Quantum Computing And Living Systems

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Nov 18, 2007, 12:37:12 PM11/18/07
Advances in quantum computing, including the development of a working
prototype by a Canadian company add considerable support for a theory
that I proposed some ten years ago. That is that the nucleus of every
living cell already contains the equivalent of a quantum computing
capability, and that there is no sudden discontinuity between non
living matter and living things, because the fundamental principles
are continuous across the spectrum of all living and non living
being. This idea was further developed to say that intelligence is a
fundamental principle of the universe, and that the universe could be
understood, in metaphoric terms, as Being "the mind of god". That is,
the universe could be comprehended as Being the equivalent of a very
large quantum computer capable of experiencing and learning,
remembering, itself via non living and living beings that comprise
it. (Some of the discussions were with Jack Sarfatti, here on
sci.physics, so it seems appropriate to expand and reiterate here.)

I have also proposed, in various forums, that the genetic code
contains a quantum computer capability, a quantum brain, as well as
the more commonly discussed genetic blueprint. It was proposed that
every nucleus must necessarily contain such a brain or there is no
possibility provided for the evolution of more sophisticated, learned,
intelligence, in living things. Furthermore, at least some of that
primitive intelligence must be inherited from one short lived
generation of simplest organism to the next. Otherwise the whole chain
of evolution, as to evolving intelligence and complexity within the
context of organismic survival, becomes impossible. It was and remains
my contention that the quantum computing capability within the spiral
helix of genetic materials, contains the "software" programs necessary
for evolved functions and provides a basis for the inheriting of some
forms of intelligence along with the increasingly sophisiticated
functions. This provides a basis for understanding some specific
forms of anomalous memory and behaviour (for instance some complex
forms of migratory behaviour in creatures with relatively simple
brains, and more difficult anomalies such as the basis for belief in
the phenomena of "reincarnation" and Plato's theory of anamnesis -
recollection of intelligence.)

Best regards,

Bob Ezergailis

aka Robert Morpheal


Nov 18, 2007, 1:22:34 PM11/18/07

Very nice, I think I first read about it in some interpretations of
Sumerian stuff.

I had found a way to do it using normal computers but that gives
enormous programing drawbacks. The basics are already crazy, how use
infinite memory? When can we say we are using it? Save the teraflops
of Internet on it? Isn't that like a grain of sand? That doesn't
qualify as usage? lol Isn't it guaranteed we shall always make
infinitely small usage of it? haha??

"Being the equivalent of a very large quantum computer"

How large you say? lol?

I had also envisioned the intelligent matter you talk of has an
infinite number of macro and micro variations.

A particle never stands still and it never has a fixed location. There
is a group of infinitely long stings right there. Every dot makes a

A few billion positions down the decimal point time sure elapses

Seems like there is infinite multiplexing going on.

All while not using any significant portion of that one small Q-

Usage will always be close to zero :-)

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