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"######## is your Facebook account recovery code"

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Jan 1, 2024, 8:37:12 PMJan 1
Messages like this are probably attempts to break into your Facebook account, as well as other Meta accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram, Threads, and the Horizon metaverse.

Do not click on anything in the email! Instead, exit the browser, then, in a fresh browser, with no other windows open (I think that in most browsers, Windows and tabs share info with each other, no matter what security options you use) log into Facebook, change your password, enable two factor authentication, and log out into all other devices. I'm not sure that is good enough - Facebook says you don't have to log in, that you can click on your picture instead. But if you want to continue to use Facebook, this may be the best you can do.

What a miserable security system Facebook/Meta has!

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