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Dec 7, 2019, 3:44:16 PM12/7/19
On Monday, 7 April 1997 08:00:00 UTC+1, Philip Wang wrote:
> Finally got a chance to listen to the 1982 live album. It's much better than
> the 1989 live album with the Frontal AVssault lineup. However, I still prefer
> the various bootlegs I've got from 1979 and 1980 if only because Skids Riddles
> sings more backing vocals and also Kevin Heybourne stretched his voice more
> and even though he was never a superb singer, he was better before whereas on
> this recording he's almost straining. Paul Samson and Jo Julian do a great
> job on this album. Too bad they never got to produce any Angel Witch studio
> records other than this. Samson's Before The Storm and Joint Forces are great
> sounding heavy rock albums, and Rock Goddess's lost album isn't all that bad
> either.
> A great thing about this 1982 live album is also that it comes with lyrics to
> some of the band's best songs "Angel Of Death," "Angel Witch," "White Witch,"
> "Evil Games" and Nowhere To Run." I wish that they had done "Baphomet" and
> "Flight Nineteen" though...
> On the whole I think I prefer "Evil Games" from Screamin' N' Bleedin'. Oh,
> another trivia bit - on this album the songwriting is credited to Susan Heath
> but on the LP it's credited to Susan Heybourne. This is also the first release
> by Angel Witch that does not have a thank you to her. Even the first album
> back on her "girlfriend" status (I believe the two were married around '81?
> There was supposed to be some Kerrang! or something photo session of Kevin
> and Susan Heybourne's wedding ceremony taken with Paul Samson with a caption
> stating that Paul Samson was to produce the second Angel Witch LP) had thanks
> to her. Hmmmm...
> It's interesting that after all Blind Fury did have a connection to Angel
> Witch. The liner notes are pretty good here. So am I to assume then that
> when Kevin Heybourne and Peter Gordelier left Blind Fury to reform Angel
> Witch in 1984 that Lou Taylor found Steve Ramsey or Russ Tippins and Graeme
> English to fill in and the rest of Satan joined the band? Or was it that
> Satan parted company with Brian Ross and then found Lou Taylor with no lineup
> but he refused to join unless Satan changed their name to the name of his
> former band?
> --
> "Please Mr. Reaper solemn and grim release my pain and let the end begin."

Tis been 22 years, but by any chance do you still have those 79 Angelwitch bootlegs?
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