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Black Couche Tribo+Piezo Electric Effect Hypothesis, Generating 30.000 volts.

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Skybuck Flying

Nov 1, 2022, 8:52:15 PM11/1/22
Today, 2 november 2022, I think I cracked the code or am getting close to it.

I suspect the couche is seperated into three parts, generating different electric effects, see youtube video for an explanation:

1. The top part/pillow: tribo electric effect
2. The seating part/pillow: piezo electric effect
3. The bottom part/pillow: tribo electric effect

Perhaps all three differently charge and/or some kind of interaction is happening between these effects. Perhaps something new, not yet discovered.

I am not an electric expert, but what electric component does this drawing remind you of if any ? Assuming my suspicion that there are different charges in each part.
For example part 1 positive, part 2 negative, part 3 positive.

Which kind of electrical component functions like that ???

Bye for now,
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