Garmin .FIT files, gpsbabel, and turn cues

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Robert Latest

Sep 10, 2021, 12:22:08 PM9/10/21

I hope this is not too off-topic. Here's the thing: When I create a route
("Course" in Garmin-speak) using an app like Garmin connect or komoot and
upload it to my Edge 130 bicycle computer, I get nice turn-by-turn (TBT)
instructions. However, if I convert a plain .gpx track to a Garmin .fit file,
it gets shown on the map but lacks TBT cues. Which is not surprising because
this little computer doesn't have a concept of roads and turns.

However, I'd like to get ambitious and write a script which analyzes a gpx
track and automatically inserts a TBT cue at each "sharp" bend. Regardless if
this makes any sense: Does anybody know how this would work in GPX or TCX or
some other file format that gpsbabel can convert to .FIT?

I copied some .FIT courses which I knew to contain TBT cues directly from my
Garmin's file system to my computer and converted them to TCX or GPX using
gpsbabel but couldn't find any cues in the generated output. Maybe gpsbabel
doesn't deal with this at all.

Now if I had to invent this I'd use a gpx <trk> for the actual path that gets
displayed and put short, angular, three-point <rte> segments at each turn.

Reinhard Zwirner

Sep 11, 2021, 12:14:20 PM9/11/21

Maybe you should ask your questions in alt.sattelite.gps.garmin
and/or sci.geo.satellite-nav, too.


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