Janome MyLock 134D - Good or Bad?

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Jul 26, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/26/98
I'm considering buying a serger and would appreciate any comments regarding
the Janome MyLock 134D.

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 27, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/27/98

I own a Janome 234D and love it. It is a basic machine and will not do the
fancy things, but it is a workhorse. I've owned it for 9 years and am looking
at a new one simply because I want some of the fancier stitches now. Just keep
it maintenanced well and it shoudl give you many years of good service.

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Kashara/Don Hard

Jul 30, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/30/98
to Stefani276
I also purchased a Janome MyLock 634D, had problems with it and the dealer, but
were resolved. Would suggest that you purchase the 634D if you can afford it, and
prices are negotiable. It is a much nicer model, jam proof, very easy threading,
with lots
of options, and easy conversion for the rolled hem, I had ordered the Compulock
and dealer got the MyLock 634D instead, but all that was resolved, and the
888 is probably the newest computerized serger that I will get, much nicer than
(which is basically way out of date) easier, more features than Pfaaf, and
although the
Elna 925 is bearing the Elna name it is made by Janome.

Stay away from Juki, singer, brother, they are terrible, and if you can, go
directly to the
MyLock 634D, at about $500. much better machine, and top-of-line, and best in
for mechanized machines.

Sharon in OR

Aug 1, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/1/98
I have had a Janome My Lock 634D for about a year and a half and have
had no problems with it. It was easy to learn, with four lessons from
my dealer. I upgraded from a 3-thread White 503...the Janome is much
better and I love the ease of changing to a rolled hem....I don't have
to change the plate as I did with the old one.
Sharon in OR
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Aug 2, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/2/98
to alab...@my-dejanews.com
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alab...@my-dejanews.com wrote:
> I'm considering buying a serger and would appreciate any comments regarding
> the Janome MyLock 134D.


I own the 134D and have had it for almost a year now. It was $400 when I
bought it (I don't know where the rest of you found your 634D's, but when I
looked at it, the price was $999). I'm not exactly rich so I went with the
134D. It has been a good machine and hasn't broken down. The only problem I
have had with it was my own fault (don't pull fabric while the presser foot
is up and try and stitch. Bad idea!).

All in all it has been a great little machine, and for what I need it for
(edge finishing, seaming, gathering, some rolled hems) it has been great. It
is not exactly easy to thread from scratch (usually you can get it threaded
by leaving the old thread in, cutting it off near the top of the machine, and
tying the new thread to the old and running a few stitches), but if you do
have to thread it from scratch it's not impossible.

Granted, if you have the money, get a higher # model (the 634D is my goal
eventually). But if you don't the 134D is a quality machine for the money.

Hope this helps!
Sara T.

Kashara/Don Hard

Aug 2, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/2/98
to sa...@cavalry.com
Saw a l34 for sale in Tucson yesterday for $199. The going price for the 634D in
Az. is
$533, w/o trade, and between $450 - 525 with trade. Most of the dealers here do
want to trade. Also, is available for sale from All Brands, SewSerg, Ultimate
Sew via the
Internt for less.

It is wonderful for a mechanized machine and way ahead of the competition in
of knives, almost jam proof, very easy to thread, works great on all materials.
Am trading
mine at full puchase price credited for the new Compulock 888 which is also sold
considerably less at some dealers here as low as $1600, and it does have a
minimum of
$200 credit offered back to the dealers from Janome as a trade up value offered
on the
Janome internet site.

The dealer that I am puchasing from is not the lowest priced dealer, but does
offer lessons on the machines, etc. The lowest priced dealer does not and does
not keep in stock but
orders them at rock bottom plus a margin for herself. I think that the dealer
that will also
give unlimited lessons should be paid a bit more for the time, etc.

Have found Larry and Sandy McCauley dealers of Janome products from Spokane and
frequent contributors to this site, to be the best informed, most consumer
oriented spokesperson for Janome, it is because of him, that I reconsidered my
decision to never
consider a Janome product after the intitial problems with the local dealers who
do not
keep products in stock, nor accessories that are not aftermarket, but genuine
was sold accessories that did not fit the 634 D. He helped tremendously, and
Janome Corp. has not answered our formal complaint as yet, the dealer did offer
to make
things right, as he admits the mistakes were his. He was under the impression
that the
Compulock 888 was an insider/internet joke, it isn't and sold the Janome 634D as
the top
of the Janome line, and said the Compulock did not exist, it does, and did.

e not seen the Compulock as yet, as none of the dealers have it in stock, and
will order it only if you agree to purchase it, sight unseen. That is just the
SE AZ dealers, but
as I have almost made up my mind to purchase the MC 9000 and Compulock together,
one did agree to order the Compulock so that we could see it.

So, we shall keep checking out sewing machines until the Janome dealer in Tucson
from vacation on/about 8-17-98. Second choice was Viking 1+, but their new
machine will be debuting in Nov 98, and expect their prices to tumble. Janome
better more updated computer compatibilites and quality. Very disappointed in
Bernina, sluggish, and
very old computer tech. Pfaff nice but not in Janome or VH league, also costs
more, does less.

I do recommend Larry McCauley often on this site for a source of Janome info,
techinical abilities, comparisons, and pricing info.

Good Serging!! Kashara


May 18, 2020, 7:56:18 AM5/18/20
I have owned my 134d for 21years and never had it serviced(regrettably) it stopped today and I am going to seek another one. It has been a great machine and doesn't do fancy stuff but sees beautifully for what I want it for.
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