"Don't let poorly chosen words harm Dr. King's dream", Ignorant leftist liberal opinion.

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Ronny Koch

Jan 23, 2022, 9:05:02 PM1/23/22
By John Green

Thomas Jefferson recognized in the Declaration of Independence
there would be a time in America when all men would be treated
as equals. This was the dream of another great man.

Regardless of your opinion of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,
he was a great man with a great dream, and a great conviction.
His conviction was so great that he was willing to lay down his
life for it, showing true love.

As I think of this man, I think of my own life. I teach in a
school where there are many different races, but there is only a
small amount of racism demonstrated by a few students. I see
white, black, Hispanic and Middle Eastern students working side
by side. These friends define their opinions of each other by
what they are as human beings, not by differences in their gene
sequencing or skin color.

Pause for vomiting.

John Green is a teacher at Timber Creek High School in
Gloucester Township's Erial section. He resides in Glassboro.


Thomas Dixon 1 hour ago
Great man? Well if you like communists who plagiarize papers
and who cheat on their wives with white prostitutes and then
beat them. Yeah if that's your definition of a "great man" then
Martin King is your savior.


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