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Joe Bruno

Feb 26, 2005, 11:19:50 AM2/26/05
REPOST-Hitler on Foreign Policy
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> Hitler's Statements on Foreign Policy: 1933-39 (extracts)
> May 17, 1933: "The German Government wish to settle all difficult
> questions with other Governments by peaceful methods . . . Germany
> will tread no other path than that laid down by the Treaties . . .
> German people have no thought of invading any country."

> Nov 10, 1933: "I am not crazy enough to want a war."

> Aug 17, 1934: "The German Government, like the German people, are
> filled with the unconditional wish to make the greatest possible
> contribution to the preservation of peace in this world."

> May 21, 1935: "Germany neither intends nor wishes to interfere in the

> internal affairs of Austria, to annex Austria, or to conclude an
> Anschluss [political union]"

> Mar 15, 1936: "The German people do not wish to continue waging war
> readjust frontiers. Each readjustment is bought by sacrifices out of
> proportion to what is to be gained."

> Sep 26, 1938: "We have assured all our immediate neighbors of the
> integrity of their territory as far as Germany is concerned. That is
> no hollow phrase: it is our sacred will . . . The Sudetenland is the
> last territorial claim which I have to make in Europe . ."

> Jan 1, 1939: "In general we have but one wish-- that in the coming
> years we may be able to make our contribution to this general
> pacification of the whole world."

> Jan 30, 1939: "Only the war-mongers think there will be a war. I
> there will be a long period of peace."

> Apr 1, 1939: "(We) do not dream of attacking other nations, providing

> they leave us alone . . ."

> [Ref.: R.E. Murphy et al., National Socialism (U.S.Gov. Ptg. Office,
> 1943), pp. 232- 43]



Here is some more from another source, the German Propaganda
archive-one of
Hitler's speeches:

May we succeed in paving the way for such relations with other European

countries. The German Reich will watch over its security and honour
with its
strong army. On the other hand, convinced that there can be no greater
treasure for Europe than peace, it will always be a reasonable
supporter of
those European ideals of peace and will be always conscious of its
(8) It will be profitable to European peace as a whole if mutual
consideration be always shown for the justified feeling of national
among those nationalities who are forced to live as a minority within

This would lead to a decisive lessening of tension between the nations
are forced to live side by side, and whose State frontiers are not
with the ethnical frontiers.

In concluding these remarks I should like to deal with the document
the British Government addressed to the German Government on the
occasion of
the occupation of the Rhineland.

I should like first to state that we believe and are convinced that the

British Government at that time did everything to avoid an increase of
tension in the European crisis, and that the document in question owes
origin entirely to the desire to make a contribution towards
the situation of those days.

Nevertheless, it was not possible for the German Government, for
which the Government of Great Britain will appreciate, to reply to

We preferred to settle some of those questions in the most natural way
the practical building up of our relations with our neighbours; and I
like to state that, complete German sovereignty and equality having now
restored, Germany will never sign a treaty which is in any way
with her honour; with the honour of the nation and of the Government
represents it; or which otherwise is incompatible with Germany's vital
interests and therefore in the long run cannot be kept.

I believe that this statement will be understood by all. Moreover, with
my heart I hope that the intelligence and goodwill of responsible
Governments will succeed, despite all opposition, in preserving peace
Europe. Peace is our dearest treasure.

Whatever contributions Germany can make towards preserving it, these
will make.



Go to 1933-1945 Page.
Go to the German Propaganda Archive Home Page.

©2005 Google


Feb 26, 2005, 12:05:09 PM2/26/05
The Germans lost some land to Poland after World War One. The
Germans said that their people living on this land were being severely
oppressed by the Polish goverment. This is why Germany fought Poland .
If Florida were taken away from America, Americans would fight to get
it back. Americans will go to war for far less reason than this.

Britain and the other liberal countries then went to war with
Germany even though the Communists also attacked Poland. After they
won the war, Poland was Communist, which shows what the liberals were
fighting for.

Here is a quote from The Nameless War, by Captain A. H. M. Ramsay:

"Can we doubt but that Poland was encouraged to ignore the German note
of March which set forth eminently reasonable suggestions for a
peaceful solution of the problem of the Corridor?

Month after month no reply was vouchsafed by Poland to the German
note. Meanwhile, insult and outrage occurred with suspicious frequency
all along the German frontier, similar to the technique to which the
Jews later introduced the British in Palestine. Day after day the
British public was deluged with war propaganda and misrepresentation
of the situation. Finally their minds were closed against any further
regard to the demands of justice and reason by a new slogan, "You
cannot trust Hitler's word." With this lie the British public was
finally stampeded into throwing all reason and judgement to the winds
and accepting at their face value the war propaganda in the press.

This slogan was founded upon a misrepresentation of Hitler's
assurance given on more than one occasion after a "putsch" such as
that in into Sudetenland, that he "intended to make no further
demands.". The misrepresentation lay in the fact that the press
steadily obscured the major fact, that the "demands" to which Hitler
referred were all along five-fold in character; and covered those five
areas taken from Germany by a dictated peace in which the population
was overwhelmingly German, i.e. Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia,
parts of Poland, the Corridor and Danzig.

As German troops occupied each successive section, it is, I
believe, accurate to say that Hitler declared, that he had no
additional demands to make. But here it must be clearly stated in the
interests of justice that he never said that this entailed reducing
the demands which he had originally very clearly delineated, and
repeated on many occasions, namely, the five areas in question.

"The British public was deluded by its press into supposing that
when Hitler said he had no further demands, that there had never been
any statement of his full demands, some of which were still
unfulfilled. They were led to believe that Hitler either never had had
other demands, or that he had abondoned the rest as soon as he had
obtained some of them. When, therefore, the next installment was
added, the press built on this misunderstanding the fallacy that
Hitler's word could not be trusted. Honest dealing needs no such
trickery and and deception. Such methods are only necessary to bolster
up bad or unjust causes. Fortunately we have the calm and
disspassionate judgement in this matter by no less a person than the
late Lord Lothian, recently British Ambassador to the U.S.A. In his
last speech at Chatham House on this subject he remarked: "If the
principle of self-determination had been applied in Germany's favour,
as it was applied agaisnt her, it would have meant the return of the
Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Polish Corridor and
Danzig to the Reich."

Here is a very different presentment of the case to the one which
was foisted upon the British public in 1939: and it is the true one.
Small wonder that these facts had to be withheld from the ordinary

Had the British public realized the truth, that each of these
demands of Hilter rested on a foundation of reasonable fairness, the
people of this island would have ruled out any question of war; and it
was war, not truth or justice, upon which international Jewry was

Here is another quote from the book:

"The urgent alarm sounded in 1918 by Mr. Oudendyke in his letter
to Mr. Balfour (see page 25), denouncing bolshevism as a Jewish plan,
which if not checked by the combined action of the European powers,
would engulf Europe and the world, was no exaggeration. By the end of
that year the red flag was being hoisted in most of the great cities
of Europe. In Hungary the Jew Bela Kuhn organized and maintained for
some time a merciless and bloody tyranny similar to the one in Russia.
In Germany the Jews, Liebknecht, Barth, Scheidemann, Rosa Luxemburg,
etc., made a desperate bid for power. These and other similar
convulsions shook Europe; but each country in its own way just
frustated the onslaughts.

In most countries concerned a few voices were raised in the
endeavour to expose the true nature of these evils. Only in one,
however, did a political leader and group arise, who grasped to the
full the significance of these happenings, and perceived behind the
mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world
Jewry. This leader was Adolf Hitler, and his group the National
Socialist Party of Germany.

Never before in history had any country not only repulsed organized
revolution, but discerned Jewry behind it, and faced up to that fact.
We need not wonder that the sewers of Jewish vituperation were flooded
over these men and their leader; nor should we make the mistake of
supposing that Jewry would stick at any lie to deter honest men
everywhere from making a thorough investigation of the facts for
themselves. Nevertheless, if any value liberty, and set out to seek
truth and defend it, this duty of personal investigation is one which
they cannot shirk.

To accept unquestioningly the lies and misrepresentaions of a
Jew-controlled or influenced press, is to spurn truth by sheer
idleness, if for no worse reason."

www.spearhead-uk.com http://www.natvan.com
http://www.thebirdman.org http://www.RealNews247.com

Kenneth McVay OBC

Feb 26, 2005, 2:16:47 PM2/26/05
In article <51b121hpu324ungf9...@4ax.com>,

Topaz <mars...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> The Germans lost some land to Poland after World War One. The
>Germans said that their people living on this land were being severely
>oppressed by the Polish goverment. This is why Germany fought Poland .
>If Florida were taken away from America, Americans would fight to get
>it back. Americans will go to war for far less reason than this.

Mr. Vangel forgot to mention that he thinks murder is a dandy way to
deal with "problem" children.

Here is a quote from Alex Vangel:

"I said I agreed with the Bible because it is against the
homosexual perverts, the feminists, and the Jews. This is
what it says about delinquents:

"Deuteronomy 21:18-21
"If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will
not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother,
and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto
them: Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him,
and bring him out unto the elders of the city, and unto the
gate of his place; And they shall say unto the elders of his
city, This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious, he will not
obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the
men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die:
so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel
shall hear, and fear." (UseNet alt.revisionism. Subject:
"Re: More crap from the VangelBot," 31 Jan. 2001. Message-ID:

Note that this quote from Mr. Vangel says nothing about
"homosexual perverts, the feminists, and the Jews," as he
suggested. Yet he cites it to justify the murder of children
whose only crime was that of being found "unruly" by Adolf
Hitler's murdering thugs.

For information about Mr. Vangel's hate group, see

"In the final analysis, one does not refute a closed system, a total
lie that is not refutable to the extent that its conclusions has
preceded any evidence." (Vidal-Naquet, Pierre. Assassins of Memory,
New York: Columbia University Press. p.81)

Joe Bruno

Feb 28, 2005, 12:41:20 AM2/28/05

Topaz wrote:
> The Germans lost some land to Poland after World War One. The
> Germans said that their people living on this land were being
> oppressed by the Polish goverment. This is why Germany fought Poland
> If Florida were taken away from America, Americans would fight to get
> it back. Americans will go to war for far less reason than this.
> Britain and the other liberal countries then went to war with
> Germany even though the Communists also attacked Poland. After they
> won the war, Poland was Communist, which shows what the liberals were
> fighting for.

No. Churchill and Roosevelt wanted free elections in Poland after the
war and Stalin promised he would have them at Potsdam. Too bad Stalin
never kept his promise.

You really are full of shit.

Enough about Poland. Why did Germany invade the following countries?

USSR(after Hitler signed a non-agggression pact with Stalin)

Italy(they stayed there after Italy surrendered)

Let's see your puny excuses for those.


Mar 1, 2005, 6:18:06 PM3/1/05
The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.986

"That young girl riding on her bicycle - she must know that on the
day the Russians come she will probably be raped by a dozen soldiers.
When do they come? In days? In weeks? That, we have not told the
Germans. She has a good face - nicely dressed in old but clean and
brightly colored garments - like the daughter of a middle class
American family. I realize that we Americans are holding her at
Dessau. She cannot flee to safety.
We will not let her pass our sentries on the roads. We are turning her
and thousands of
others like her over to the Soviet soldiers for their sport. I feel

"German children look in through the window. We have more food than
we need, but regulations prevent giving it to them. It is difficult to
look at them. I feel ashamed of myself, of my people, as I eat and
watch those children. They are not to blame for the war. They are
hungry children. What right have we to stuff ourselves while they look
on - well-fed men eating, leaving unwanted food on plates, while
hungry children look on."

Berlin Correspondent, The Times, September 10th, 1945

"...Another small boy turned out of Danzig had a scrawled postcard
attached to him stating that his soldier father was long since missing
and that his mother and two sisters had died of hunger."

At this time, Denmark, formerly occupied by the Germans as a means
of denying the allies a North Sea bridgehead was bursting at the seams
with surplus food and was pleading with the allies to put it to good
use. It was refused.

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