2021-07-22: Tithing: The Blessings Are Raining Down

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Jul 21, 2021, 11:49:11 PMJul 21
Title: What Our Readers Say...
Publication: The Good News Magazine
Publisher: Radio Church of God
Editor: Herbert W Armstrong
Issue: Jun-Jul 1966
Number: Vol 15, No 06-07
Page: 19
Type: Letter
Type Media: PDF

What Next?

"I almost had to stop and think if
this is my third tithe year. It isn't, but
the blessings are raining down. Where
I'm employed we are paid an hourly
rate plus a fluctuating bonus based on
sales. Early this week we were told the
bonus is 30 percent!-the highest it's
been in years! Also, the superintendent
told my foreman that if the reason for
my not working five hours on Saturday
was a religious one, I could work an
extra hour each evening."


Title: God Prospers the Tither!
Publication: The Plain Truth Magazine
Issue: Aug 1934
Editor: Herbert W Armstrong
Number: Vol 1, No 6
Page: 8
Type: Article
Type Media: PDF


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