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Koos Nolst Trenite

Dec 13, 2005, 1:34:42 PM12/13/05
Bach Pulling People Out Of Hell

21 October 2005
{HRI 20051021-V3.2}

(Version 3.2
on 13 Dec 2005)


As there was nobody on Earth or beyond, able or willing to face and
understand the matter, I had to do so.


'Being in Hell' - as you certainly know and have experienced - is a
condition of being drowned by and into certain thoughts and feelings
and impressions that have been and are being inflicted onto you and
others, and

that do block, or replace, a truthful connection to your own
nature and to your own genuine feelings and thoughts, and of
course to the nature and feelings of others as well.

I have described the experience in the (most important)
Human Rights Issue, titled

'The Feeling "When God Has Left You..." - Introduction
to 'What is Hell' ' {HRI 20031124-V3.2}. *(1)

I am talking in this Human Rights Issue about a normal person, and
how he or she will get to experience or gets to be immersed in Hell.




1. You can be compelled *(a) to feel as if you yourself WANT to
experience and 'enjoy' a feeling of "total freedom"

by means of enforced feelings and false perceptions, an
invitation to DENY what is true, an invitation using
various methods and forces

of seeking distortion or even reversal of normal
awareness - of the normal awareness of who is who, and
of what is what - distorted or reversed, and thus

supplying the "total freedom" of

"reality is ...whatever you make yourself and others
think 'it is',"

which results then in the freedom of

destroying and disrupting life, and

from the viewpoint of this different "reality" and
different "awareness," however,

that, destroying and disrupting life, then suddenly
becomes allowable, yes, even desirable,

by assigning it - and after having assigned it -
the quality of "aiding life,"

when "reality is ...whatever you make
yourself and others think 'it is'." *(10)


(You can read the history books on that.)


Another way, how a normal person can become immersed in and
experience that Hell, certainly applies to everyone, because
the conditions on Earth are like that.

2. Entirely beyond your own will and entirely without your own
doing, you can be surrounded by and pulled into and be
overwhelmed by distorted and distorting feelings and

And you will understand how that is possible, and how it is
inflicted onto you,

if you understand the nature of perception and feeling.


Such a 'fog' can distort your perceptions that strongly,

and prevent so much correct awareness,

that it makes you believe "it is a normal condition,"
or even, that what you feel or sense, and what you think
as a result, "is right" (and "should be like that"). *(1)

It might be easy for someone looking at you from outside
of that, to see your being absorbed in such a fog of
false feelings and false perceptions and false
conclusions - let's say, if you are in a very destructive
personal or group relationship -

and a true friend would very un-diplomatically say:

'Hey, snap out of it, buddy! Those are not your
OWN thoughts and not your OWN feelings and not
your OWN emotions!' *(8)

(You can read the history books on that, too.)


How to get out of that Hell and how to stay out of that Hell and how
to prevent yourself from getting into that Hell, is a valid question.

And I wanted to add the answer to that, in this update Version 3.0.

The answer has two parts, the second part is how to get out of Hell,
and the first part, is about how to not get into Hell.

I limit myself now to the easiest part, the first part:


Being pushed or immersed into Hell, is, as you saw above, basically a
matter of Mind Control.

Thus it is vital, to keep as much control as possible over your own
mind, that is, over your own Energies:

That is, to find and keep to your OWN ideas, to establish your
OWN feelings, to allow your OWN desire to perceive, to remember
your OWN knowledge, to follow your OWN desire to connect to and
be interested in life and in people and in various activities.


From this you can see, that children, from a very early age onward,
till adulthood, are raised and educated into being morons,

with a considerable rate of success, I would add - already if
I only look at myself:

It took me scores of years to 'UN-EDUCATE' myself, or if you
like, to 'DE-EDUCATE' myself,

to get back enough of my own, native, and very intense
interest in life and in people,

to connect back to my very great love for and my enormous
capacity to care for people, and

to my tremendous ability to see and hold truth visible
or felt for others.



The subject title is 'Bach Pulling People out of Hell.'

The music of Bach, and the music of Mozart *(b)

(Mozart is the same person or soul, as I have explained to you
earlier, in the Human Rights Issue 'Who Feels Bach Correctly -
The Soul Of Music' {HRI 20040704-V3.1} *(2)) the music of Bach,
and the music of Mozart

literally pulls normal people out of Hell, out of those false
perceptions and false feelings of Hell:

When you have a normal person getting in a psychotic break, then
you can play a record of some music of Bach or of Mozart, and
he or she may come right out of it, and connect back to himself
or herself, to his or her OWN feelings for life, and

connect back to actual perception and to actual awareness of
life, of people and of feelings, and of the surroundings as
these actually are.



Then there are people to whom this does not apply

- about one percent of any population, regardless of race,
gender or age, education or profession, social position, and
also regardless of religion -

also they want to experience things - and Beautiful music, including
the music of Bach and Mozart, may certainly be one of these things;

however, they will not change in their "perception" of life,

because, not only are they wholly immersed in the feelings and in the
"perceptions" and "awareness" dictated as Hell

- their soul has been most severely damaged, in the very distant
past, mutilated so severely, that they want to stay in that

IN those feelings and false perceptions, and IN the
false, inverted "awareness" about others and about life
and about themselves,

in, what they want to see as being "their own reality of

and they confuse you about their actual condition,
by saying it is the opposite

- worded often in very 'clever' philosophic
or religious or scientific terms

(when philosophically, they say 'it is self-
evident,' or when religiously, they say 'it
is divine and holy,' or when scientifically,
they say 'it is rational,' and so on, but

from a wider perspective and with your OWN
perception, you can see, that they are doing
the very opposite, of what they say they are
doing) -

on top of that, they will try and do everything they can, to
"enlighten" others also, to pull others INTO Hell as well,

to enforce those ideas, feelings and "perceptions" - that broken
connection to life - onto others too, to invert awareness,

and they will try to bring that about as permanently as they

To make you and others be "equal to them," or preferably,
"below them"

- as various attempts and revolutions and dictatorships
in history have shown you.


Their soul has been so intensely damaged, that it is
irreparable. Which is a very bitter truth, but if you do
not know it, or if you reject that truth, then

your (intentional or unintentional) ignorance of it,
will lead to you and others being destroyed: *(3)(4)

(and you can read about that, too, in the history books)

If you regard them as normal, that is, that will
lead to you and others being destroyed; *(9)

or if you try to help them to become normal, as I
described for instance in 'Two More Tools To Detect
Criminal Minds.' *(5)



Normal people can however move out of or be pulled out of the
dominating effects, ideas, feelings and compulsions that are
created and inflicted continuously onto you, onto everyone - by
such mutilated souls -

as a dense 'fog' indeed,

or as very directed attempts (as wholly directed strategies,
as aimed attacks on you and on your body). *(a)


These things had to be and indeed have been described extensively
in the Human Rights Issues:

It is very nice to grant people "rights" of course, but
if you don't even know how to detect their absence, or how
to protect these from being taken away, then you will never
establish them (the rights of people) in the first place.

So the Human Rights Issues had to be developed first.




And now you know what the music of Bach does - without my going into
why and how it does so, which is very advanced physics that had to
be developed to protect and to restore life, and which is and
becomes further available in the Human Rights Issues.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
Human Rights Philosopher and Poet

'Solomon's wisdom was greater
than the wisdom of
all the men of the East,
and greater
than all the wisdom of Egypt.'

1 Kings 4:30


(*) Extremely High Quality Performances of Johann Sebastian Bach
- if by way of introduction, then maybe they are listened to
in the order suggested below:

1. Oboe Concertos BWV 1053R, 1056R, 1059R, 1060R
performed by Goritzki, oboe, and Rilling, conductor.

2. Violin Solo - the 'Chaconne' and some other parts from the
Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo,
performed by James Ehnes, violin.

3. Mass in B minor 'Hohe Messe'
performed by Karajan, conductor.

4. Saint Matthew Passion 'Matthaeus Passion'
performed by Klemperer, conductor.

The performers make a considerable difference, which is why
I mention them, here - however, there are very many, very high
quality performers of Bach, and so I had to call these Extremely
High Quality Performances, and to serve as a possible
introduction to Bach, I chose only four recordings.


(a) A compulsion is an intention (a Life Energy) inflicted on you
by a Criminal Mind, and it is inflicted so as to make you feel
it as if it is your OWN intention (as if it is a Life Energy of
your "own" creation),

inflicted "as your own," and it is inflicted in THAT way,
exactly with the purpose that you also execute it, of course:

You are supposed to feel and believe, that it is "your own
desire," and that it is also "based on your own conclusions"

- so that "You cannot say 'No' to it," because it
"rationally is what you should do;"

or, so that "You do not want to say 'No' to it"
because "it is your own desire;"

which it is not...


The matter of compulsions, has been defined in various
Human Rights Issues, and the definition applies apparently
to all compulsions.

(And one can expect from a correct definition, of
course, that it applies universally.)


As long as you BELIEVE the part of the compulsion, that intends
to make you believe "it is your OWN intention," or "your OWN
subconscious," "your OWN nature," "YOUR 'disease'," etc. etc.,

as long as you believe THAT lie

- which is also enforced on you by current medical
"science," and by all medical doctors, and by others
who get paid for "treating you" - *(7)

then you won't get anywhere,

because it is NOT YOUR OWN - the compulsion is being inflicted,
or has in the past been inflicted, ONTO your soul and ONTO your



The definition is - also by various successful methods
to control compulsions - proven to be correct.

Jack Trimpey's 'Rational Recovery' method for instance,
totally masters and makes you forever END any compulsion
('addiction,' you are educated to call it) to take drugs,
and that includes completely ending any alcoholism.

(Even when they do not know the definition of

and even when - to "explain" their correct
method - they replace 'Criminal Mind' and say
"it comes from some part of the body's brain,"

they merely fit - but do not act upon - the
"thinking" and the "science" that they and
others have grown up with in school). *(6)(7)


Trimpey, together with his marvelous wife, has faced
very many compulsions that are typical to drug and
alcohol abusers,

and he faced and he named those compulsions also, which
are - curiously enough - generated and enforced by the
'Drug Rehabilitation Trade' itself (!), on abusers; and

he labeled the compulsions correctly, and he has acted
accordingly, and correctly - for which he has my greatest

The 'Bob Linden-method' to handle the compulsion
of fear, seems to also understand the first part
of the Definition of Compulsion - at a first glance
by me, from his advertising (he does not provide
a copy of his texts on the Internet for review and
free use, as Trimpey does) - he seems successfully
to apply the Definition of Compulsion.



You have to differentiate the compelled ideas and feelings and
intentions, from those that are your actual OWN,

so that you start to recognize

and act accordingly when you expose the lies, and bring to

the facts, which are, that

are inflicted, projected, enforced onto or educated into
you by external sources, and with Energies (forces) that
actually do compel,

like COMPELLING YOU to jump in front of a train,
or COMPELLING YOU to cross the street when a bus
or COMPELLING YOU to sleep,

by the infliction on you or on your body, of
Energies (forces, Life Energy Particles) that
actually compel,

that are inflicted or insinuated "as your own," but that
ARE NOT your own. *(7)


The trick is, to find out which ARE your own and which
are NOT your own desires,

and to have some practical approach to that.

The methods mentioned, for a person to end
alcoholism and drug abuse forever, these methods
do theoretically assign that external source

to some part of your body's brain, and their
doing so, is a 'gimmick' to make it easy on

(with the society's present lack of

so that you still can say it is 'NOT YOUR OWN

- and, in contrast to what the unimaginably
insane and highly dangerous medical trade
DOES, like cutting into or removing or
drugging parts of the brain, *(6)(7)

these teachers are not desiring to do any
such entirely harmful, moronic things to

as the medical trade does with the
highly destructive arrogance of the
blind "scientist."


The gimmick used for totally and completely ending
drug and alcohol abuse, or compulsions of fear or
embarrassment etc., is

to get across to you, that 'it is an external source
which is NOT YOU' that causes the compulsion
(the addiction, the fear, the embarrassment, etc.

and the use of that 'gimmick' does achieve,
that you don't go wondering, or that those
who teach the method, don't go wondering

- or rather, wandering onto the very
difficult path of finding out by
whom and how the compulsion is or
has been inflicted -

which can be understood in Fine Particle Physics,
and which subject, once understood, returns sanity
to medical science; and Fine Particle Physics makes
the subject of the mind very, very easy indeed,

like "how could I have possibly survived without
it:" Well, you did not survive, actually, without
it, did you

- you have a ninety percent or so chance, that
you will die in a most horrible condition,
in a hospital or in a home for the demented,
and, at that, most likely while severely
drugged by medical personnel, quite possibly
even against your will, and

on top of that, you are wholly uneducated
(I would say) about the life you are told
is ending,

and that, at an age many times below what
the legendary Methuselah found a proper
amount of years for the human body to live
in full health. *(1)


While it may be possible to build a cathedral
without knowing or without using any mathematics
or physics,

it becomes immensely easier to do so, when one
understands and uses mathematics and physics

- one could even build a satellite and put it
in orbit.


The subject of compelling - as the more intelligent
reader will notice - has also very much to do with
warfare and all that is connected to it,

as you are basically fighting enemies who
are Criminal Minds, or, people who are
COMPELLED by Criminal Minds into being
enemies too.

And so it has always been, and so it always
will be, but none of the books on warfare
mention it at all...

Yet that is THE strategy by which you have
to fight any war, because THAT IS the nature
of war.

(b) The effect of breaking destructive connection and of restoring
and increasing the normal connection to life, has been called
the 'Mozart Effect' by various people

- when they observed, that the music of Mozart has the
measurable quality of enhancing connection to life.


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(12) 'Writing Technique - Non-fiction - Facing Life' (17 Mar 2003)

Issue Note:

The often rather big improvement in readability of
subsequent Versions of a Human Rights Issue, is already
explained in:
'A Short Course In Human Rights Philosophy,' *(11)
and in:
'Writing Technique - Non-fiction - Facing Life.' *(12)

There is the large amount of 'feed-back' I get from you
when you read it, which is my feeling some of your
thoughts and emotions as you read or after you read
a Human Rights Issue, and my feeling how others react to
your increased understanding and your increased courage
to be yourself.

There are the spiritual battles that are being waged
against those of unimaginably intense evil, who demand
you to be unaware and who keep you unaware, and who thus
intend to destroy your joy of life, and who intend to
keep it destroyed.

The Trinity of Science shows you, that these battles
are inevitable for obtaining and restoring correct

These battles take place largely without that you feel or
know it, and they result - if I win - in my writing and
in you getting a Human Rights Issue and your reading it.


Copyright 2005 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it, and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
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