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Beautiful photograph of Lilith Aquino

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Oct 11, 2008, 12:08:54 PM10/11/08
I was interested in this photograph I found on
wikipedia many months ago of Michael Aquino
and - according to this site - his "then-wife"
Lilith Aquino at a 1999 Los Angeles Conclave.
Did the Aquino's separate at one time and
then reconcile? If anyone has any information
about this I would be interested in receiving it,
although please note, I am not interested in
invading anyone's personal privacy.

I've never seen Lilith look quite so beautiful.
I'm sure a face lift could account for this but
you can always tell the true age of a woman
by the appearance of her hands. Reportedly
Lilith is in her late 60's? Here's the photo:

I've also been studying an organization that
goes by the name of the "Illuminati," as well
as the subject of identify theft. The two don't
go necessarily hand in hand but identity theft
is a crime. If anyone has information about
this organization, other than what is in the history
books, please pass this information on as well.

Diana Napolis

On Oct 10, 8:20 pm, wrote:
> I, along with a group of other people,
> will be lawfully demonstrating/picketing
> the TOS conclave which will be held on
> October 25-29, 2008 in San Francisco, CA.
> At that time, we hope to hold a press
> conference and we will be accompanied
> by the police, of course, for our own safety.
> At this event, I would like an opportunity
> to briefly debate with Michael Aquino. I
> hope he can attend because I would be
> very interested in such a debate between
> us. If Michael Aquino cannot attend this
> event, I hope there will be a good reason
> provided by Lilith Aquino as to why this is
> so.
> If there is not a good reason provided by
> Lilith Aquino for his absence, then perhaps
> the SF police would be willing to perform
> a routine welfare check to make sure he is
> AOK.
> Ever the vigilante ex-child abuse investigator,
> Diana Napolis, M.A.

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Message has been deleted

Allgeheny Spurge

Oct 26, 2008, 12:11:57 PM10/26/08
<> wrote in message
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>On Oct 11, 12:08 pm, wrote:>
>> I was interested
>Curious about strangers. Interested in strangers. Curious.
>Interested. Curious. Interested. In love, but in denial? That's a
>MY TURN!!! Whoopee! It's MY TURN. I'm curious, however I want to
>assure you that I'm not invading your privacy, but I'm curiously
>curious: did your father rape you when you were a child?

Rumor has it that the naval officers daughter knew her father well.

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