Responding to Holocaust Deniers

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James J. Lippard

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
I first encountered claims that the Holocaust never happened sometime
during my undergraduate years in college. At that time, I had recently
abandoned the religious faith of my family, and I had gone from being
a somewhat gullible believer to a somewhat militant atheist. I felt
that I had been betrayed by authority figures in my life, and I set
out to find the facts for myself. I was prepared to find that
"everything I know is wrong."

Fortunately, my first exposure to Holocaust deniers was on the GEnie
online service, where there were some extremely well-informed people
responding to the Holocaust deniers with facts. For me, the sometimes
emotional appeals were the kinds of argumentative techniques I had
come to distrust, and those who clearly had facts at their disposal
were the ones to be relied upon. While the Holocaust deniers tried
to present themselves as being cool, dispassionate observers presenting
the hard facts, it quickly became obvious that their collection of
facts was similar to the collection of facts of creationists which I
had been fooled by earlier in my life.

I've never spent a whole lot of effort on examining the history of the
Holocaust, primarily because I was devoting my effort to other things,
and because I saw that people like Ken McVay, Jamie McCarthy, and
Danny Keren on alt.revisionism seemed to have things well in hand.
(My big "bogus" issues which I've done a large amount of research on
are creationism and Scientology; the patterns of delusion and
deception seem to be pretty much the same.)

What has prompted me to write this is that I fear that there may be
others here who are in a situation like I was when I first encountered
this stuff. This present discussion seems to be dominated by
emotional responses and namecalling, by claims that Holocaust deniers
are Nazis, that they should be silenced, driven off, or even thrown in
jail. I suspect that I would have taken the Holocaust deniers much
more seriously in my younger days if that had been the nature of the
responses to them on the GEnie service. Those of you are responding
in that manner, please give this some thought. If you don't have the
facts at your disposal to respond to the actual claims being made,
then maybe you should leave the bulk of the responding to those who
do. I'm not saying there is no place for the emotional response, or
for pointing out what you see as the ultimate consequences of the
views being expressed, or the motivations behind them--but just keep
in mind who may be in the audience and how they may react to what you
are saying. You may be accomplishing exactly the opposite of what you

Jim Lippard
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Andrew A. Skolnick

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99

"James J. Lippard" wrote:
> I first encountered claims that the Holocaust never happened sometime
> during my undergraduate years in college. At that time, I had recently
> abandoned the religious faith of my family, and I had gone from being
> a somewhat gullible believer to a somewhat militant atheist. I felt
> that I had been betrayed by authority figures in my life, and I set
> out to find the facts for myself. I was prepared to find that
> "everything I know is wrong."
> Fortunately, my first exposure to Holocaust deniers was on the GEnie
> online service, where there were some extremely well-informed people
> responding to the Holocaust deniers with facts. For me, the sometimes
> emotional appeals were the kinds of argumentative techniques I had
> come to distrust, and those who clearly had facts at their disposal
> were the ones to be relied upon. While the Holocaust deniers tried
> to present themselves as being cool, dispassionate observers presenting
> the hard facts, it quickly became obvious that their collection of
> facts was similar to the collection of facts of creationists which I
> had been fooled by earlier in my life.
> I've never spent a whole lot of effort on examining the history of the
> Holocaust, primarily because I was devoting my effort to other things,
> and because I saw that people like Ken McVay, Jamie McCarthy, and
> Danny Keren on alt.revisionism seemed to have things well in hand.

Oh, if that were only true. Belief in the "myth" of the
Holocaust is spreading.

> (My big "bogus" issues which I've done a large amount of research on
> are creationism and Scientology; the patterns of delusion and
> deception seem to be pretty much the same.)
> What has prompted me to write this is that I fear that there may be
> others here who are in a situation like I was when I first encountered
> this stuff. This present discussion seems to be dominated by
> emotional responses and namecalling, by claims that Holocaust deniers
> are Nazis, that they should be silenced, driven off, or even thrown in
> jail. I suspect that I would have taken the Holocaust deniers much
> more seriously in my younger days if that had been the nature of the
> responses to them on the GEnie service. Those of you are responding
> in that manner, please give this some thought.

I'm sorry to criticize you here, James, but you are citing
the kind of anecdotal report that you criticize in other
areas. That you might have been more sympathetic to the
Neo-Nazis had they faced protests or even prosecution does
not mean that more people would open than shut their eyes to
their evil. Certainly the Germans do not think that
prosecuting these criminals does more harm than good. That's
why the Neo-Nazis are here rather than in Germany "defending
the honor of Germans" by spewing their hate.

> If you don't have the
> facts at your disposal to respond to the actual claims being made,
> then maybe you should leave the bulk of the responding to those who
> do. I'm not saying there is no place for the emotional response, or
> for pointing out what you see as the ultimate consequences of the
> views being expressed, or the motivations behind them--but just keep
> in mind who may be in the audience and how they may react to what you
> are saying. You may be accomplishing exactly the opposite of what you
> want.


I must respectfully disagree with you.

There are no principles that cannot be stretched to the
point where they become foolish and destructive. That is why
no freedom is absolute. We cannot falsely yell "fire" in a
crowded movie theater. Journalists even in the U.S. are not
free to deliberately libel people. You can't walk up to a
person on the street and call his mother or wife a "slut" or
other epithet. Those are called "fighting words" by the law,
which recognizes that some speech must be restricted to
prevent bloodshed.

You argue here that we should debate the holocaust deniers
and other Nazi propagandists in a civil manner. I think you
are wrong. We are not talking about UFO believers or
Creationists. These people are not harmless fruitcakes. They
are accomplices to mass murder after the fact. These are
people who excuse and deny genocide and who egg on violent
individuals to take up arms and to gun down innocent men,
women, and children, and to firebomb churches, synagogues,
and the homes of minorities.

You argue here for a civil debate, which is precisely what
the Nazi propagandists want -- a civil debate on the topic:
"The Holocaust is a myth perpetrated by Jews and
Communists." That, sir, cannot and must not be a civil
debate. It would be evil to permit such a "debate." The more
these Neo-Nazis spread their lies, the more innocent people
are being threatened, attacked, and killed.

Their allies among the deconstructionists and cultural
relativists are arguing that they should be allowed to
debate whether "the Holocaust" is just a "myth" or
"theory." When people like me stop shouting, "Never!" I
predict we soon will see school boards deciding that the
"Holocaust" is just a theory, and that teachers and
textbooks should give equal time to "alternative theories."

James, no one is bleeding or dying over the issue of
teaching evolution in school. But there's a 5-year-old boy
who is still in the hospital, with doctors trying to repair
the damage done to his insides by two bullets fired by one
of these Nazi monsters. He shot the boy and others, he said,
"as a wakeup call" for America to launch another Holocaust
that his allies here deny ever took place.

No, James, I am one of many who do not want to see these
Nazi lies become a "legitimate" topic of debate. These
virulent anti-Semites are murderers after the fact. They are
here to murder the memories of the millions who their Nazi
forbears slaughtered. And those are fighting words.

-- Andrew Skolnick

Eddie Hi There!

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
Hi, Andrew and all. An informative chapter of Michael
Shermer's book 'Why People Beleive Weird Things' is on
these people. In fact, Shermer relates his going on
Donahue or Oprah (One of those). I recall reading that
he had his counter-evidence ready, and was going to
be civil and scientific, but everyone else (Host, Audience,
the 'deniers' and even his own pre-prepared survivor
witness) was, naturally, using the language of emotions.
Rhetoric and posturing, you know, like on Usenet? :-/

Well, maybe the 'deniers' weren't emotional, except in
that reptillian way...

When baited, you can either decline, or accept such a nasty
gambit by following up, and then adding some twists they
weren't ready for. Or you can be a sucker, of course.

But that was just TV, so I think that chapter concluded
with the typical "shouting match" ending. I'll have to
re-read it.

Uh, how off-topic is this in s.s? When there's a whole NG
called a.r?


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James J. Lippard

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
In article <>, James J.
Lippard wrote:
>I hope that never happens. But I think it's more likely to happen
>if the facts aren't accurately and widely disseminated, as is being
>done by the Nizkor Project.

I apologize for the poor wording of the above sentence.
To avoid any confusion, the Nizkor Project is accurately
disseminating facts, and widely so via the Internet.

James J. Lippard

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
In article <>, Andrew A.

Skolnick wrote:
>"James J. Lippard" wrote:
>> I've never spent a whole lot of effort on examining the history of the
>> Holocaust, primarily because I was devoting my effort to other things,
>> and because I saw that people like Ken McVay, Jamie McCarthy, and
>> Danny Keren on alt.revisionism seemed to have things well in hand.
>Oh, if that were only true. Belief in the "myth" of the
>Holocaust is spreading.

I'm not aware of any evidence that this is the case. Would you mind
pointing me to some?

>> (My big "bogus" issues which I've done a large amount of research on
>> are creationism and Scientology; the patterns of delusion and
>> deception seem to be pretty much the same.)
>> What has prompted me to write this is that I fear that there may be
>> others here who are in a situation like I was when I first encountered
>> this stuff. This present discussion seems to be dominated by
>> emotional responses and namecalling, by claims that Holocaust deniers
>> are Nazis, that they should be silenced, driven off, or even thrown in
>> jail. I suspect that I would have taken the Holocaust deniers much
>> more seriously in my younger days if that had been the nature of the
>> responses to them on the GEnie service. Those of you are responding
>> in that manner, please give this some thought.
>I'm sorry to criticize you here, James, but you are citing
>the kind of anecdotal report that you criticize in other
>areas. That you might have been more sympathetic to the

I'm reporting my first-hand impressions, not somebody else's.
My only inference is that there may be others like me. Do you
doubt that it's the case?

>Neo-Nazis had they faced protests or even prosecution does
>not mean that more people would open than shut their eyes to
>their evil. Certainly the Germans do not think that

That's not my point at all. My point is that if somebody presents
what superficially looks like a rational argument, and nobody refutes
it, but simply blusters and fumes, then somebody else who doesn't know
better might conclude that the person with the argument is right and
the person who merely blusters and fumes has no rational response.

In many cases, that is the correct conclusion to draw. It is not
the correct conclusion here.

I'm all in favor of protesting neo-Nazis, and not inviting them to tea.
I'm also in favor of refuting them with facts, pointing out evidence
of their unwillingness to deal with facts, and bringing those things
up everywhere and every time they show their faces. I've found that
they don't like this, so that has some entertainment value as well.

On the other hand, they seem to enjoy when their opponents bluster and
fume but fail to respond to their arguments with any facts. Perhaps
you enjoy giving pleasure to Neo-Nazis; I don't.

>prosecuting these criminals does more harm than good. That's
>why the Neo-Nazis are here rather than in Germany "defending
>the honor of Germans" by spewing their hate.
>> If you don't have the
>> facts at your disposal to respond to the actual claims being made,
>> then maybe you should leave the bulk of the responding to those who
>> do. I'm not saying there is no place for the emotional response, or
>> for pointing out what you see as the ultimate consequences of the
>> views being expressed, or the motivations behind them--but just keep
>> in mind who may be in the audience and how they may react to what you
>> are saying. You may be accomplishing exactly the opposite of what you
>> want.
>I must respectfully disagree with you.
>There are no principles that cannot be stretched to the
>point where they become foolish and destructive. That is why
>no freedom is absolute. We cannot falsely yell "fire" in a
>crowded movie theater. Journalists even in the U.S. are not
>free to deliberately libel people. You can't walk up to a
>person on the street and call his mother or wife a "slut" or
>other epithet. Those are called "fighting words" by the law,
>which recognizes that some speech must be restricted to
>prevent bloodshed.

It's actually doubtful that a single statement like that would
be counted as "fighting words" these days, check out this
Pennsylvania Supreme Court case:

But your principle is correct.

>You argue here that we should debate the holocaust deniers
>and other Nazi propagandists in a civil manner. I think you

No, I don't. I argue that when they put forth alleged facts,
there should be facts and evidence of opposition put forth.
(And if they put forth some correct information from time to
time, that should be acknowledged and placed in its proper
context--since the odds are that anything they say that's true
is misleading.)

I argue that merely responding with namecalling and emotion
may be counterproductive.

>are wrong. We are not talking about UFO believers or
>Creationists. These people are not harmless fruitcakes. They

Some of them may be.

>are accomplices to mass murder after the fact. These are

That's a nice phrase, but I don't think it has any legal basis.

>people who excuse and deny genocide and who egg on violent
>individuals to take up arms and to gun down innocent men,
>women, and children, and to firebomb churches, synagogues,
>and the homes of minorities.

Are there any such connections between any such activities and
the IHR, CODOH, or other Holocaust denial organizations anything
like the connections between such activities and various Ku Klux
Klan organizations? If so, then I would expect to see prosecutions
of the sort that have been brought against the Klan, and I would
support them.

>You argue here for a civil debate, which is precisely what

Not necessarily civil debate--I just think the facts should be
in evidence, not just emotional pleas and namecalling.

>the Nazi propagandists want -- a civil debate on the topic:
>"The Holocaust is a myth perpetrated by Jews and
>Communists." That, sir, cannot and must not be a civil
>debate. It would be evil to permit such a "debate." The more
>these Neo-Nazis spread their lies, the more innocent people
>are being threatened, attacked, and killed.

I think it would be more accurate to say that "The more these
Neo-Nazis spread their lies WITHOUT THEIR LIES BEING EXPOSED,

the more innocent people are being threatened, attacked, and

killed." The lies need to be exposed, not ignored.

>Their allies among the deconstructionists and cultural
>relativists are arguing that they should be allowed to
>debate whether "the Holocaust" is just a "myth" or
>"theory." When people like me stop shouting, "Never!" I
>predict we soon will see school boards deciding that the
>"Holocaust" is just a theory, and that teachers and
>textbooks should give equal time to "alternative theories."

I hope that never happens. But I think it's more likely to happen

if the facts aren't accurately and widely disseminated, as is being
done by the Nizkor Project.

>James, no one is bleeding or dying over the issue of

>teaching evolution in school. But there's a 5-year-old boy
>who is still in the hospital, with doctors trying to repair
>the damage done to his insides by two bullets fired by one
>of these Nazi monsters. He shot the boy and others, he said,
>"as a wakeup call" for America to launch another Holocaust
>that his allies here deny ever took place.

All the more reason to get the facts out and expose the lies,
rather than just namecalling.

>No, James, I am one of many who do not want to see these
>Nazi lies become a "legitimate" topic of debate. These

Then you should act to expose the lies as lies, and the liars
as liars.

>virulent anti-Semites are murderers after the fact. They are
>here to murder the memories of the millions who their Nazi
>forbears slaughtered. And those are fighting words.
>-- Andrew Skolnick

Yale F.Edeiken

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99

James J. Lippard <> wrote in article

> In article <>, Andrew A.
> Skolnick wrote:

> It's actually doubtful that a single statement like that would
> be counted as "fighting words" these days, check out this
> Pennsylvania Supreme Court case:

This case did not deal with "fighting words" per se but whether it is
criminal as disorderly conduct to say "fuck you" to a cop. The privilege
of Pennsylvania's police to be shocked beyond words at hearing the word
"fuck" has been steadily eroded in Pennsylvania.


The Holocaust History Project is at
The Nizkor Project is at
The Einsatzgruppen page is at
The Cybrary of the Holocaust is at

Yale F.Edeiken

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
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Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/24/99
On 24 Sep 1999 22:17:54 GMT, (James J. Lippard)

Some very cogent thoughts.

Yale F.Edeiken

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Yale F.Edeiken

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
In article <>, wrote:

> There are no principles that cannot be stretched to the
> point where they become foolish and destructive. That is why
> no freedom is absolute. We cannot falsely yell "fire" in a
> crowded movie theater. Journalists even in the U.S. are not
> free to deliberately libel people. You can't walk up to a
> person on the street and call his mother or wife a "slut" or
> other epithet. Those are called "fighting words" by the law,
> which recognizes that some speech must be restricted to
> prevent bloodshed.

"Fighting words" or "incitement to violence" have to be directed at a
specific individual or group and be shown to represent a direct and
specific threat. Vague calls for a "nationalist revolution" don't qualify,
nor do statements that the "Jews are the root of all evil." Reprehensible
and evil, yes. "Fighting words," probably not. I'm just as much opposed to
libel, incitement to violence, etc., what disturbs me is how liberally you
would apply these principles to groups you don't like, no matter how nasty
and despicable they are.

I am just as opposed to neo-Nazis and Holocaust revisionists as you are.
Ask any of the regulars in alt.revisionism or examine my posts in
alt.revisionism over the last couple of years if you don't believe me. I
posted under various e-mail addresses, but always used the 'nym "Orac" or
"ORAC." I first encountered alt.revisionism two years ago and, as a
physician, started to debunk their lies and poor science about starvation.
However, I find your strident advocacy of muzzling racist and nationalist
viewpoints that you don't like disturbing, Mr. Skolnick, especially coming
from a journalist. Where do you draw the line on whom you would shut up?
Once you shut up one group, how do you prevent the government from
shutting up other groups it doesn't like? How do you prevent the continual
lowering of the bar for what constitutes "hate speech"? Where would your
restriction of free speech end?

> You argue here that we should debate the holocaust deniers
> and other Nazi propagandists in a civil manner. I think you
> are wrong. We are not talking about UFO believers or
> Creationists. These people are not harmless fruitcakes. They
> are accomplices to mass murder after the fact. These are
> people who excuse and deny genocide and who egg on violent
> individuals to take up arms and to gun down innocent men,
> women, and children, and to firebomb churches, synagogues,
> and the homes of minorities.

I don't argue for a "civil debate." (If I made my case poorly enough that
you interpreted it as such, I apologize.) I argue for debunking their
idiocy as vigorously as possible, preferably in a civil manner.
Name-calling, while very satisfying, does not succeed in debunking their
lies, although we've all occasionally done it. Failure to respond to these
racists and Holocaust deniers could lead to the uninformed wondering
whether they are right and there is doubt about whether or not the
Holocaust happened. As time goes on, and the primary witnesses to the
Holocaust continue to grow older and ultimately die off, the problem will
become worse.

Also, you need to remember that the vast majority of these white power
rangers don't actually do violent acts. Their only contribution to the
"revolution" is to sit behind their keyboards, type their vitriol, and
spew it forth under the cover of anonymous aliases. I'd rather they were
doing that than actually acting on their hateful beliefs.

> You argue here for a civil debate, which is precisely what
> the Nazi propagandists want -- a civil debate on the topic:
> "The Holocaust is a myth perpetrated by Jews and
> Communists." That, sir, cannot and must not be a civil
> debate. It would be evil to permit such a "debate."

Does that mean it's wrong to put out the facts when the white power
ranger/Holocaust denier crowd start posting their bogus "facts"? I
disagree. I believe it is evil NOT to respond!

> The more
> these Neo-Nazis spread their lies, the more innocent people
> are being threatened, attacked, and killed.

Where specific people are threatened, attacked, and killed, then vigorous
action is required.

> Their allies among the deconstructionists and cultural
> relativists are arguing that they should be allowed to
> debate whether "the Holocaust" is just a "myth" or
> "theory." When people like me stop shouting, "Never!" I
> predict we soon will see school boards deciding that the
> "Holocaust" is just a theory, and that teachers and
> textbooks should give equal time to "alternative theories."

Such things will only happen if we decide that it is "evil" to engage in
"debate" NOW.

> James, no one is bleeding or dying over the issue of
> teaching evolution in school. But there's a 5-year-old boy
> who is still in the hospital, with doctors trying to repair
> the damage done to his insides by two bullets fired by one
> of these Nazi monsters. He shot the boy and others, he said,
> "as a wakeup call" for America to launch another Holocaust
> that his allies here deny ever took place.

And such people should be punished severely.

> No, James, I am one of many who do not want to see these
> Nazi lies become a "legitimate" topic of debate. These
> virulent anti-Semites are murderers after the fact. They are
> here to murder the memories of the millions who their Nazi
> forbears slaughtered. And those are fighting words.

An interesting legal concept, but a very slippery slope. A hypothetical
question: Does that mean that you would also favor jailing a person who
advocates Chinese-style Communism and a repeat of the Cultural Revolution
as a "murderer after the fact"? An antiabortionist could also use such an
argument to call pro-choice supporters "murderers after the fact."
Pro-choice supporters could use a similar argument to go after
antiabortionists who are sympathetic to bombing abortion clinics. I could
come up with other examples, many of which would be offensive to you. How
do you justify going after these "murderers after the fact" and not
others? Or do you justify going after all "murderers after the fact"?
Then, how do you determine who truly are "murderers after the fact" and
who are not? You clearly haven't thought this through.

Orac |"A statement of fact cannot be insolent."--Orac
a.k.a. |
David Gorski|"If you cannot listen to the answers, why do you
| inconvenience me with questions?"--Orac again


Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
In article <01bf06e0$5711f9a0$9c9910cf@default>, "Yale F.Edeiken"
<> wrote:

> James J. Lippard <> wrote in article
> <>...

> > In article <>, Andrew A.
> > Skolnick wrote:
> > It's actually doubtful that a single statement like that would
> > be counted as "fighting words" these days, check out this
> > Pennsylvania Supreme Court case:
> >

> This case did not deal with "fighting words" per se but whether it is
> criminal as disorderly conduct to say "fuck you" to a cop. The privilege
> of Pennsylvania's police to be shocked beyond words at hearing the word
> "fuck" has been steadily eroded in Pennsylvania.

And pretty much everywhere else in the U.S., as well...


Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
In article <>, wrote:

> In article <>, Andrew A.
> Skolnick wrote:

> >the Nazi propagandists want -- a civil debate on the topic:
> >"The Holocaust is a myth perpetrated by Jews and
> >Communists." That, sir, cannot and must not be a civil
> >debate. It would be evil to permit such a "debate." The more
> >these Neo-Nazis spread their lies, the more innocent people
> >are being threatened, attacked, and killed.
> I think it would be more accurate to say that "The more these
> Neo-Nazis spread their lies WITHOUT THEIR LIES BEING EXPOSED,
> the more innocent people are being threatened, attacked, and
> killed." The lies need to be exposed, not ignored.

Exactly. I agree completely. And trying to shut them up doesn't help
either. It feeds their martyr complex and adds credence to their whines
that they are so threatening to the status quo that the status quo is
trying to shut them up.

Lies need to be answered with the truth, not with misguided attempts to
shut up the liar.

James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
Weekly, Guglielmo, which do they convict after me?

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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/25/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/26/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/26/99
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James J. Lippard

Sep 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/26/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/26/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99
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Chris Carpenter

Sep 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/28/99