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Joy Beeson

Mar 25, 2022, 11:37:18 AMMar 25

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Eh, this is in the drafts folder, I might as well send it. Alt.sewing
isn't exactly crowded.

I assumed that I could copy the post onto the clipboard, then open
2022SEW1.HTM and paste it, but it turned out that paste is one of the
functions that don't work under DOSBOX. I can, however, create a
Notepad file directly in directory Pcw, and move its contents with
PC-Write tools.

DH is still working long and hard on making me a computer that runs
DOXBOX under Linux, and so far it seems to have the user-defined keys
(It *can't* overwrite them with Windows keys!) and would be ready to
start using for real . . . were it not that all but one of the files
is Read Only.

Play with the toy machine came to the top of my priority list today

Friday, 25 March 2022: I think I already posted about the toy sewing

Opening 2022SEW has gotten too complicated for quick casual remarks,
so I created a post in Agent.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Bra White Linen #6 blue is being worn only in the house in case I
suddenly need to change. I do hope that I can resume work on the
yellow-linen bras Real Soon.

They will be only a temporary fix, because that yellow linen should
have been in a dollar-a-yard bin.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

#6 hit the rag bin of the laundry hamper today -- right after I washed
all the rags.

When I took the clothes off the line, I found that a hem of an old
hand towel, now doing duty as a dish towel, had come undone on one
end, so I stopped folding long enough to re-sew it -- careful not to
put it down at any time, because it's a *dish* towel.

I quadruple-pressed the other selvage edge of the new sheet today.
That will be the last time the iron will be required for this project.

But I did climb back up and plug it in again when my favorite mask
came out of the washer, so I could iron the headband dry, then hang it
over the chairback where I keep it so the crinkle-gauze veil could

I think I have time to pin before supper -- I've laid out ingredients
to combine and zap.


Pinned and sewed too. I set a count-up timer, and it took me eleven
and a quarter minutes to stitch six yards of hem. I haven't measured
the length of the straightened fabric.

But I no longer feel up to thinking, so I'll read funnies and Usenet
until bedtime.

Thursday, 10 March 2022

To start the day off right, I started pinning before breakfast, and
finished just when my scrambled egg with potato and onion was ready.

I set the count-up timer again, and sewing 118 inches of hem took
00:19:29 (when false precision is removed, twenty minutes). Ten of
the twenty were spent starting and stopping. It took five minutes and
some seconds to sew the first end of the hem closed, and much to my
surprise, the other end, which didn't require fussing and fuming, took
from 00:16:30 to 00:19:29.

It's only 11:13. I expect to put this sheet on the bed tonight.


I forgot to start the count-up timer before pinning, but that is just
as well because I got interrupted. I found that I'd sewed a pleat
into the side hem, but this was at the very end, so I just cut the
stitch that was holding it and trimmed the ends of the threads.


It took 18:?? to sew the hem. I pushed the wrong button, the count-up
timer didn't stop, and I was busy inspecting the hem and didn't notice
until 19:05.

The shorter time was partly experience hemming, mostly because I did a
better job of pinning.


Ready to take a nap under my new sheet. If they don't shrink a *lot*
in the wash, both sheets will need to be shortened.

Friday, 11 March 2022

7:59 pm

At long last back to the bras! But I don't remember what I was doing.

So instead of sewing, I copied 2021SEW2.HTM to 2022SEW1.HTM, deleted
the top of 2022SEW1.HTM, and commented out the bottom of 2021SEW2.HTM.

Didn't get a start on copying notes from STOPGAP.TXT, but I made a
pass at learning to use FileZilla. Logged in just fine, but clicking
"transfer" didn't get me anywhere. I hope it doesn't insist on
copying the entire drive, because I can't get the entire drive ready
to copy before the first files I cleaned up need cleaning again.


Saturday, 25 March 2022

One right clicks on the file or folder one wants to move, then chooses
"upload" from the menu. I'm seriously considering resuming mantenance
of LETTERS. PAGESEW is too huge to delete and replace before I've had
a little practice. And too complicated to maintain with a crippled
text editor.

Yesterday, DH gave up on trying to gain access to the files. Alas, I
can't understand how to use a computer, and he can't understand what
I'm trying to do.

Programs, like shoes, have to FIT. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't
matter how good it is.

Joy Beeson, U.S.A., mostly central Hoosier,
some Northern Indiana, Upstate New York, Florida, and Hawaii
joy beeson at centurylink dot net
The above message is a Usenet post. [sort of!]

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