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Re: SNP drops plans to pardon witches

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David Dalton

Nov 27, 2023, 7:29:43 PM11/27/23
On Nov 27, 2023, Ned wrote on alt.buddha.short.fat.guy
(in article<>):

> On Monday, November 27, 2023 at 1:27:57 PM UTC-8, Julian wrote:
> > Ding, dong, the bill is dead. Yes, that’s right: Holyrood’s
> > much-trumpeted plan to pardon witches has now been dropped by the SNP,
> > as the party desperately tries to conjure up something resembling a
> > governing agenda. Around 4,000 Scots accused of being witches were
> > tortured to gain their confessions and executed under the Witchcraft Act
> > between 1563 and 1736. Legislation to pardon them was introduced last
> > year by Natalie Don, a backbench nationalist...
> ---
> It has been estimated that tens of thousands of people were
> executed for witchcraft in Europe and the American colonies over
> several hundred years. The exact number is unknown, but modern
> conservative scholars estimate around 40,000–50,000.
> Scholar Carlo Ginzburg of the University of Bologna, in his work
> Night Battles, estimates the number between 3-4 million people.
> Common methods of execution for convicted witches were hanging,
> drowning and burning. Burning was often favored, particularly in
> Europe, as it was considered a more painful way to die. Prosecutors
> in the American colonies generally preferred hanging in cases of
> witchcraft.
> ---
> Hot stuff.
> Ned

After I read that I did a massive parallel soul alignment,
aligning each so executed who has not yet reincarnated
(and hence is either in the afterlife, and still could
reincarnate, or in the beyond afterlife) with a pentacle
pendant worldwide. (I have crossposted this to some
other newsgroups, and those on those groups may be
interested in other posts in the original thread on
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy .)

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