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2 Weeks Notice...August 29,. 2001

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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Jul 30, 2021, 6:58:50 AM7/30/21
(Two weeks’ notice.)
(The first of five-jet hijackings were abandoned, as one of the pilots,
Zacarias Moussaoui had a case of Deja-vu)
I’m coming home
I’ve been here before
It’s been a long, long road
Travelled many times, times
(The terrorists had been planning on striking the statue of Liberty.)
Been walking miles trying to find my lady
I love her so, dearly so
She got my heart, keeps the child in me
My guiding light, she set, sets me free
(Tower one)
I'm coming home today

(Word broke out that a jet crashed and closures of airports were in

Travelling that walk
Happy as I could ever be
I thank you with all my heart
Just where to begin
I know that love will never depart
These many oceans are filled with tears
Cry for centuries happiness and fear
I think its time I bring up my anchor
Paddle on to a distant shore
Somehow someway I’ll make it home
What my love will say I’m countin’ on
So many times I crossed the Lords path
I might have forgiveness just from where I’m at
Now I don’t know about you
You had your time, you made it through
Somehow someway you might may find
Something beyond, that love be so blind

(Middle East – desert, no one knew as to the origins of the attack of
tower one, except the CIA, President Bush, M2 Technologies Inc and
assorted others in dream, did you?)

May the sand flow through your fingers

(crow – death)
And when that crow flies it’ll guide you on
Somehow someway
(With a worldwide audience witnessing the dramatic attack upon tower
two, soon thereafter, the USA is resigned to believe, we were at war).

I am coming home again
(the Pentagon)
I’m coming home again

(Choose your God.)
(News breaks out to those on Flight 93)

To my love, my one true friend
I’ll make you happy
I know I’ll make you cry
I’ll give you my love all the time
When we’re alone with the spirits who listen and talk
We may decide on our eternal walk

(President Bush amongst the children, and thinking of his own two twins)

Someday our child, one or two
Will know at least your love
And what I’ll put you through

(President Bush was given anti-psychotics as reports surfaced he was
found screaming at Presidential portraits in the White House after
9/11/01., diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic).

(Ray Charles later went on to use a muse of my now ex-wife Leonda
Emmerich, alone hand across her face from a smaller rooftop as the two
towers burned in the distance. The United States of America was
officially in a state of war, newly born.)

Under our roof, massive or small
With a fire burning
And as our child crawls
We’ll sing together, country and blues
You lead the way
I’ll try my best to satisfy you
Woman Leonda

(Flight 93 lasted 40 minutes, from the airport to Shawshank,
Pennsylvania, original destination, Washington D.C.). Within and into
the ill-fated final spinning moments, out of control, into the Earth,
leaving almost no trace of the jet in a crater.)

I’m coming home, to you

2001 – 2020 ASCAP
W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Company
BMI 2020
Musicality Music International Publishing Company
Created and recorded live at the Prodigal Son coffee house, Hyannis, MA.
USA, August 29, 2001.

Hey hi,

The song "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" is
very much about that day, two weeks ahead of time. Literally performed
and recorded Wednesday, August 29, 2001. Looking back now, I now
realize, this “diamond” of a song should’ve been named “America” yet
Leonda is very much a red blooded American.

When heard in reverse, amidst all that Arabic “language”, around the
3:50'ish mark "I saw Saddam" is plainly heard. "I saw Saddam" is there
as I recorded the song during its live performance, there without any
backmasking as Led Zeppelin is on the record for doing and the only band
that I know of that has done that, yet I am sure others have, I don't
know who. It sounds as if my English in reverse is complete Arabic and
at that 3 4/5th mark, in English I'm plainly heard saying "I saw Saddam'
in forward but while listening in reverse of the entire song. Led
Zeppelins classic "Stairway To Heaven" is known for back masking. The
band placed the sentence "must have been a bad boy for now I am Satan"
into the song only hearing it while the song is played backward. They
didn't do that naturally, they physically by using tape placed that
sentence in its forward motion into the songs reverse motion. With
merely a stereo two head microphone and a Sony minidisc recorder, the
song took shape as the device lay behind me on the floor in a fanny pack
less than 3 feet from a picture window with Ocean Street a leg stride
from the pavement. The follow up song / single “Got Me Worldwide” ends
with me walking out the front door and a thump is heard nearly 20 times.

It got me an audience with President George W. Bush twice, once as I
called Sony Media, the White House intercepted, unless you can convince
me that of all people on the planet, Sony's rep also sounded identical
to the president and his name was/is George. That same summer,
Sandwich, MA. USA, at Dunkin Donuts, where I was employed at the time,
3rd in command, the President, George Bush drove a white box truck, blue
jeans and green t-shirt, walked in, ordered a medium coffee, paid cash,
left a tip and not one person batted an eye, as for me, I realized who
he was but stood their silent like “wtf, where is security?”. The video
cameras had it all.

The song isn't the only factor,

My then in laws were CIA trainees under former Deputy Director Ray
Cline. Cline gave President Kennedy the very surveillance photos of
Cuba that started the blockade and cold war, why? Russia put nuclear
missiles in reach of Miami, it would have taken less than 5 minutes to
obliterate Miami.

Later on, Cline in 1989, started the United States Global Strategy
Council and as I married Leonda Emmerich, her mom’s sister, Janet & her
husband, joined the council, serving directly to Cline, for almost 5
years. Janet and Chris Morris went on to start, M2 Technologies Inc.
and that quickly became the #1 Non-Lethal Technology company nationwide
after 91101. Most notably for bringing from then communist Russia,
psychological, digital and infrasound warfare tools not seen in the USA
before. Those tools can make anyone hear voices.

So, how did I place my imagination into spoken word forward while the
song is played in reverse?

As far back as summer 1984 when the then fictional tale, "The 40 Minute
War"a front for what Janet, myself and her husband Chris came to know
amongst the three of us and eventually their niece my ex wife Leonda
envisioned as September 11, 2001.

The actual book, published and released publicly August 1984, sixteen
years prior to our nightmare became Bin Laden's choice of weaponry,
decided when after President Clinton ordered a failed mission in Africa,
Janet & Chris gave the world's most dangerous terrorist a copy
personally to OBL. The cover depicts a passenger jet within 50 yards
away from a nose dive destined to strike the capital building, home of
Congress with a nuclear device aka bomb on board.

The failure of Flight 93 Amen!

I honestly don't know how I did that so any explanations, thoughts,
comments is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

*indie I am and unsigned.

William Mahler
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