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David Fobare

Jan 30, 1995, 8:12:06 AM1/30/95
J. Alan Pfaff (p7...@nextsrv.cas.muohio.edu) wrote:
: Okay... I'm into getting some small-scale revenge on a friend of mine...
: I'm not into anything that will damage property or cause public
: humiliation.. I'm more into the general annoyance..

: One of my ideas (and I know this isn't original) is to put her on a
: shitload of mailing lists and catalogs and stuff like that.. so if anyone
: knows where I can get an easy list of free catalogs, I'd appreciate some
: email (or if anyone just knows of a bunch)...

Are you going to be moving soon? Try ordering a lot of the free stuff
available in the *friend's* name.

Keep the stuff. When you move, fill out a forwarding address card from
the post office to the friend's address.

Here is a 100% guaranteed idea: Put your *friend*'s name, address and
phone number on a sports service mailing list. A sports service sells
advice on sporting events to gullible, desperate gamblers. 90% of the
firms in this field are dishonest and *extremely* aggressive. While
many of these firms currently rely on 900#'s for revenue, there are
still plenty around that have 1-800#'s for you to call. Since all
800's have at least partial ANI available, use a payphone in the same
exchange(or as close as possible). Simply call on a Saturday morning
and tell the boiler room operator that answers you are interested in
the service. Ask for a free pick. Most every service will answer that
they need a phone # and address first. If they dont have full ANI,
giving them the mark's phone# will work(and you could have done it
at home). If not, simply tell the operator that you are putting in
some overtime at the office and will be back home shortly.

The mark's name and # will live indefinitely. He will receive
aggressive, relentless calls from the most bloodthirsty scum
imaginable(outside of investment scammers). Better, he will get the
vast majority of these calls during the dinner hour(eastern
standard time). I can attest personally to the effectiveness of
this tactic. The calls will last for years.

Dont have such a # handy? Try calling the king of the scamdicappers,
Mike Warren. The # is 1-800-MIKE-WINS.

Be warned. This *will* work. Forever.

I know of a household that received calls for more than *10* years
after the kid moved out of the house.

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