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Dreaming of scooters...

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Bryan O. Bedell

Jan 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/23/96
: Course, there's lots of scooter shops out your way; I'm sure they'll
: contact you! As for mags, if you picked up "Scootering" from the U.K., I
: think you'll be sorely disappointed at _anything_ in the U.S. Haven't
: seen anything here even CLOSE to that mag!

: Hey guys, tell me I'm wrong -- I want to be!!!

: Dan

My new 'zine is no "Scootering" but it's pretty good if I may say so myself.
There are several rally reviews, an interview with Cub, An interview with
Martin Wales (Kinder Nacht comic) and a feature on Lord High Fixers, as well
as other scooter news and info.
Send $2 concealed cash to:
Bryan Bedell
2440 West Walton #2R
Chicago, IL 60622

You'll dig it, at least I sure hope you will, because I worked really hard on

There are several other 'zines, too, but I have yet to see any. Anyone wanna
do a trade?

Thanks for listening to my spam.

SPAM: 2stroke buzz motorscooter 'zine [issue one]
2 available Jan 20, 1995. email for info.
B Bryan Noise, Chicago, IL.

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