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Apr 15, 2008, 9:25:22 PM4/15/08
one of my sisters said to the other one a long time ago when she had a bad
fall from a horse and then
another accident, that she better not go to the hospital or they might
get suspicious. she was really banged up, all black and blue.

Wow! Nice horses!

Surprisingly no, I have not heard of Roy Como.
this is my sister's blog

she is not a crazy zealot like some barefooters, just into fixing

and she knows people that trim around Leesburg.

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Subject: 6 feet academia

>I don't know why they keep repeating the same 4 Christopher Noth Criminal
> Intent episodes instead of the superior 6 that Donofrio made this season.
> I know they need filler and possibly a reminder that he was in Sex and the
> City which is supposed to be out or is already out.
> I am not on board with everyone's fascination with him. Serviceable
> actor,
> average good looks when compared to the average actor
> My sister sees him all the time in NY but apparently not in Studio 54
> He's often picking up a healthy fast food snack or coffee and his hear is
> always dirty
>>--At Studio 54, Vince Vaughn showed up
>>with two supermodels on his arm -
>>Daniela Pestova and Molly Sims - at the
>>Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the
>>Year 2000 after-party. The hunky actor met
>>the mouthwatering mannequins
>>backstage when all three presented at the
>>Awards show, and the trio partied
>>into the wee hours at the re-opened club,
>>along with “Sportsman of the Year
>>Tiger Woods, Chris Noth, Famke Janssen,
>>Kevin Garnett, hoop star Kevin
>>Garnett, Yankee Chuck Knoblauch, 'N Sync's
>>Chris Kirkpatrick and Noel Ashman.
>>After huddling on the couch with Janssen,
>>Vaughn let his eyes linger on Pestova
>>- who was in court with her high-powered
>>lawyer John Vassallo just a few hours
>>earlier, getting divorced from recently
>>arrested Fashion Cafe founder Tommaso
>>Buti. The Victoria’s Secret stunner
>>danced seductively with a sexy Asian
>>woman. Woods was spotted making a beeline
>>for a buxom blonde publicist, who
>>happily handed her phone number to the
>>golf great. Smooth-talking Woods was
>>overheard telling his curvy conquest that
>>he was not engaged to girlfriend
>>Joanna Jagoda, no matter what you might
>>have heard.

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