Who is attending the Series 5 Auditions ?

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Aug 12, 2001, 4:00:50 AM8/12/01
This is just a little survey to see who will be attending the auditions on
the 22nd, 23rd and 24th August for the 5th Wars.

We will be there on the 23rd

Who else will we see ?????


David Mountjoy

Aug 12, 2001, 7:51:47 AM8/12/01
When is the filming of series 5?


"Esor" <es...@tulipweb.com> wrote in message


Aug 12, 2001, 4:45:17 PM8/12/01
26th onwards

"David Mountjoy" <da...@tectonic.force9.co.REMOVE.uk> wrote in message

dave smith

Aug 13, 2001, 3:08:53 AM8/13/01

We will be there on the 22nd at 8 o clock

Dave Smith, Oliver Smith and Katy Smith.
with our robot "Knuckles"

This is my third attempt

Julian Richards

Aug 13, 2001, 1:28:52 PM8/13/01
On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 07:08:53 GMT, dave smith said,

Now I have power controllers, I hope to be there. No dates yet and
very little robot either. Broadsword, sporting a large medieval blade

Julian Richards

"It is absurd to say that there are neither ruins nor curiosities
in America when they have their mothers and their accents."

Oscar Wilde

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and dancing all night with one's mother."

Barry Humphries

andy the pugh

Aug 13, 2001, 9:23:47 PM8/13/01
Esor <es...@tulipweb.com> wrote:

> This is just a little survey to see who will be attending the auditions on
> the 22nd, 23rd and 24th August for the 5th Wars.

Not us, we're in :-)

Hope to see you at the filming.


Aug 22, 2001, 4:12:20 AM8/22/01
Ello Dave, I remember you from the third wars auditions, you were one behind
me. How's it been going? Put a more fierce weapon on Knuckles?

"dave smith" <sax...@clara.net> wrote in message

dave smith

Aug 24, 2001, 4:47:44 AM8/24/01
On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:12:20 +0100, "Dan" <in...@mechanicalman.co.uk>

Hello Daniel, nice to hear from you again.
Got the dreaded call today from Alex telling me we are
not in again. I think I will have to call it a day now.
This years auditions were great fun and we really enjoyed the
day. Its almost worth the effort just for the auditions.
I have built three robots now all called "knuckles".
Robot 1 never got past the visual auditions

Robot 2 last year. We had a battle with "fat Boy Tin", We had a
massive battery and two Vauxhall Starter motors driving wide
Go Kart wheels via homemade water cooled speed controllers.
Each speed controller had two Pics and 22 BUZ 100 Mosfets soldered on
to copper tubes that were water cooled by a windscreen washer pump.
On the way in we hit the doorpost at about 20 MPH. "Bloody Hell said
Mat you've bent the door post">. We then made a lot of holes in FBT
who was a perfect target for our spinning weapon, if you ever see a
replay of the show that includes FBT look for the holes and a large
patch on the front right hand corner.Then about 30 of the BUZ 100's
gave out in a spectacular smokey fashion how they do in front of a
audience. And that was it for last year.

Robot 3. This years "knuckles" was a three wheeler. The rear wheel
both drives and rotates for steering, all mounted on 16 roller blade
wheels. Up till a month ago this years spinning weapon
was directly driven from a 150 cc lawn mower engine. This worked great
for a couple of minutes but as soon as it got hot after about 4
minutes started spewing oil all over the place. I wouldn't mess with
engines again. I chipped a bone in my thumb trying to start that
bugger. I then had to make Last minute alterations driving the weapon
from the old C5 motor.
We arrived at this years auditions at 8.oclock as requested at the
Elstree Studios. This years venue is about half the size of last years
and was a complete shambles. The Arena was far from finished.
No audience this year, that was handy. Two or three robots are sent in
at a time, through the not working properly roller doors. (not a patch
on last years doors), watched by two blokes in grey (producers).
Derek one of the Technical guys kept shouting to these two blokes
"are you ready girls". I thought that was funny. One of the other tech
guys came out and shouted "the doors are not working properly, stay
away from the doors, keep up the other end, If you hit them doors
you definitely won't be on the F*****G show". I thought that was funny
too.Out of the 1st ten robots I would think 7 broke down almost
immediately. We were up against "the Chuck Wagon", the third robot, a
black tank broke down before it got through the door.
I have practiced a bit with this robot but in the actual arena
fighting another robot is much more difficult. I did drive in spun
about a bit hit TCW a couple of times made a few dents but no
holes, its covered in steel (this years extra weight limit).
Then got flipped by TCW who then thankfully broke down.
The producers had seen enough by then and blew the horn
(the signal to stop) I then drove "knuckles" out.
Not many did that.
I must admit that compared to a lot of the robots "knuckles" looks
crap. But it does work.
Have seen some awesome robots this year and had a great time. almost
worth building a robot just to go to the auditions.

Regards to all Dave


Aug 26, 2001, 6:05:57 PM8/26/01
Wow, you sure have come a long way since knuckles. But don't give up just
cause you didn't get on RW's. If it works, which it often does send it to


"dave smith" <sax...@clara.net> wrote in message


dave smith

Aug 28, 2001, 4:39:11 AM8/28/01
On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 23:05:57 +0100, "Dan" <in...@mechanicalman.co.uk>

Daniel. We got a phone call yesterday "sunday" and were invited to be
in the audience for the 1st show on monday at 9.0clock. we actually
stayed all day and it was free. We saw about 20 or more battles
including. Chaos 11,Raser,Wheely Big Cheese,Hypnodisk and many
others. On top of that Oliver won a bag of Robot Wars stuff about £40
worth. It looked to me that they are a bit short of audience numbers.
Nobody was bothering to check for tickets or anything, you just walked
in and sat down.

Regards Dave.


Aug 29, 2001, 4:36:40 AM8/29/01
Supprise, supprise, good all RWUK getting a bit too big for their boots
there. I'd laugh if next year no-one turned up at all.


"dave smith" <sax...@clara.net> wrote in message


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