Mirror weight depends on weight of object in reflection ?

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Skybuck Flying

Jun 27, 2022, 5:30:23 PM6/27/22
On youtube there are these videos of machines that "run for ever" or "for a very long time".

One of the videos is very strange. It shows two mirrors on a balance. If one of the mirror reflects a heavy weight the mirror sinks and the other goes up... as the mirror sink it looses track of the heavy weight and it becomes lighter again, now the mirror at the top is reflecting the heavy weight.

Granted the balance moves strangely... perhaps there is indeed a hidden motor somewhere. Though it could also be some kind of lag as the light hits the mirrors.

The video descriptions mentions two new laws:

1. The weight of the mirror depends on the weight of the reflected object.

The other videos seems very believable why would the only fake this one or is there something to it ?


I cannot find anything on the internet about any new mirror reflection physical laws.

I do know that solar sails can be pushed forward by light/sun/lasers and such.

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