fashion" trend all my life. Now here I am in my late 60s, and as I said, I am now a fashionista! Cool!

For a moment, I need to point out one point mentioned in the article. When discussing the inseam length, the article was explicit that shorts with a 5-1/2-inch inseam were too short. There are instances where some guys are built such that shorts with a 5-1/2-inch inseam are perfect, almost justified. Admittedly though, this describes younger guys, guys in their mid-to-late teens and into their 20s. What is my evidence to that? About two weeks ago, I had I will say the pleasure of meeting two young men (if they were 20, that puts them old) in a 24-hour coffee shop. It was 3:30 in the morning, and as I pulled up, the two of them were walking up to the door. How can I describe them without getting excited! By that, you can guess these two young men were, shall I say cute. No, make that down-right drop-dead beautiful! Aside from both wearing black "GAY PRIDE" t-shirts, both wore shorts that wear the same "Chino" style I've been talking about. And their shorts were SHORT! The inseam length was easily the 5-1/2-inch length the Spy article panned. The point was with these two delicious pieces of young male cheesecake (My favorite way to describe a gorgeous young Gay guy. My other favorite way to describe them? Pure eye candy!), was that they had exceptionally beautiful legs, very shapely and very smooth. The very short shorts they were wearing suited them perfectly! I would go as far as to say that with their legs, those short shorts were a must for them! As I said, very delicious pieces of male cheesecake! Yum! Yum!

Now, you are probably saying, "Why is a guy your age looking at those two 20-year-olds (if they even are that old) like that?" Even though I'm old enough to be their grandfather? I can still look, can't I? I just can't touch! Besides, back at the beginning of 2020, I got into a brief relationship with a gorgeous 23-year-old piece of delicious Gay cheesecake, so why not look and enjoy the view!

There is just one point about guys wearing these shorter shorts. So many of these guys, especially the younger guys from their mid-to-late teens and well into their 20s and early 30s, have exceptionally nice-looking legs. In order for them to look their sexiest, THEY MUST SHAVE THEIR LEGS! That is a given! Shorter shorts that show off more leg make having super smooth legs a must! After all, I have been shaving my legs since I was 18! So, if I can shave my legs, they can too!

Love to all!

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