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Magical Thinking

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Corey White

May 12, 2023, 5:02:48 PM5/12/23
Imagine two space ships, in a universe empty of everything else.
The two ships were flying away from each other, and you had to
determine which ship was flying faster.

Lets say the first rocket ship's computer said it was flying at
4,000 MPH. And the second rocket ship's computer sad that
it was flying at 10,000 MPH.

Would there be any reason to believe this was true just because
the computer said so? It would be just as logical to say the first
ship was flying at 14,000 MPH and the other was stationary.

That's why we use light as a constant, to judge the motion of
other things.

However, where did light come from and will it always be here?
Without light everything is subjective.

Science is built on the assumption that fate or god is responsible
for everything. But science is not 100% reliable. If an alarm clock
is set for 7:00 AM, it won't wake you up if it brakes or is turned
off again.

Einstein created what scientists call the photoelectric effect. The
photoelectric effect turns light into electricity, and changes the
way we think about everything.

If a laser is shot in a straight line at a photo-detector connected to
a switch, something else happens.

The laser shoots so accurately and so fast, that we can say exactly
when it will trigger the photodetector, and be right 100% of the

This is a 4th dimensional breakthrough, and could lead to new
technology. I even think the mechanism behind the double slit
experiment has something to do with this line of research.

There is a branch of science that overlaps with magick called
chaos theory. It proposes that actual randomness can exist in

If you believe that an outcome will occur in a chaotic system
there is the possibility it will effect that system. If your belief
can't effect that system then there will be no influence at all.
But because there is a possibility that you effect that system,
it will always remain a factor that works into the odds.

Some scientists study randomness in an attempt to find patterns
and relationships with consciousness. There are many patterns in
nature that show this to us. The golden ratio, and the spiral can
be found everywhere for example.

If you take Pi and multiply it by 2 miles, it rounds down to
10 Killometers. And if you take the speed of light and round it
to the nearest place it is 180,000 miles per second. 180 is also
half the circumference of a circle and also the sum of all the
angles in a triangle.

Scientists believe that for consciousness to operate it must
use life as it's vehicle. Life of course only exists with the right
balance of sunlight and chemistry. The first kind of life as
we know it used light photosynthesis for its energy.

Trees, for example, grow towards light during the day, and at
night they rest just like we do. Maybe the reason we dream at
night is because of our evolution from plant life.

Many early cultures worshiped the sun. What if however, the
Sun was just a vortex sucking consciousness from the dream
time? What if dreams were real?

We can see that the mechanism for evolution exists in all life.
However this does not mean the newest forms of life are more
evolved. Trees for example existed long before dinasuars, and
are still evolving today. Perhaps they have discovered something
that we have not!

The solar system is divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac:

01. ♈ Aries
02. ♉ Taurus
03. ♊ Gemini
04. ♋ Cancer
05. ♌ Leo
06. ♍ Virgo
07. ♎ Libra
08. ♏ Scorpio
09. ♐ Sagittarius
10. ♑ Capricorn
11. ♒ Aquarius
12. ♓ Pisces

There are 10 known bodies in the solar system,
Aside from earth:

01. ☼ Sun
02. ☽ Moon
03. ☿ Mercury
04. ♀ Venus
05. ♂ Mars
06. ♃ Jupiter
07. ♄ Saturn
08. ♅ Uranus
09. ♆ Neptune
10. ♇ Pluto

Add the two together and you get 22.

There are 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot
There are 22 Letters in Hebrew
There are 22 Paths on the Tree of Life

And then there is the Catch-22:

"By requesting a mental evaluation, and hoping
to be found not sane enough to stand trial, you
show your own sanity by creating the request.
So cannot be declared insane."

By adding one more planet, ⊕ Earth
You arrive at the number 23, which is the number
of mans rise into heaven above the angels.

2 divided by 3 equals 0.666

One day man will discover a physical heaven:

01. ☼ Sun
02. ☽ Moon
03. ☿ Mercury
04. ♀ Venus
05. ⊕ Earth
06. ♂ Mars
07. ♃ Jupiter
08. ♄ Saturn
09. ♅ Uranus
10. ♆ Neptune
11. ♇ Pluto
12. ✡️ Heaven

Which gives us 12 planets and 12 constellations.

12 x 12 = 144, the number of the rapture.

There will also be 12 choirs of Angels:


01. God
02. Seraphim
03. Cherubim
04. Thrones
05. Dominions
06. Powers
07. Virtues
08. Principalities
09. Archangels
10. Angels
* 11. Saints
* 12. Mankind

And 12 Chief Angels

01. Elohim
02. Uriel
03. Raziel
04. Raphael
05. Ariel
06. Michael
07. Jophiel
08. Zadkiel
09. Gabriel
10. Barachiel
11. Jeremiel
12. Selaphiel

This is powerful knowledge, and I have put a few spells
Together for you based on all of this:

Tree of Life

01. Producing - Tiphareth - Attraction / Creation
02. Vanishing - Yesod - Stealth / Invisibility
03. Traveling - Hod - Direction / Teleportation
04. Influencing - Netzach - Charisma / Hypnotism
05. Penetrating - Malkuth - Escape / Intangiblity
06. Controling - Geburah - Energy / Telekinesis
07. Restoring - Hesed - Renewal / Healing
08. Predicting - Binah - Wisdom / ESP
09. Transforming - Chokmah - Develop / Shapeshift
10. Knowing - Keter - Empathy / Telepathy
* 11. Destruction - Daath - Curse / Destroy
* 12. Revelation - Ein Sof - Visions / Rapture

Planetary Hymn

01. Angels of the Sun. A light brighter there is none.
02. Angels of the Moon. I ask my prayers come real soon.
03. Angels of Mercury, in the sky. Give me wings so I may fly.
04. Angels of Venus. Let your light reach between us.
05. Angels of the Earth. To all life you give birth.
06. Angel's of Mars, I cast this spell into the stars.
07. I beg the Angels of Jupiter. Make me healthy and make me pure.
08. Angels of Saturn, reveal the great pattern.
09. Angel's of Uranus. Without your light the night is nameless
10. I ask the Angel's of Neptune, to bring this life back in tune.
* 11. Dark angel of Pluto, spare me from the grave below.
* 12. Spirit of the Milky Way take me where the angels stay.

Revelation 13:18 states that if one is wise and has an understanding
to count the number of the beast, which is also the number of a man,
the number comes to 666.

Here is what is known as a magic square:

35 01 06 26 19 24
03 32 07 21 23 25
31 09 02 22 27 20
08 28 33 17 10 15
30 05 34 12 14 16
04 36 29 13 18 11

Rows Total = 111
Matrix Sum = 666

There are free programs online that can generate any kind of
magic square. Perhaps this is a way to turn a computer into a
kind of magic.

Where science overlaps with magic the most is in the emerging
field of quantum mechanics.

There are two types of analog clocks. The first stops on every
second, and the other is always moving. What's interesting about
that is that our actual experience of time is a mixture of

There is a thought experiment called Schrödinger's cat.
To explain let us decide on our frame of reference. We will use
24 hours. For the experiment we will observe a cat for one day,
and then put it in a box with a poison dish of milk. We close the
box and leave the cat in it for another 24 hours, and then take
the cat out again on the third day.

We know with a great deal of certainty that our cat can't resist
the poison dish of milk. However, we have restricted ourselves to
observing thus experiment in quantifiable time units.

This means that while the cat was inside the box it was both alive
and dead. Literally.

This may not just be a thought experiment. After all, how much
"time" do we experience in a single moment even right now. Life
isn't a chess board to be easily planned out or recorded.

There are forces in physics which are said to be ficticious.
These are physically apparent forces that are actually nonexistent.
Centrifugal force is an example of a fictitious force.

Einstein managed to blur forever the distinction between real and
fictitious forces. General relativity is his theory of gravity, and
gravity is certainly the paradigmatic example of a "real" force. The
cornerstone of Einstein's theory, however, is the proposition that
gravity is itself a fictitious force (or, rather, that it is
indistinguishable from a fictitious force).

What if there was a new dimension we weren't aware of that wouldn't
be restricted by the speed of light. It would be made of changes in
viewpoints. Like the rotation of an object.

The rotation of an object cannot be directly compared to the speed
of light. If the object is small enough however, it can still rotate
at a zillion times a second.

There is a thought experiment in which the speed of light is
apparently exceeded. The rotating beam of light from a lighthouse is
imagined to be swept from one object to shine on a second object.
The farther the two objects are away from the lighthouse, the farther
the distance between them crossed by the light beam. If the objects
are sufficiently far away from the lighthouse, when the beam hits
object 2 it will traverse the object with an apparent speed faster
than light, possibly communicating a signal on object 2 with
superluminal velocity, which violates Albert Einstein's theory of
special relativity.

Relativity theorizes that time is just an axis on the number line.
So what would happen if time were accelerating? The number line
would have to itself be able to change!

We would need to create new dimensions to map the changes in the old
dimensions. But this would seem to become a recursive and nested loop
that never ends.

Time also has a psychological aspect to it. If time itself were to
speed up or slow down, would anyone even notice?

Now here is the idea. If we were to actually slow down time around
an object it could create the effect of anti gravity. This is
because it would be moving with the earth, but it would be
following a slower path through the same space!

The Wright Brothers discovered a new property of physics called "Lift"
in their Dayton Ohio Bicycle Shop. When a bicycle wheel is rotated
clockwise and at the same time the wheel is rotated counter clockwise
on another axis it will physically try to lift itself in the air.

This strange property was then exploited by the Wright Brothers to
control the flow of air force around a primitive plane to fly!

What they never would have guessed however was that this gyroscopic
effect worked in reverse in the Earth's southern hemisphere. Just like
water going down a drain.

This caused early planes to crash when attempting to circumnavigate
the globe, and eventually created the Bermuda Triangle legend.
Modern military aircraft are so large and heavy, anti gravity is the
only way to explain how they can remain in the air.

An English professor named Eric Laithwaite lectured on this effect and
constructed various experiments that you can watch online.

Finally lets discuss the subjective nature of numbers themselves. Does
the word "One" mean anything different than the integer "1"? I wrote
a program that assigns every letter a unique number, so that the
letters added together in the word for any integer total up to the
value of that same number. It wouldn't be hard to do this and assign
the numbers to add up to a different than expected value:

[ E, F, G, H, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Z]
[-2,-6, 0,-7, 7, 9, 2, 1, 4, 3,10, 5, 6,-9,-4,-3]

(zero) = (-3 + -2 + 4 + 1)

(one) = (1 + 2 + -2)

(two) = (10 + -9 + 1)

(three) = (10 + -7 + 4 + -2 + -2)

(four) = (-6 + 1 + 5 + 4)

(five) = (-6 + 7 + 6 + -2)

(six) = (3 + 7 + -4)

(seven) = (3 + -2 + 6 + -2 + 2)

(eight) = (-2 + 7 + 0 + -7 + 10)

(nine) = (2 + 7 + 2 + -2)

(ten) = (10 + -2 + 2)

Next to prove that we can actually use this system:

(ten^(two))*three = (10 + -2 + 2)^(10 + -9 + 1) * (10 + -7 + 4 + -2 +

(ten^(two))*three = ( 10^2 ) * 3

(ten^(two))*three = ( 100 ) * 3

(ten^(two))*three = 300
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