AIDS and the Church: Crucifixion Set for Denmark Dec 1

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Nov 28, 2006, 3:41:37 PM11/28/06
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AIDS and the Church: Crucifixion Set for Denmark Dec 1

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sent by Jens_Galschiot (activ-l) - Nov 27, 2006

Pregnant Teenager Crucified in front of Cathedral

This press release is available in PDF format with photos.

*English version:
*Spanish version:
*Danish version:

Press release, 27 November 2006

Pregnant Teenager Crucified in front of Cathedral

On 1st December, international AIDS day a 5 metre high crucifix
in copper with a pregnant teenager will be set up in front of the
Cathedral of Copenhagen. The crucifixion is a global sculptural
outcry from the controversial Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot against
Bible fundamentalists allegation that God allows nothing else than
chastity and unprotected sex.

At the inauguration on Friday at 12 there will be speeches by Jens
Galschiot and Dean Anders Gadegaard.

The sculpture is titled In the Name of God. There will be cast
various copies to be displayed Kenya, Rome and the US. The project
is an artistic comment to the extreme Bible fundamentalists with
President Bush and the Pope in the lead who preach sexual abstinence
until marriage as the only method to avoid HIV contamination and
unwanted pregnancy.

They will bomb back sexual education and ban information on
contraception that they see as an invitation to voluptuousness. In
the same token the Roman Catholic church asserts that contraption
is impermissible according to the biblical doctrines, so they
advocate the absurd allegation that only unprotected sex is admissible.

The consequences may be disastrous for the proliferation of AIDS
an STDs and so the result will be increased suffering, Jens Galschiot
says and continues:

The sculpture is not a comment on the issue of abortion or stem
cells, but should be seen as an artistic advocacy for the right to
contraception and unprejudiced sexual education.

The Cathedral supports the debate The first sculpture will be
put up in front of the Cathedral of Copenhagen on 1st December, the
international AIDS day. Dean Anders Gadegaard, the municipality of
Copenhagen and Our Ladys Church have authorized the sculpture to
be set up on the square in front of the Cathedral. Anders Gadegaard
explains: It is important for the church to join this art manifestation
to emphasize that the Bible should not be used to preach against
contraception, but on the contrary churches everywhere should join
the efforts to combat the proliferation of HIV and display compassion
and solidarity with those infected and their families.

Light a candle In connection to the display of the crucifix at
the Cathedral passers-by will have the opportunity to express their
support of a more charitable interpretation of the Bible by lighting
a candle. So the crucifix will be surrounded by lit candles.

Symbolism of the sculpture The pregnant teenager symbolizes
innocence. The child that has been lead astray due to ignorance,
impulsiveness or maybe is the victim of rape is mercilessly exposed
to the ultimate punishment. The association to Jesus as the innocent
sacrificial lamb is apparent.

The sculpture is not a global accusation against Christianity. On
the contrary, I admire those Christians who take the Gospels claim
of charity seriously and act accordingly. I think that progressive
Christians should dissociate themselves from the abuse of their God
for the sake of a reactionary contraception policy, Jens Galschiot
declares and continues: To sustain the debate we have uploaded
comprehensive documentation on our website: There youll
also find a debate forum.

More information: Information, photos of the sculpture and

Artist: Jens Galschiot, Banevaenget 22, DK-5270 Odense N, Denmark
Tel. +45 6618 4058, e-mail:

The Cathedral: Dean Anders Gadegaard, Fiolstraede 8, DK-1171
Copenhagen K, tel. +45 3314 7432

The Danish Family Planning Association (Sex & Samfund): Bjarne B.
Christensen, Rosenoerns Alli 12, 1., DK-1634 Copenhagen V, tel. +45
3393 1010, www.

A bit of background info: Bush and the Pope -- a powerful alliance

The American development aid for family planning and fight against
AIDS is only granted for programs advocating sexual abstinence until
marriage, while information about safe sex and condoms has been
banned. The fatal consequences are already apparent in many countries:
increasing number of HIV contaminations and unwanted pregnancies,
particularly in Africa.

The Roman Catholic Church is deeply rooted in many developing
countries. Hence it has a considerable impact on their sexual policy.
But also in the West its becoming a powerful factor. After 2004,
with the admission of several East European countries, Catholicism
has at a single blow become the biggest religion of the Community.
The Vatican is exerting a massive lobbying effort in the EU and the
UN. Due to their special status of being a state and a religious
community they join the negotiation of the inner political circles.

The Bush government and the Vatican make up a powerful alliance in
their common crusade against contraception and sexual education
with a considerable sway on the sexual policy as well in the West
as in the developing countries. Their strategies represent a frontal
attack on the advances of feminism, on womens right to decide about
their body and on the right to education about sex and health,
including contraception.

Jens Galschiot, Denmark, born 1954, sculptor. He stakes his
art to defend the ethical values of our society, regardless of
political, religious or economic interests. His sculptures suddenly
appear in public areas and start the performance. Best known are
My Inner Beast (European cities in 1993) and the Pillar of Shame
(Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil).

The projects are financed through the sale of Galschiots bronze
sculptures to art collectors all over the world. He has a huge
industrial area in Odense, Denmark with a bronze foundry, gallery
and workshop. Photos of all Jens Galschiots sculptures:

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Nov 28, 2006, 5:41:52 PM11/28/06
You must admit though that protected promiscuity is not any sort of
easy fix to this problem. Personal responsibility (i.e. abstinence is
at least part of the solution) Simply allowing some nuns in africa to
pass out condoms isn't going to solve much of anything. People know
about contraception. Just because the church doesn't condone it
doesn't mean that's what causes these problems. They are caused by a
lack of (and the delegation of) personal responibility.
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