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The destruction of the immoral city of Wineta (also spelled Vineta and Veneta) on the Baltic Sea

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Jul 5, 2010, 11:29:29 PM7/5/10
Until around 1202 AD on the Baltic Sea existed an island with the
immensely wealthy city which in the Polish language was called
"Wineta". (In German it was called "Vineta", while in Latin and
English - "Veneta".) This city was an ancient equivalent of present
Singapore. Even its weather was then similar as the weather from today
Singapore. After all, before the Tapanui explosion (described on the
web page named "tapanui.htm", addresses of which are indicated near
the end of this post), the Baltic Sea and Poland were located around 7
degrees closer to the equator than currently. The inhabitants of
Wineta were of various nationalities. This additionally stimulated its
economy, level and quality of life, and the growth of wealth -
similarly like multi-nationals stimulate the wealth of the USA and
Australia at present. Wineta lived from trade which brought immense
wealth to its inhabitants. Winetans bathed in wealth and debauch. Just
for an entertainment they practiced every deviation and every kind of
sin in existence. They lived in luxury homes, wear precious clothing,
ate the most expensive meals, their wives and women were famous from
flings, their men behaved like sex maniacs, although Wineta had
numerous churches and temples - in fact Winetans were atheists (like a
large number of present people), there was no such form of debauchery
and relish which they would not practice for fashion, prestige, or
just for pleasure. For example, amongst surrounding nations they were
famous, amongst others, from eating also human flesh - NOT because of
a hunger, lack of food, or necessity, but because of a simple
depravity and curiosity. No wonder that when around years 1202 and
1216 the outer shell of the Earth experienced these jumpy skips caused
by action of the Earth's magnetic field tensed by the Tapanui
explosion like a huge spring in a clock, Wineta was washed out from
the surface of Earth by powerful tsunami waves induced by these rapid
jumpy skips of the planetary crust. Until today only numerous legends
survived which describe immoral lives of Wineta inhabitants, as well
as descriptions of Wineta's destruction. Relatively frequent are seen
also phantoms of that city - means seen ghostly manifestations of a
dying city, brought to our times by the periodic fluctuations of the
software time. (Such fluctuations of time and their observable
consequences are discussed also, amongst others, in item #D2 of the
web page named "newzealand.htm".) By the southern coasts of the Baltic
Sea today several areas exist, about which surrounding inhabitants
claim that ruins of Wineta supposed to be located in deep waters in
there. One amongst such frequently indicated places lies by the
northern coasts of the island called Uznam. (From the rubble of stones
that exists in there and that looks like remains of a destroyed city,
building materials were taken, amongst others, to construct the piers
for the Polish port city of Swinoujscie.) But so far our knowledge
about the true location of Wineta is almost on the same level as our
knowledge about the location of Atlantis. Here is the description how
the destruction of Wineta looked like:

"For a number of years, these sparse inhabitants of Wineta, whom still
obeyed principles of moral behaviour, warned their countrymen to cease
the debauchery and to return to moral life. After all, the Bible
already available at those times warned against immorality through
examples of Sodom and Gomorrah. But Winetans would NOT listen. So
finally arrived the day of God's punishment. To leave an example for
the future generations, the destruction was sent an early morning on
the first day of Easter. When this tragic Easter approached, several
more moral inhabitants of Wineta called for spending it respectfully,
visiting families or friends. But only those most moral listened to
this recommendation and departed from the city to visit their
relatives or friends. The rest stayed in the city, waiting for
announced Easter celebrations in the city which provided them with a
good excuse for submerging in special orgies and pleasures. So when
the morning of that tragic Easter has arrived, a majority of
inhabitants of Wineta still was sleeping. They were awaken only when
the deafening bang could be heard. At that moment a powerful force
thrown them out of beds and smashed against southern walls of their
bedrooms. The Earth started to wave, firstly raising upwards, and then
falling down. But after it fell down, it did NOT return to the
original level. Buildings of the city started to disintegrate and
collapse. The majority of people were crushed to death by the falling
rubbles. These few who somehow still lived, with the terror noticed
how from the nearby sea which surrounded the city, a huge wall of
black, roaring water rose up. This wall then pounced on the
disintegrating city. A few inhabitants who still were alive tried to
swim. But their eyes were blinded with sand mixed with water which
looked as if it boiled, while their bodies were chopped apart by sharp
debris and beams. There was nothing nearby that they could grab and
lift themselves from the water. Even the air become sticky and almost
impossible to breath in. So last people still remaining alive were
fast overcame by whirlpools of water that behaved as if it was
boiling. Fragments of their dismembered bodies were later eaten by
fishes, or waves spread these bodies over nearby shores. In order
other people are reminded on the example of the tragic fate of that
city, what are consequences of immorality and deviations, repetitively
from time to time, the phantom of Wineta is showed to selected
individuals. Also from time to time selected people can hear screams
and sounds of destruction of inhabitants of Wineta who are suspended
in time and in their suffering. "

The spectacular destruction of the city of Wineta occurred for several
vital reasons. One of these was to provide future generations with
warning where leads the practicing of immorality and adhering to the
philosophy of parasitism. After all, the danger that people will again
slip down into claws of parasitism remains always actual. Especially
clearly we can see this in present times - when immorality of a
noticeable number of cities in the world gradually approaches the
level which was practiced in the city of Wineta. So in order to
clearly warn future generations, where leads the immorality and the
lack of breaks, the tradition of Wineta must remain alive all the
time. In fact, it is kept alive until today with the use of several
different mechanisms. For example, NOT all inhabitants of Wineta died
in the cataclysm. After all, those more moral amongst them, left the
city for the duration of that tragic Easter, to visit friends or
families that lived on the solid land. Thus, the ones who survived the
destruction initiated later a tradition of Wineta’s remembrance in
many surrounding settlements - amongst others in the Polish city of
Swinoujscie. This is because, according to the God's promise
expressed, amongst others, in content of the Bible, people who live
moral lives are saved from cataclysms and catastrophes. The task of
their saving constitutes even a separate stage in the standard
procedure of unleashing cataclysms - for details see item #B5 on the
web page "seismograph.htm". Therefore, the morally behaving
inhabitants of Wineta received earlier an inner command to leave
Wineta before that fatal Easter and to visit their friends or families
- thus saving their lives that way. Later they were able to initiate
traditions of Wineta's remembrance in many surrounding settlements. In
turn this tradition continually reminds further generations what
happens with immoral communities. Furthermore, the software work of
time in which we all live, causes that Wineta itself appears to
selected people in the form of a phantom-city.

Wineta is NOT the only phantom-city which appears to selected people.
In fact the software time in which we all live and act, allows that
any object and any event from past could be recreated many times and
shown to especially selected people. Furthermore, it is because of
this ability of software time to recreate objects and events any
number of times, that is possible to shift people back in time and
make immortality accessible for them by allowing that they live again
through the entire their lives - as this is described on the web page
named "immortality.htm". It is also because of that ability of
software time to be recreated many times, that selected New Zealanders
see in our times birds called "moa" which are extinct a long time ago
- as this is described in item #F2 on the web page named
"tapanui.htm" (addresses of which are provided near the end of this
post) and in item #H2 of the totaliztic web page "newzealand.htm".
Also for that reason inhabitants of many countries still see various
already extinct "monsters" (of the kind of "Nessie" from the Scottish
lake "Loch Ness") - described e.g. in items #E1, #E2 and #F4.2 from
the web page "stawczyk_uk.htm", and also in subsection V5.4 from
volume 16 of free monograph [1/4]. It is also such recreating of
objects and events from past, that in a significant number of
countries, selected people rapidly see cities, settlements, and
buildings, which in our times do not exist any more. Some amongst
those people even enter such cities, settlements, or buildings, take
part in events which occurred in them long ago, and then tell to other
people about their incredible sightings and experiences. (I myself
also lived through a situation of visiting a church in Warszawa which
in present times does not exist in Warszawa any more - for the
description of this event see item #D6.1 from the web page
"timevehicle.htm" and items #E3 and #E2 from the web page named

One amongst manners on which is utilised this ability of software time
to recreate any events and any objects that existed in past, is to
renew the people's interest in vital topics through showing to
selected individuals e.g. phantom cities such as Wineta, or phantom
events such as the destruction of Wineta. In Poland, sightings of
phantom Wineta or phantom destruction of Wineta, supposedly can be
experienced relatively frequent in the city of Swinoujscie. Only that
NOT every person is selected to see such phantom objects. As research
on such cases seems to indicate, phantom objects are shown only to
people who later make a vital use of their sighting, and thus who
utilise somehow their sighting for the advancement and good of people.
An interesting attribute of such phantom objects and events is, that
if someone gains a courage (and has such a possibility) to approach
them, then he or she discovers that they do NOT differ at all from
real objects and from current events. Thus - if they are e.g.
buildings or cities, then people to whom they show themselves are able
to touch them, to enter them, and even to take part in events that
take place in them. If in turn they are e.g. monsters, then a not
careful witness may even be eaten by them.

The fate of Wineta represents another one amongst most fascinating
puzzles of history, morality, and philosophy, the explanation of which
intrigues increasingly larger number of people. Already several towns
in the world have museums of Wineta (Vineta) - including in this
number also the Polish Wolin - see the web page
. There is also the adventure film entitled "The Long Ships - Golden
Bell" which quite loosely was inspired by old legends about the golden
bell from Wineta (more on this film and on the golden bell from Wineta
is on the web page "tapanui.htm"). A growing number of web pages
appears also in the internet on the subject of Wineta (Vineta) - as an
example see the Polish web page

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of item #H2 from the totaliztic web
page named "tapanui.htm" (updated on 5 July 2010, or later). Thus,
reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that
web page "tapanui.htm" than from this post, as on the web page are
working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional
explanations, it is printed in colour, it is also illustrated, the
content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web
page "tapanui.htm" can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses: (this last address has very
low bandwidth and thus it is active only at beginnings of months).
Notice that every above web site contains all totaliztic web pages,
including pages "parasitism.htm" and "day26.htm". Therefore, in order
to look at the web page named e.g. "day26.htm", or at any other web
page indicated here, it is enough if in the above addresses the name
of web page "tapanui.htm" is replaced with the name of web page which
one wishes to view, e.g. with the name "day26.htm" - thus creating a
new address, e.g. the address:

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It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts
number #105E, #166E, or #177E which also concern the philosophy of
parasitism and approaching cataclysms.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


Jul 7, 2010, 12:49:44 PM7/7/10
On Mon, 05 Jul 2010 20:29:29 -0700, JP3 wrote:

> The destruction of the immoral city of Wineta (also spelled Vineta
> and Veneta) on the Baltic Sea

Motto: If you seek evidence that immorality is always punished, you will
always find it.


Jul 8, 2010, 11:06:44 PM7/8/10

Yes, because the determining of truth can be accomplished through
following more than just one path. However, please notice that such
evidence for immorality always being punished could exist only in the
universe which is ruled by God.

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