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Neil Gilmore

Mar 8, 1990, 8:33:41 PM3/8/90
And tonight's special guest referee....

The club I used to work at, the PLC, had this show on Tuesday. Due to
the infuence of the outside promoter, I was unable to exercise my
ability as roommate to the assistant manager to wangle free admission,
but never fear! The need for someone with experience at stage security
was so great that they (naturally) called me first. Yes, that's right. I
got to see the show just inches from the bands, center stage front.

The stage at the club has a stairway in the center leading down to the
floor. When we have large shows full of wonderful, rowdy fans, we put
someone at the top of those same stairs, just to keep order. That's me.
This particular show was all ages, notable in that we are used to
serving alcohol during business hours.

It's fun working the stage. They push in, you push back, no problem.
Only had a couple of kids lose their tempers, and they were rather easy
to calm down, once grabbed. Unfortunatly, one of the other security
persons I called to help a bit toward the end of Soudgarden has no sense
of proportion, and slugged on of the fans. Dumb move. I got him out of
there quickly and patched things up with the kid as best I could. I
guess that guy doesn't understand how to have any fun.

Don't ask me what they played or any of that stuff, I don't really
follow these particular bands closely. Excellent show, though. Everyone
had a great time, and left happy, mostly. Voivod's set was cut short due
to curfew laws here, and so only played about 40 minutes. Too bad, I was
enjoying it. There were some setup problems which got things started off

One peeve: I wish that when band members wanted to be passed around the
crowd that they would leave the mikes on stage. It's disconcerting to
have that cord whipping about, and it deteriorates the sound, as well. I
got the singers for Faith No More and Soundgarden passed back right into
my lap. Such fun. I also wish that they would warn me when tossing mike
stands into the crowd. Getting one of those ,in the back of the head
would've ruined my day (and eventually, theirs), but I ducked, no real
harm done.

I do wonder what Voivod charges their fogger with. The fog was so dense
I couldn't see a thing when thay turned it on.

My standings:
Faith No More; (who) okay, I'd never heard them before, at all.
Soundgarden; Never my favorites, but much better live.
Voivod; Heard good stuff about them, and it's true. Too bad they got
cut off.

great show, I had a good time, the kids had a good time, the bands
had a good time, I'll see them next time around.

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