Bestiality charges certified for two Democrats

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Two Time Loser Nancy Pelosi

Mar 8, 2021, 3:25:03 AM3/8/21
A Pittsylvania County General District Court judge certified
bestiality charges Monday to the next term of the Pittsylvania
County Grand Jury against two county people.

Kelly Hardy, 53, of Stony Mill School Road and Arthur Anderson
Warren, 59, of Orphanage Road are charged with committing crimes
against nature on October 7 and 8, 2016.

Deputy Adam Reynolds of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office
told the court that he went to Warren’s home on March 8 to serve
a warrant on him and the defendant initiated a conversation with

“He asked whether or not having sex with animals was legal,”
said the deputy.

According to Reynolds, Warren said he had a video on his cell
phone of Hardy with an animal.

The deputy said that Warren told him that while he wasn’t
personally involved, he had recorded the video.

He said Warren kept trying to give him the phone, so he could
see the video, but he told him to hold off until he got a search
warrant and to give the phone to Investigator Janet Sargent of
the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office when she arrived.

During Monday’s preliminary hearing, Assistant Prosecutor Molly
Burke played two videos for the court as evidence of the crimes.

In the videos, Warren’s voice could be heard giving instructions
to Hardy and telling her to shut up.

Sargent testified that when she asked Warren why he filmed the
incident, he said that he was a man and she (Hardy) was just
lying there like that and wanted him to see her.

In a related case, Hardy testified that she and Warren had been
in a relationship, but she had broken it off with him on March 1.

She said that on March 2, while she was at work, he called her
and said that he wanted to talk her and that their relationship
was not over.

When she got off work, she found him inside her home sitting at
the kitchen counter.

She said he then went to his truck and got a hammer and began
tearing down her dog lot.

“He said he was going to tear up everything he had helped plant
in the ground and everything he had nailed together,” she said.

Hardy took photos of the damage.

After hearing the evidence, Judge George A. Jones Jr. found
Warren guilty of misdemeanor property destruction and
trespassing on March 2 and fined him $100 on each charge and
gave him a 30-day suspended jail sentence on both. He also told
Warren to have no contact with Hardy.

Hardy also faced a misdemeanor assault and battery charge
Monday. Warren claimed that she attacked him and chipped his
tooth in May 2016, but didn’t press charges against Hardy until
a year later.

“She beat the crap out of me,” he said. When asked why he waited
so long to press charges, he said, “I didn’t want her lose her

When asked why he thought she assaulted him, he said, “She’s a
very scorned woman.”

The judge found Hardy not guilty of the assault charge.

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