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Re: We Knew the Justice Department Case Was Bullshit. This Affidavit Confirms It.

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Stephen Boudreaux, MD

Aug 27, 2022, 7:30:34 PM8/27/22
Rudy Canoza <> wrote in

> By Andrew Weissmann
> We always knew that whatever the information about the Mar-a-Lago
> search that would be released by a federal court, it would not help
> Donald Trump.

Well, yes it did. Every POTUS in history has left office with "sensitive"
material in their possession. Lesser state members such as John Kerry,
whose loyalties are certainly in question did, as did Hillary Clinton.

Every living POTUS in history is secretly polled by the deep state in
times of uncertainly.

Trump being a target of the deep state is the exception to the rule.

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