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Jul 14, 2002, 3:41:10 PM7/14/02
Just returned from Nottingham and the filming of Series six?. Well we only
saw two English fights, the rest were Dutch.

Anyway I was not impressed with the new house bot "Mr Psyches". He was too
big and seemed uncontrollable, his hammer just did not seem to do the job.
Maybe it will look better on TV.

Unfortunately did not get to see "Growler" the other new house bot.

Paul J

Jul 15, 2002, 5:01:08 AM7/15/02
I watched only 2 english battles too :( lukily they were the 3rd/4th play
offs and the finals of the series \o/
I also got to see Growler, he too seems a little "too fast" and bouncy,
maybe it will take the controllers a little more time to get used to using
them, as they are much more lively than the others.
His "powerful" 5 ton jaws didnt see any action though :(

"matt" <> wrote in message

Ian Sime

Jul 15, 2002, 2:01:45 PM7/15/02
I got a single English battle yesterday (Sunday 14th), with the rest being
Dutch. Whilst the Dutch robots were pretty poor, the English fight was a
Series Semi-Final between two well-known robots (don't want to say too much
in case I upset anybody !).

Mr Psycho (as he is now called, since they have dropped the name Mr Psyches)
was in action early on, and made 2 attempts to whack a Dutch robot. He
missed both times though, as he seemed too slow and cumbersome. He did
manage to do some damage to the floor where the hammer made contact though,
and this caused considerable delay to the afternoon, whilst the crew rushed
to replace an entire floor section !

Growler, whilst looking impressive, failed to catch my interest. Although it
can move pretty fast for such a big robot, I would have to agree that he was
much too twitchy with his controls. On one battle, he got a chance to use
his crushing jaws, but because of the way he is designed, he found it
difficult to do any real damage.

Overall, not impressed with the two new house robots, but hopefully things
will indeed look better on TV.


"Paul J" <> wrote in message

Andy Pugh

Jul 15, 2002, 7:28:14 PM7/15/02
Ian Sime <> wrote:

> Growler, whilst looking impressive, failed to catch my interest.

I really like Growler, it looks great, and bounds across the arena with
an enthusiasm and lack of control perfectly suited to its doggy looks.
It isn't all that destructive, but then the house robots shouldn't be,

Apparently Mr Psycho's hammer used to be full of concrete, but they took
it out because it was too much. Currently it weighs 20kg, which is only
4x heavier than the Sump Collective Rawhide Hammer of Doom.


gareth young

Jul 16, 2002, 3:03:50 AM7/16/02

"Andy Pugh" <> wrote in message

lovely -more house robots.
that's just what's needed to stop the better teams putting their new robots
in battlebots!

gareth-quote of the day
'bring me my dinner wife'

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