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Christine M. Faltz

Jan 7, 1995, 12:00:00 PM1/7/95
[Any comments, suggestions, etc. welcomed]


1. What is

A.s.f.s. is a group specifically dedicated to the lustful
devotion to any and all Star Trek characters, the people who play
those characters, technology, (oh, those forward thrusters!) and
ideas (what is the *real* scoop behind Bajoran nose ridges?)
Obviously, we let our imagination roam free here -- we can get
really graphic here, so if you're a kid who isn't supposed to be
indulging in such stuff, please don't, because we don't want your
parents or legal guardians coming after us with handcuffs -- or
maybe we do. Just tell them to wear a Starfleet uniform -- and
it'll be good for us.

2. Why

Why not? Who needs a reason to have sex, real or imagined?
(grin). Seriously, (sort of) although there is plenty of Star Trek
porn out there, we feel our special fetishes and fantasies deserved
a space all its own -- and why not? Why should you have to hunt
though piles of smut when all you require for your -- pleasure --
is a healthy erotica fantasy involving Captain Picard, or a hot
holodeck story involving Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi?

3. What kind of stuff is posted here?

A.s.f.s. welcomes any erotica you would like to share with us,
as long as it has to do with Star Trek -- The Original Series
(TOS); The Next Generation (TNG); Deep Space 9 (DS9); Voyager --
the movies, the comics, -- whatever. Just be aware that we don't
discriminate here. This is not a group for heterosexual, vanilla
ST erotica -- we get downright bizarre and disgusting here
sometimes, so if you're very sensitive or a homo/biphobe and easily
offended, please be prepared to leave us alone or get used to
hitting your "N" key. You can, of course, always resort to the
Kill file if you must -- but we're not interested in what makes you
unhappy here, only in what makes you happy -- among other --

4. Do I have to be a good writer?

Well, you don't have to be Shakespeare (though it would be
nice if the Bard would drop by now and again). But please do try
to have your posts formatted properly for easy reading; run your
stuff through a spell-checker and attempt a reasonably well-written
article. It's much more enjoyable for us that way.

5. Can I post sexy pictures here of ST stars?

*No*, please do not! This has come up for discussion several
times here, and because of the amount of bandwidth taken up by such
pictures, the consensus was that we did not want to risk a.s.f.s.
being dropped because its space was taken up primarily by binaries,
which are huge space hogs. There are several erotic picture groups
to choose from, so please select an appropriate one and post a
message here telling us where to find it. You can also send
pictures to our FTP site.

6. Is there an FTP site for this group?

Yes there is. If you want to contribute a picture or story to
the site, send it to If you want to see what's
available at the site, do the following: try ftp'ing to (or if it's busy,, and go to the
directory /pub/ev/evansc/stories. For pictures, substitute
"pictures" for "stories".

7. I don't have FTP access. Is there another way to get
stories or pictures?

Yes. For stories, you should check out the archive server Send e-mail from you to the address
just mentioned, with subject HELP and the server will respond
automatically with a detailed HELP file explaining its features --
how to get a list of the contents, how to obtain stories, etc.
This server is maintained by David Huberman (
and it contains many types of erotica, from the very badly written
to top-notch stroke material. It is *not* all Star Trek-related,
but there is a section of Star Trek stories. If you send subject
LIST to the server, you will receive an alphabetized contents --
search for "star-trek" (remove the quotes and use no caps) and you
will find the section containing all ST erotica submitted to the
server. There is considerable overlap between the stories at the
Louvre and those available from the FTP site.

As for pictures, you'll have to make requests in the group for
the types of pictures you're looking for if you don't have FTP

8. I have a request for a story. What should I do?

Please check the FTP site and/or the Louvre for the story. If
you cannot find it in either place, post your request to the group
-- at least one of us is likely to have -- or be able to locate --
the story you are seeking.

9. What is Patrick Stewart's (Brent Spiner's, Michael Dorn's)
e-mail address?

We don't know -- and if they've got Net access, they're
probably hiding from us purposefully. (grin).

10. Are there any related newsgroups?

There is a newsgroup called alt.startrek.creative, which is
devoted to ST stories and parodies of all kinds. If you post
erotica there, however, please indicate that it is erotica by
placing (XXX) or (NC-17) in the subject line. The reason for this
is simple consideration: most material posted to is not
erotica, and some simply do not believe such material belongs
there. Although the majority of the readership who discussed this
subject on said erotica could be just as creative as
anything else, it is a matter of courtesy which isn't unreasonable
under the circumstances, particularly since a.s.f.s. does exist
specifically for the purpose of ST erotica and related subjects.
It should be noted that the reason erotica is posted to is
not only because erotica is a legitimate genre, but because many
servers do not carry the* groups, so there are ST fans who
want access to ST erotica, but cannot get it unless it is posted to
a non-erotic group.
There is also a group called -- which,
(how did you guess?) frequently contains snippets about Patrick
Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard, as well as some other bald captains who
aren't worth mentioning here.

11. What else can I post here?

Oh, just about anything naughty you can think of -- as long as
you work Star Trek in somehow. Perhaps you want to know which ST
faves have appeared nude or semi-nude in magazines or movies.
Perhaps you just want to share your throbbing need for Captain
Picard (I do this often and vociferously myself). Perhaps you want
to indulge in speculation about sex with Q, Odo or Data. Go right
ahead -- that's what we're here for!

Well, that's what I've got so far. Suggestions, additions,
etc. are very much appreciated.
Actually, I've got a specific request. Could someone put
together a reasonably comprehensive list of what
movies/videos/magazines our ST faves have appeared in in the buff,
in whole or in parts? (Oops, in part???) Such queries are fairly
frequent. Send it to me and I'll add it. I'll be sure to credit
anyone whose suggestion/addition makes it to the FAQ.


"Who needs rational when your toes curl?" -- Dr. Crusher
"Growl at me, so that I know you still care." -- Q

Scott Dawson

Jan 9, 1995, 10:26:33 AM1/9/95
In <3emhag$> (Christine M. Faltz) writes:

>[Any comments, suggestions, etc. welcomed]

Don't change a thing.
It's great

Scott Dawson

Timothy Middleton

Jan 9, 1995, 10:06:47 AM1/9/95
In article <3erkj9$> (Scott Dawson) writes:
>From: (Scott Dawson)
>Subject: Re: Proposed a.s.f.s. FAQ posting
>Date: 9 Jan 1995 15:26:33 GMT

>Scott Dawson

Huummm please repost sample FAQ . I did'nt recieve it for some reason.... and
you *know* how anxious I am to read *anything* that cums from the pen of the
great Christine:)


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