Shame, PAEDOPHILE and THIEVING PRIESTS! A MUST READ! The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia

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BARRY Z jew is sick old nazoid paedo Andrew 'Andrzej' Baron

Sep 25, 2021, 9:34:23 AMSep 25

Over 50 billion dollars in securities. Gold reserves that exceed those of
industrialized nations. Real estate holdings that equal the total area of
many countries. Opulent palaces containing the world's greatest art
treasures. These are some of the riches of the Roman Catholic Church...

Williams produces explosive and never-before published evidence of the Church's
morally questionable financial dealings with sinister organizations over seven
decades through today. He examines the means by which the Vatican accrued
enormous wealth during the Great Depression by investing in Mussolini's government,
the connection between Nazi gold and the Vatican Bank, the vast range of Church
holdings in the postwar boom period, Paul VI's appointment of Mafia chieftain
Michele Sindona as the Vatican banker, a billion-dollar counterfeit stock fraud
uncovered by Interpol and the FBI, the "Ambrosiano Affair" called "the greatest
financial scandal of the 20th Century" by the New York Times, the mysterious death
of John Paul I, profits from an international drug ring operating out of Gdansk,

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