World's Only 1% Accurate Measurement of God

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Jul 27, 2021, 10:40:04 PM7/27/21
From: George E Hammond
Cape Cod, MA USA
photo of
George Hammond with Hans Eysenck
Montreal 1996

Dear Editor of Japanese Religions: July 20, 2021
Would you please consider publishing my 1200
word original manuscript "The Psychometric
Measurement of God" in your Journal Japanese
It is said that a prophet is never appreciated in
his own country. I am a complete stranger to Japan,
and therefore I am interested in what the eye of a
stranger might see in this paper.
With best wishes,
George E Hammond MS physics

After 50 years by a worldwide army of Psychometry
researchers using desktop computers a top, final
eigenvector has been discovered and named the "GFP"
(general factor of personality) by psychologists. It's cause
and significance were unknown and hotly debated until
yours truly physicist George E Hammond, discovered that
the "GFP" is scientifically provable to be the God of the Bible.
God is now measured to 2 decimal point accuracy and hence
there is no longer any doubt about the existence of God, or
exactly what God is scientifically!

The Psychometric
Measurement of God

(1200 words)

George E Hammond MS Physics
May 14, 2021

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