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PAID WORK - help to establish security infiltration evidence

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Spencer Marsh

Jul 12, 2022, 7:32:40 AM7/12/22
Please help me (a security newbie but computer literate), establish evidence of remote control - infiltration of my machine.

Expect this to be:

Hypervisor - I seem to be in an emulated environment on 2 machines.
Perhaps designed CPU hypervisor exploit, in-born into the CPU design.

Exploits found.

Internet service - trace - anomalous results

Any kind of Intruder found we may try to Attack Target. (if you're willing).

Generally well meaning Innocent American Citizen here with the best intentions towards all other's. In need of help.

Running two machines: a Windows 11 machine and a debian linux machine,I am interested in this analysis on my Linux machine only.

Expect $10-$100 / hr for 1-10 hours work to collect evidence. To be approved every hour of work. Paid via Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin, or other (negotiable).

Seeking highly adept researchers as this machine and this infiltration is a gold-mine.

I have seen:
On Surface Pro 3 - In UEFI with all peripherals disabled + booted into safe mode -> The mouse cursor move by remote control.

DOS (Server 500 messages) - targeting several websites I am about to browse.

Traceroute - Usually pins my IPV6 to Atlanta, GA. Or Arlington, VI.
I am located in CA.

I have seen internet bandwidth and USB transfer speeds throttled with apparent "intent".

I have the names of the suspicious persons involved.

I generally think this is being performed with stolen Intelligence Community level exploits and attacks.

Any general free advice is welcome too.

If you'd like to see my more complete story:
I may be mistaken in some aspects of that story.
Please see my resume for my career background on that website for more information too.

I have seen

Cybersecurity experts -
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