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Jan 29, 2022, 11:47:44 AM1/29/22
Here is an idea which I wonder if it's physically possible or not:

Multiple rocks/satelittes/counter-weights are "hung" in space/orbit around arrive.

Thin,light but strong cables are hung from these counter weights.

A base/platform is then hung onto these cables to create a permanent "space-linked" sky base where balloons/zeppelines can dock/land or even planes.

From there payloads can be lifted into space via a space elevator from the skybase into space. Thus cables all the way to earth are not necessary and perhaps this can circumvent weather and gravity issues and also traffic/plane issues and other engineering issues.

Now the question is would this skybase slowly or quickly be pulled back down to earth ? Perhaps some rockets onto the counter-weights can keep them in space... or the counter-weights have to be placed in a high orbit around earth, this is where math, physics simulations can come into play to see/calculate what is necessary and if this is feasible or not ! ;)

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