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Aug 29, 1990, 8:39:45 PM8/29/90

I just picked up the new Ratt album, "Detonator". I am just about
done with my first listen to the disc and I think it is really
good. The album seems to me to be a lot tighter production than
their last two sloppy excuses for albums. This is got a pleasing
punch and uplifting sound to it. It is a "fun" album. Stephen
Pearcy's voice sounds good and the guitar work is reminiscent of
"Invasion of Your Privacy". It has some commercial overtones in
it, I think Ratt is going for the big double platinum commercial
success. Their is a song on the disc called 'Givin' Yourself Away'
which is destined to become a radio/Dial Empty-V hit. The song is
a Faster Pussycat/L.A. Guns style ballad. Yawn. Anyways, I like it
and that is all that matters to me. I hope all of you out in
net land who buy it like it too.

Steven C. Salaris

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